The Kitsune and Kyoshi Warrior
Themes with permission borrowed from Tsuki the White Dragon.
Story Start

It had been two thousand years since the Fourth Ninja War, but memories were still fresh in mind. The price that was paid in order to save the elemental nations was his mortality. The other Bijuu like the shinobi era were long gone. Arts derived from styles long ago along with himself were the only things that remained from that history. After so many years of sleep he once again awoke to find the world in war. It disheartened him greatly that the sacrifices he made had so little affect on the future. The Nations themselves separated or destroyed. The Land of Water and Lightning were destroyed forcing the inhabitants to flee to the most northern and southern Regions. Fire, Earth, and Wind country were broken apart by the force of the Bijuus powers causing them to drift away from each other. So much pain and chaos because a handful of madmen and their ambitions.

That was why he found solace in hiding away in small islands. Currently he traveled each century to a different continent living a modest life. Though he found himself at most ease whenever he was in the forest.

''Who are you! What reason for you sneaking around our training grounds?''

The aged Kitsune looked to see a young brunette. She had on white face paint and green clothing armed with Golden fans that matched her headset. ''Did you here me or are you deaf?''

The aged Kitsune chuckle, ''You know young one its rude to demand such things? Its good manners to give ones name first before demanded.

The way the girl furrowed her brows such her clear annoyance. ''Suki, now answer the question. What is your name and reason for being here?''

''I'm just but a humble traveler Suki-chan.''


''A lost language...chan for a young or cute girl.'' He answered and focused on the area behind her to notice other young women dressed similarly. ''So are you girls going to let me be on my way or do we have to do this the hard way?''

Suki and her fellow warriors grinned as they drew their fans, all ready to attack.

''That's what I like to see...I'll try not to hurt anything to badly, but your pride.'' He said as a fireball composed of white fire manifested in his hand

The Kyoshi warriors quickly concluded that this guy was a fire nation spy. Deciding to act first before he harm them they went on the offensive. Naruto slammed the ball of flame into the ground and disappeared into the fire. He appeared behind one of the girls ready to attack when two roundabout and blocked his attack. The girl he was about to attack had ducked under and back flipped over the defensive with an attempt to strike.

'Synchronized like a team? That's not something you see in this world too much anymore? Now to make things more interesting.'

He launched a series of minor blades of wind that tore through their armor and clothing showing their more feminine side. The warriors just like he figured were quite toned and well developed.

''You Pervert! I'll kill you!'' Suki roared as she launched a series of swift and sharp strikes with her fans.

Using one of his hidden tails he struck out from under his cloak knocking her fans away. To say the girl was dumbfounded was an understatement.

Though that didn't last long as she attempted a sweep kick which he jumped over. He then threw a halfhearted punch to see what type to hand to hand combat style she knew. He was quite impressed by the way she was able to instantly swing him over her shoulder onto the ground using the force of his motion that he concluded that she was a practitioner of the Aikido style. ''Any last words?'' She asked confidently until she saw Naruto smirk.

''Yeah one...Puff.'' He turned into a puff of smoke.

'''What on earth? Magic?'' She whispered. Before she knew it the real Naruto had her pushed against a tree.

''Suki!'' One of the girls shouted as they charged him. Naruto turned his head as his eyes slitted and he focused his KI stopping them in their spot. He then turned to the Kyoshi warrior in front of him that was slightly trembling. ''You know your quite womanly Suki-chan,'' He said taking a whiff of her scent. He then pressed his lips against hers, nibbling on the top of her lip causing her to moan. A moan involuntary escape from her soft and full lips. Naruto hands trailed down her back and grabbed her purt heart shaped behind.

It was well tone just like her legs from the countless hours of exercise. Suki blushed through her makeup as this strange young male intimately touched her person. As her bodies were pressed together she felt his strong arms and toned body. Not to mention those whiskers. Like the Northern Water Tribe and other Villages in the Earth Kingdom most of the young man her age and older were off participating the war. So her interaction with young males her age were quite limited the past few years.

