At Brown College, at the beginning of every morning class, the teachers were taking attendance. Every student was accounted for in math as well as history and science. In English however, the professor called out the name Jareth King and no student answered. The teacher called it a second time and there was still no answer. Frowning, he turned towards the class and called out the next name and the next, until he got to Sarah Williams. "Present," came the answer he expected, in a warm voice. He smiled, Sarah was a good student and had yet to miss a class or assignment turn-in during the two-and-a-half years she had been here. Mr. Dirkson called the next name on the list and attendance continued as it had for the past 18 years in his classroom.

The new student walked down the hallway and heads turned to follow his movement. A smirk crossed his lips as he walked towards the classroom. As he opened the door, the entire class moved as one to look at who had come in. The teacher gave a long suffering sigh at the sight of him. He was dressed in a pair of jeans and a black leather jacket. He wore leather boots and under the jacket peeked a black t-shirt. His eyes were covered by dark glasses, his hair fell slightly over his face and down just over his shoulders in a messy blonde cascade that was pulled back into a tail. As he glanced around the classroom, the students quickly looked in the other direction, but when he turned his eyes away they turned back to ogle the new student murmuring to each other about his state of dress and his tardiness. When he surveyed the room, the teacher's eye twitched. A subtle movement, but he seemed to have spotted it out of the corner of his eye, for he turned toward Mr. Bennett while the smirk on his lips widened.

The teacher glared at him and thought to himself, this one's gonna be hell. Out loud he only said, "You must be Mr. King, the new student. Take your seat."

The new student grinned and turned towards the class walking at a leisurely pace to the back where he slid into a seat between two empty ones. He reclined in it leaning back so that his balance was tipped precariously, lacing his fingers behind his head and looking up at the teacher with a secretive smile. Irritated, the teacher moved up to the blackboard and began to write the instructions for the new semester on it. When he was finished, it mentioned a few inconsequential rules, one of which was students being not being allowed to wear hats or sunglasses in class. The new student tipped his head and took off his glasses, hooking them onto his jacket. A few gasps and even more murmurs crossed the classroom as his eyes were revealed. They were mismatched, one green and one blue. The teacher swallowed his surprise and returned his face to a frown.

Even more pissed off now, Mr. Dirkson told the class to get out their books and turn to page twenty five, for that was where they were going to start off. Jareth smirked and raised his hand. The teacher called on him, reluctantly. "I don't have a book, sir," he said innocently, with a grin. Taking a deep breath, the teacher told him to share with another student then. With a sudden thought, he told him to share with Miss Williams, sitting in the front of the class, hoping that she would straighten him out. She had done so with countless others. Jareth slipped out of his seat and slunk silently up to the seat next to her. He threw her a grin, which she rolled her eyes at, and scooted closer to see the pages. Mr. Dirkson smiled to himself, confident he had just diffused a uppity student. Later, he would come to realize what a mistake he had made by putting them together...