Sarah's POV

"Morning everyone!" yelled Dad.

"Is everyone ready to leave?"asked Mom.

Everyone mumbled a 'yes' since everyone was eating in a hurry.

"Okay, lets get the luggage into the van!"

About a half an hour later we were on the road to the lake.

(the italics(Sarah) and bolds(Elliot) are texts between elliot and sarah)

I cant wait to see you. Its been forever.

I know, my brothers didnt think we would last this long.

Neither did mine. My mom just said "Well, I guess they really like each other..."

Haha well, I do really like you :-)

And I really really like you.

"Ugh, Sarah must you text Elliot right now? We're are trying to discuss the upcoming competition and he's taking forever to reply to his texts..."said Jake.

"Fine, but when you get a girlfriend, and her and I become best friends, dont come to me complaining how we're always talking..."

"Fine." He said.

Jake's being a meanie and saying we talk to much so, I guess I'll see you in about an hour.

Ugh fine, See ya soon. Can't wait!

""Mom, Henry wont stop changing the songs on Kim's iPod," said Jessica.

Then that got everyone else complaining.

"Okay guys, we're stopping at this McDonald's. Its the only thing were having for the rest of the day so, better eat up!" said Dad.

"You and Elliot really do talk a lot so, you cant get mad at me for wanting to spend some quality time with my best friend since third grade,"said Jake.

"I know, I'll try to cut it down. You know, him and I have been dating for six months now." I said.

" I know, and I know he's planning something big for your six month anniversary!"said Jake.

"Really,what?" I asked.

" I cant tell you but I know you're going to love it!" said Jake.

"Mkaaay, I trust you." I said.

"Good, you should cause I am your brother." he said.

"And best friend,"I said.

"True dat," they both said and laughed.