The Kitsune and Kyoshi Warrior
Themes with permission borrowed from Tsuki the White Dragon.
Story Start

The way of the Kyoshi warrior was simple. React. Kyoshi warriors were trained to react and wait to hone their neutral Jing per their fighting style. The neutral Jing was natural practice by earth benders, the art of waiting and listening or simply doing nothing at times. The neutral Jing was in contrast of the positive Jing, the aspect of advancing and attacking mostly exercised by fire benders or retreating and invading waiting and listening which was mostly exercised by air benders with water benders practicing a mixture of both positive and negative Jing.

So with Naruto trying to teach her out to incorporate all three Jings into her fighting style when she spent nearly her entire fighting career centered around Neutral Jin Suki was having some trouble. Suki may have been patient but being woken up at 5 that morning and training well into the afternoon without break was working on Suki's patience.

''You have to find that inner fire and bring it out Suki-chan! You have to find what makes you different from everyone else and bring it up to the open! I know Kyoshi warriors aren't open, but the shinobi arts I teach aren't about reacting or staying hidden. Well they used to be, but it got to the point everyone was summoning deities, and rewriting reality, and bringing people back from the dead so the whole subtlety thing was more or less dropped. Now come on get back to work...seeing you all hot and sweaty pleases me.'' Naruto couldn't help but watch Suki's face twist up into a menacing scowl that promised pain when this was all over.

She looks really, really cute when she does that.

As Suki charged him again Naruto suddenly burst forward, going on the offensive instead of the defensive catching Suki off guard. Grabbing her wrist Naruto flung her over him and instead of falling flat on her back Suki maneuvered herself to all fours.

''You're getting better...come on Su-chan come at me! Maybe things will finally get interesting.''

Suki couldn't help but feel a ping of turmoil at Naruto's words. Something that she never gave much thought to until they joined the Avatar; how plain she were so to speak. She was much as she hated to admit it. She wasn't a master class bender like the others or from one of the Four Nations. She wasn't an idiot, but she wasn't a genius either.

She was just one of many disciples of the Kyoshi arts and she was sure that no one would probably pay that much attention to the part the Kyoshi warrior when among the group was the banished prince Zuko, Avatar Aang, and even in his own words the lost relic Naruto whose abilities made him one of a kind. Compared to girls like Katara with her exotic features she felt plain. Compared to someone like Toph who had an unusual sensing ability she felt under-equipped not to mention like all the others she didn't have an element of tragedy in her past like a dead parent and it made her began to feel out of place amongst the group.

'' you think I'm boring?'' she asked as Naruto paused.

''Perish to thought. No lover of Uzumaki Naruto could ever be boring!'' he declared with a dramatic pose as Suki rolled her eyes.

''Stop being an idiot. I'm serious you think I'm boring?''

Upon realizing that Suki was being serious Naruto decided that it was time for them to a break so they could talk about what was bothering Suki.

''You really feel like you're boring?'' the blond asked as they sat on a blanket, tasking a swish from their canteens.

''It's just I feel so out of place amongst all of you. I mean it's not like I have any special traits among all of you and...'' she was cut off as Naruto pressed his lips against hers. ''Naruto I'm trying to pour my heart out here!'' Suki bristled in annoyance.

''So what? Being normal is much better then you give it credit too. You don't have some dark past to cloud and your thoughts and you don't have to go on a journey to find yourself. Quite simply when this is all over you know what you'll do with your life and if not its not like there is anything that can stop you. Quite frankly Suki you're the only one who can validate your self worth and decide whether or not you're happy with how things are. Besides you're my disciple and once you complete your training you'll be the mod bad-ass non bender around.'' Naruto said as he placed an arm around her neck and rested his cheek on her head.

Suki supposed that Naruto was right. There were worse things out there then being average and boring. She then let out a cry as Naruto suddenly started kissing her neck and rubbing her breasts.

''Damnit you perverted.'' Suki tried to sound angry but the smile on her face gave away that she wasn't annoyed. ''Stop that!''

''Your mouth says no but your eyes, tone, and body says yes.'' the blond remarked as he began suckling her neck. ''Now let's get busy! I want to hear you screaming my name.'' he said as the two of them went about practicing for their wedding night.