~*Project: Moment*~

A Digimon Fanfic by Bandit

(Bandit's notes- This is set in the year 2013, ten years after Season 02. I'd rate it at about a PG-13. I usually don't swear in my fics, but it somehow fits this particular fic to have a little profanity. Oh, and a 'sasquatch' is a NW Indian word for Bigfoot.)


The city of Tokyo is a big place. Thousands upon thousands of people live there. And if a few, just a handful of those thousands upon thousands were to...disappear, there would be no great ripple in the fabric of the lives living themselves out in the city. At least, that was the theory behind the Project.

It needed no code name, for it was The Project, the mother of all projects ever created by mankind. For this was the last-ditch attempt of humanity to save itself from a threat that 99% of the human population didn't even know existed. It would make or break the future of the world; it was our only hope.

If, in the course of this great, life-spanning endeavor, a few people were changed forever, what did it matter? In the great scheme of things, those chosen to be a part of the Project should have been honored to leave their old lives behind and run off to save the human race. Unfortunately, it didn't always work that way, and lives were torn asunder as nearly half of the people chosen refused to go gallivanting off on some crazy mission. Fortunately-at least in the eyes of those behind the Project-an even half of the Core group, the people who were most needed, even vital, for this mission, agreed to join.

The other half was left behind. The Project coordinators weren't worried. They would come.

When they saw what awaited humanity, if they had a shred of decency, they would realize they had no choice.