The kiss broken leaving her with an unfamiliar feeling build up from her stomach as she felt like she was going to faint. Remembering her training she slowed her breathing and calmed her heart to notice the blond trespasser was gone, and her fellow warriors surrounded her. One of the more covered individuals asked, "Suki what was that white flame he used?'

'I've never heard of it', 'Is seduction part of our new routine', and 'Was he a good kisser?'

Suki coughed and caught their attention. "I don't know and no seduction isn't part of our routine and none of your business,'' She said before storming off leaving a group of giggling girls.

A couple of weeks later Naruto was driving the Suki girl crazy. ''Naruto is a good boy!'' He said as he took off running for dear life. Currently a fuming Suki was chasing after him muttering death threats. That was how things were the past three weeks. She hunted him down while he stole a kiss or groped her. The girl was absolutely relentless when he came to trying to catch him. Naruto hung back as Suki ran past his location. He crept up behind her and before she could react he wrapped his arms around her waist and breathed into her ear, "Miss me already Suki?" After the question followed a sensuous kiss to the back of her neck causing her to shutter and moan. That feeling from before turned and the fire seemed to move to a 'lower' region this time. Before she could react he was gone again leaving her hot and bother. She cursed the handsome blond who seemed to like tormenting her with seduction tactics.

Another couple of days passed as Naruto hung back. Then their was the day the Avatar came and Naruto watched as the three kids were thrown to the ground. After hearing part of the conversation he decided to exit his hiding place. ''Hey Suki what's with this? You cheating on me? I thought I was your only prey? The 'damn hims!' and 'wait until I get a hold of him' pretty much said that.'' The Kyoshi's warrior giggled as Suki blushed and fumed.

''What do you want Naruto? Can't you see we're busy?''

''I can see that indeed. I didn't know you like tying people up? I got some handcuffs and...'' She launched a kick only for him to dodge to the left. ''Suki-chan is so mean,'' He pouted as her friends giggled again. ''Though for real, I'm here to see the Avatar,'' He cocked his head. ''...well he's no Roku I can tell you that. He used Earth I fought with Wind. He used Fire I would counter with Water. It was fun sparring with him.''

''Wait you know Avatar Roku!'' Asked the bald kid. ''Wait you know Water Bending? Can you teach me?''

''Sorry kid I can use the five elements yes, but not in the way your thinking. I don't use Bending all too much but elemental manipulation through chakra.''

Everyone was confused? ''Five? But isn't there only Fire, Water, Earth, and Air?'' The Dark skinned girl asked.

''From where I come from Lightning is an element all on its own. Not apart of Fire Manipulation.''

''Why do you want to meet the Avatar Naruto? Are you here to kill him? I knew you were from the Fire Nation. You have to go through me first?''

''Suki, now I think we both know I can get through you. Now on top, below, or there I say behind you on the other hand...'' In a blink of the eye a fan sword overhead and a few locks up Naruto hair fell to the ground. ''Ok someone has anger issues...yes I came from a country of Fire, but doesn't mean I'm evil!''

Everyone was quite till a tall, dark skin lad, with his hair cut in the style of a wolf's tail shouted, "So you are Fire Nation Scum!''

Only to be slammed against a tree, and pinned by Naruto who replied, "Don't ever in your life compare me to those bastards. My nation, our fire was a belief. A will of peace an comradeship. I am not some crazed murderer trying to take over this world! Those fucking bastards are no better then Madara and I refuse to standby and let some damn child compare me to that men!'' Naruto released the Teen as his red slitted eyes reverting back to Normal. ''Sorry Suki I have a headache. I'll play with you later, kay?'' He disappeared in a column of flame.

"Wha-what the hell was his problem?"

