When Glitch had slept and rested his weary body, he felt stronger and happy. He slipped out of bed and sneaked to the baby's nursery. As he entered the room, a wide grin spread across his face. Everything was laid out; the mountain of toys and comfort objects, the changing table in the corner, the wardrobe filled with pretty outfits, the rocking chair for long sleepless nights. He and Cain had so much fun purchasing these things and decorating the nursery. Now it was all over. The kid was finally here, sleeping soundly in the cot. Glitch admired her as he hovered over her. Her black hair was short and thin, but he knew she would one day grow his wild, straggly curls. She made a soft, quiet noise. Glitch smiled and stroked her cheek.

He had gone through a lot with her; the time when there was a chance he might have lost her, when he absentmindedly tried to teach her to dance and then finally, the agonising and terrifying birth. In his scattered brain, he began to think of all the things that they were yet to go through; first word, first step, first day of school, first boyfriend! He grinned again as a bad attempt to cover the tears of joy that were streaming down his cheeks. She was his own breathtaking beauty. Suddenly, a hand squeezed his shoulder which startled him. It was Cain, who had come to give her her first bottle feed.

" Oh, hey."

" Hi," the scarecrow whispered.

" How is she doing?" the Tin Man whispered back.

" Beautifully. She's so precious!"

" Yeah. Jeb was never this cute when he was a baby."

Glitch bit his lip. " Don't keep comparing her to Jeb, hon. She's going to be a lot different from him."

Cain scoffed. " Yeah, I suppose," he muttered, thinking of his son in the perilous wood with his tiny army of resistors. " Let's not think about him right now."

" Mm-hmm. Just us three. Our family."

Glitch slid his hand into Cain's and kissed him softly. A small smile spread across Cain's face and his eyes sparkled in the dim light. He wrapped his arms around his loving boyfriend and began to sway. He kissed him on the forehead and Glitch locked his head in Cain's shoulder. Together, they looked over their child and promised her that they would keep her from harm. Gradually, a thought fought its way into Glitch's nonexistent brain.

" Hey! She doesn't have a name. Aww, my little angel."

Cain frowned in thought and came out with, " What about Adora?"

" No! We are not naming her after your wife! And we're certainly not naming her after your brother!" the inventor cried, forgetting that the baby could wake up at any moment.

" Nor after your mother. Violinia – seriously?" After a second or two, something went click in Cain's head. " What about Deborah?"

Glitch considered it. " Nah…How about a compromise? We can name her Debi."

" Debi. Debi Cain. I love it!" he laughed.

" So that's settled. Our daughter…that we conceived together…will be known by the name, Debi Cain!" Glitch announced grandly and guffawed heartily and consequently banging his head on the railings of the cot.

" Debs, if you take after him, I'll disown ya!" Cain joked.

The End. I hope you enjoyed it!