Okay, I know I'm still doing my other story (Hitting the Mark), but I have to post this before I forget. Basically Wanda gets hurt and no one can figure out who did it. This is how the story starts out.

Who Shot Me?

Wanda's POV:

I was just heading down the eastern tunnel, doing chores and errands for other people. This work did nothing for my already pathetic stature and continued to irk me. Melanie, Jared, Ian, Jeb, Doc, Jamie, and even...Kyle did nothing to change that and even made sure I did as little as possible. So much had changed since I was put in Pet's body.

Now, I did nothing for work. People were nice to me, but Sharon and Maggie kept up their icy glares and hard posture whenever I came into the room. The other thing was we had more humans in our group of people. So far only 7, but Nate's group had taken 4 or 5 of the people we did have. There was Joshua, Trevor, Hailey, Diane, Susie, Adam, and Austen. They were all quite nice, but still wary around me. Except for Adam and Susie, they seemed to accept me quite quickly.

As I neared the end of the tunnel, I came to the Susie's room. Knocking twice, I heard her 'Come in' and stepped inside.

"Hey, Susie," I said.

"Oh, hi, Wanda." I handed her the clothes.

"Thank you," she said, and I left quickly, not wanting to take too long doing such a simple task. I headed to the washroom to clean up before lunch. There was no one in there, so I stepped inside.

BANG! A loud smash erupted and at the same time, a searing pain hit my leg. I crumpled and another shot hit me as I fell, hitting my lower stomach. As I lay there, trying to breath, there was only one thought. I'm going to die.

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