A person chuckled catching their person's attention. He was slightly Tan, about 5'7, wearing all black clothing and hair. ''That's Naruto for you. A madmen like the one you all called the Fire Lord and another warmonger are responsible for a horrible he had to endure. The Death of his parents. The corruption and destruction of the soul of one of his most important bonds, a person he called brother. The Death of the first and only two women he truly loved. He had to endure the entire hatred of his village because of a burden his father placed upon him during his birth because of those two men. Which is why he flipped out like you all saw. It's a damn shame really. Took me a year to find him and he's in a bad mood. Oh well might as well catch him next time.'' The person disappeared in a burst of lightning.

Some time later Naruto opened his eyes as he caught a whiff of fire. Fire Nation soldiers were invaded the island, his island. He didn't know when he started considering his place home but he would be damned if he stood by and let it be enslaved. With a stronger then necessary Great Breakthrough he sent the fodder soldiers flying in all directions.


He saw Suki, her friends, and the Avatar's group at the coast. ''Suki...take everyone here and go.''

''What? Are you insane I won't let you...''

''Just go!'' He said loudly and firmly. She flinched slightly and stood her ground. ''Isn't your duty to your village?'' He asked until he finally relented. ''I can feel it, they're up ahead. Won't do you no good stopping this wave if the others up ahead burn your village to the ground.''

The Teens fought their way to the flying Bison as Naruto provided cover. Once they were out of there all there was left was Naruto, Iroh, and about 50 soldiers. ''I've heard of you. Ex-General of the West. To think I fight someone of your stature here and now. Fate doesn't seem to like me.''

''You don't see to many young ones nowadays who have an appreciation for history. Though I'm afraid I can't go easy on you.''

''I prefer it that way...Kagebunshin no Jutsu.'' 50 Shadow Doppelgangers appeared out of small puffs of smoke.

''Sorcerer!'' One of the soldiers shouted.

''More like Shinobi!'' he said as his Doppelgangers ran forward.

Both Iroh and Naruto launched their attacks. He a stream of fire and Naruto a stream of wind. They connected and canceled each other out. ''Impressive. So a chakra user still lives.''

Naruto raised an eyebrow. ''You know of Chakra?''

''You be surprised of what you learn when you commune with the spirits. Though why do you hold back Kitsune?''

''Let me guess...the whiskers? Damnit they always were the clincher whenever I'm flirting with a cute young girl. To think here and now they betray me!''

''If your a survivor and a Kitsune you must be of old age and powerful? Would it be enough stretch to assume your a Five-tails or higher?''

''Or Higher is right. The Highest!"'

This time Iroh was surprised. ''To think I live long enough to meet the Kyuubi no Kitsune. It is truly an honor.''

''Likewise...though I'm afraid I may have to destroy your nation if it keeps up its destructive path. Kyoshi Island is under my domain or protection. As for the rest of the world the Avatar should be sufficient. It is his destiny after all!''

''Indeed! Though I'm afraid I can't stand by and due nothing! I have my honor and pride, not as a Fire bender, but a warrior to fight.''

''Very technique! I was always curious if one of my Wind Based attacks fueled by Chakra could overcome a Fire based attack fueled by Chi!''

Iroh inhaled some air and Naruto extended his hand. Both preparing the attacks that would decide this little bout. A minute passed as they maintained their stances, never once breaking eye-contact. Then they simultaneously attacked. The Breath of Fire versus Naruto's Futon: Rasengan. The stream of flames that connected slowly dissipated with each second as Naruto stood his ground, pouring chakra into the technique. He started to slowly pushed the flame back as the attack intensified from the winds of the technique. Naruto got within five feet before both techniques dissipated. ''Damn! I'm rusty!'' He said making the old man chuckle. ''Sorry General but I have to go. My mind and heart isn't in this fight! The name is Uzumaki Naruto, I look forward to next time.''

" And I look forward to meeting you again my boy. You have a fine warrior spirit.''

Naruto shushined away. Naruto reached the village and saw how badly damaged it was. Anger would be his prevalent feeling if it wasn't for fear. Naruto finally located the girl and she gave a shriek when he goosed her. ''All is right in the world!'' The next thing he knew he was punched right in the face. He staggered back slightly seeing the shocked and confused look on Suki's face.

