"If anything is wrong let me know, hm?" Yazoo murmurs to his little brother as they are standing in front of a school.

After moving to this new town, Midgar, their older brother Loz had immediately signed the two up for the nearest school to get the education they're still supposed to receive.

"Yeah, yeah." Kadaj rolls his eyes in an impatient manner. "I'm not a little kid, Yazoo. I can manage myself just fine."

"Just saying." Yazoo shrugs lightly, brushing his long silver hair out of his bright green slitted eyes in a casual manner before glancing around.

The school is big but they decided to come a bit early. Well, Yazoo decided to come a bit early, Kadaj just tagged along. While Yazoo isn't favourable of getting tardy, Kadaj doesn't really care much, he just doesn't like to go to a weird place he doesn't know on his own. He can manage, though. Surely he can...

"I guess we'll meet up in the cafeteria in the breaks?" the shorter one comments boredly.

Yazoo nods in confirmation. He's not quite social so to him it wouldn't matter much if he were to sit alone, but he knows his brother, his darling little brother; Kadaj will create the biggest ruckus around if he's alone and bored out of his mind. It's in Yazoo's best interest to avoid that.

"Well, I guess that's all then..." The oldest murmurs, brushing his hair out of his eyes once again after it fell back.

"Great, so I'm excused?" Kadaj asks, sarcasm lacing his words.

Yazoo merely shrugs at this. He can understand the impatience of the younger, though sometimes it just wears on his nerves... Only sometimes, though. Being patient is a blessing when blood links you to Kadaj Crescent.

Cloud closes his locker before glaring at Vincent at the news the other brings him. "Please tell me you're kidding…" he grits out.

Vincent just laughs before smiling at the blond. "I'm not; I heard it from Genesis who heard it from someone. Didn't listen to who he got it from but you know how it is; what he finds out is often true."

"No fucking way." Cloud growls "How can they do this to me."

"To you?" Vincent asks, raising an eyebrow. "I don't really think that two new guys really have anything to do with you." He continues.

"How can you say that?" Cloud asks, no, demands.

"Easy." Vincent shrugs "I opened my mouth." He laughs at the blonde again, though continues soon after "But seriously, maybe this is a good new; two new guys to put in place." He offers, showing Cloud the possibility two new guys added to the school have to offer.

Cloud eyes Vincent for a moment before a small smile starts to form on his lips. "I didn't think of it like that." He admits. "They need to be taught where their place in this school is, don't they?"

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