'''' She was stunned that she exactly hit him. ''You were supposed to dodge!" She said angrily and massaged her hand which for some reason started to hurt.

'' now your mad because I didn't dodge? Geesh girl make up your mind. If anything you owe me for that display of brutality. Care to kiss it and make it all better?'' He said wiggling his eyebrows.

At this point Suki felt a number of things. She didn't know if she wanted to laugh, cry, kiss the blond, or kill him. She was glad he was okay because she was concerned leaving him to fight a platoon of Fire Benders on her own, but on the other hand he drove her crazy.

''The FBs are after the Avatar I assume. Did he leave?'' He asked as Suki nodded, still massaging her hand. Naruto took a hold of her hand and kissed it, subtle using some medical chakra to heal it. ''Is that better?'' He asked as she nodded. ''Now about my Head Injury, oh and my chest. You threw a rock at me one time and clipped me there too, but you probably had all this planned didn't you?'' Suki bit her lip from screaming as her friends once again giggled. Yep she decided she definitely wanted to kill him. Witnesses be damned. She would feed the body to the Unagi! On second thought scratched that. She would tie him up, none perverted reasons of course and torture him, with his shirt off. Damn that blond and his slowly corrupting her. The next thing she knew she was in bliss as Naruto kissed her passionately. When he broke the kiss he exclaimed, ''You know you think too much.''

Finally! Something they agreed on.

That Night The village was rebuilt in no time things to Naruto's aid. Right now he and Suki were at the beach. She was in more casual clothing and her war paint was washed off. Even her hair was let down. Somehow he convinced her to have a romantic picnic under the moon. Now when he asked she casually accepted after pretending not wanting to at first. In reality she was squealing and bouncing around like a little girl on the inside. She would sooner deny any accusations and feed a person to the Unagi then admit it. They then fail asleep on the peacefully.

The following morning Naruto woke her up. ''Hey,'' He said kissing her cheek. ''I know I'm comfortable and all, but I need to get up.''

''No...stay...I want to sleep like this much longer,'' She mumbled.

''Come on...I want to train. Your style of Tessenjutsu has captivated me.''

''Fine...I hope you like wearing a dress then,'' She said climbing off him.

''Tch...fine with me,'' He said using the Orioke no Jutsu turning into a beautiful blond shell.

''W-What the hell!''


''Oh no fair!'' She spouted. It was bad enough he could change into a girl and avoid a good deal of chances she had to embarrass him, did he have to have a bigger chest too? Really?

After a few days Naruto found himself spending ore and more time in the village. If anything just to be near Suki. Who once or twice tried to kill one of her fellow warriors for catching an eyeful of Naruto bathing under a waterfall. Then their was the discussion about what to do about the war? Naruto and Suki both knew that they wouldn't be able to stand by while it went on. At first Suki didn't want Naruto to go but after much talking and relenting she realized that the blond couldn't just stand by while people were suffering. ''Suki...I feel like my old self again with you. My heart is opened again and which is why I can't stand by and allow the Fire Nation to continue on hurting people when I can make a difference.''

''I know...but I worry about you. What if you get hurt...what if you...'' Her eyes started to tear up. Naruto kissed them away.

''Hey! Your talking about a guy who has power comparable to that Avatar in a single one of his tails. Besides in 2,000 years your the only person that came close to killing me with one of those little golden fan of yours.''

''That doesn't mean I still don't worry...''

''Then,'' He took off the necklace he was wearing. ''This Green Stone is an heirloom giving to me by an important person to me years ago. I want you to have it.''

''N-Naruto...I c-can't...''

''You can,'' He said placing it on her.

Suki felt overwhelmed by the gift. ''Thank you...''

''When this is all over. I plan on making you my bride? How does Suki Uzumaki sound?''

He got his answer in the form of a passionate lip lock. Grabbing his shirt Suki led him into her tent.