Well, you have officially stumbled upon my new collection, affectionately dubbed "Alphabet Soup." This will be a collection of 26 oneshots and/or drabbles, each based around a word that starts with each letter of the alphabet. Nothing in this collection should be rated over K+, but if I feel that a particular oneshot should be a T I'll make sure to post a warning in the beginning.

This first one is a cute little Maddie/Danny bonding piece, starting with clips from his childhood and ending up sometime after she has found out about his powers.

Spoilers: possibly slightly for Phantom Planet, but not necessarily. Depends on how you look at it.

Disclaimer: I officially own absolutely nothing in this collection but my own ideas and writing. The characters are not mine, hence why I am posting this on fanfiction. Well, duh.

"One more time Mommy?" The little boy pleaded with the attractive brunette standing behind the swing.

"Okay sweetie, just one more and then we have to leave." She grabbed firmly onto the edges of her son's swing, rocking it gently back and forth, building up more and more momentum until she finally let it go in the hardest push yet.

They'd had a full day already, going to the zoo in the morning and then out to lunch at a local restaurant. Then they had spent the rest of the afternoon at the park and were just now about to go home for dinner. Her husband had promised to cook, and despite the disastrous results the last time he made such an offer, she took him up on it. He swore he wouldn't suck the house into a parallel dimension again, though she had forgiven him for that incident after he finished scouring the kitchen ceiling. Who knew potatoes could stick like that…?

As she pushed her son on the swing the young mother was completely unaware that all afternoon he had been preparing himself and working up the nerve to do something that he had never done before. As the swing was propelled forward he finally managed to force his hands to release the chains and flew off the swing, landing and tumbling across the edge of the sandy area.

Laughter bubbled from his throat and spilled out, consoling his worried mother but not enough to stop her from scolding him. After she delivered a short lecture on swing safety he cocked his head at her and widened his eyes in the cute puppy-dog stare that she'd never been able to resist.

"Again?" he asked eagerly.

His mother started to shake her head but then remembered the first time she had jumped off a swing. The feeling of flying, of never coming back to the earth… it had been wonderful and she had never wanted to stop. She could hardly blame her son for loving it.

"Okay… but just one more time."

The woman watched out the kitchen window as her son jogged away from the front door and on down the street. He had grown up so much over the years that she often found herself wondering where the time had gone. He had matured, both in body and in mind, and was no longer the young boy she had once longed to protect. She still yearned to keep him safe, to hold him in her arms and make all of his troubles disappear. Even knowing that he was nearly a teenager now, that he was growing up, she couldn't help but still think of him as her little boy, begging for just one more treat.

He was pushing her away more and more now, wanting to do more things on his own. She could understand this, yet couldn't help wanting him to still be able to come to her when he needed help. His friends were often the ones he turned to now and were the ones in whom he confided his deepest secrets.

She could still remember building forts in the living room out of blankets, huddling under a quilt in the dark and talking for hours until they fell asleep. She could remember curling up on the couch and watching cartoons. She could remember him sitting in her lap on his bed as she read a story to him or made one up herself.

That really wasn't so long ago. So why was it so hard now?


He was standing in the doorway looking in. She lowered her book and patted the bed beside her. Padding in softly, he sat down next to her, not speaking again for a long while. She had begun reading again and was startled when he whispered a soft question.

"Have you ever wished that you could fly?"

This was a strange question, though not completely unusual. They had often sparked long discussions when he was younger by just such an idea. She barely thought about it before she answered, just as quietly. "I always used to. When I was a little girl I would run as fast as I could through the park. I think I believed that if I just went fast enough I could lift off the ground. I loved jumping off swings just for that moment when I felt completely weightless. It was like I could just stay there in the air and if I just went high enough I would be able to keep going forever."

He had a soft smile on his face, no doubt lost in his own memories of just such moments. She settled back into the pillow, wanting to savor this moment. There were so few of them these days.

She asked another question, never wanting this to end. "Have you ever wanted to be able to shift between forms?"

Maddie watched silently as her sixteen-year-old son leapt from his bedroom window and didn't fall to earth. This had become a fairly normal sight to her over the past several weeks since she found out about his… special abilities. Even with everything else he was able to do, flying was still his favorite. He often went out for no reason but to just enjoy himself.

She still found herself pondering over when it had become normal for him to do this, and realized that she had never known when it had. He had suddenly started pushing all of his family away whenever they became too close, spending more and more time with his friends. Then suddenly he had become closer to his sister for no apparent reason. Maddie had found herself anxiously awaiting her turn.

She had always been incredibly close to her son and was always hurt by the distance he kept. Now that she finally knew why he had done that, she also knew that there could never be another rift that great between the two of them ever again.

She was broken out of her thoughts when Danny entered the kitchen through the wall, landing beside her. "Do you ever think about that conversation we had about flying when I was fourteen?"

Maddie smiled, "All the time. I never dreamed back then that it would come true."

He blushed and averted his eyes, then met hers again, somewhat shyly. "I just realized that ever since you've found out about my secret I still haven't offered to take you with me. Do you want to come?" He held out his hand a bit, palm up as an invitation.

She smiled and took the proffered hand. "I'd love to."

He grinned back at her cheekily and the next thing she knew they were shooting up through the ceiling at a mind-blowing pace, reaching the level just below the clouds within a few moments. Knowing her love for thrill rides at the amusement park he resolved to deliver just that, throwing in a few barrel rolls along the way, then evening out after a couple of quick loops.

They slowed momentarily, his glowing green eyes meeting her own violet pair. He seemed to be weighing options in his head, then the corner of his mouth twitched upward slightly. "Do you trust me?"

The question was odd, especially considering that she had already consented to being pulled up several thousand feet. Maddie nodded, but had only barely begun to consider the implications. Suddenly her hand was released and she began to freefall. A short scream of shock was ripped from her lungs before she had a chance to think, then she looked back at her son and saw him falling beside her, eyes closed and arms outstretched. She did trust him. Closing her eyes, she thought of nothing but the thrill of the freefall. It was like skydiving but without the parachute or other equipment. Completely exhilarating, it gave her the sense of flying on her own.

She felt his hand in hers again and they flipped back up through a large loop and came to a stop. A brightness in his sparkling green eyes that had not been there before greeted her when she looked at him, and she had no doubt that the same light was shining from her own eyes as well.

"Again?" This time it was she who voiced the breathless question, rather than him as it had been throughout his younger years. The request was met with a wide grin as they began their ascent again through a path of crazily impossible twists and turns.

This was far from normal, but Maddie couldn't bring herself to care. As long as she had the chance to fly again, nothing normal could ever compare.

After all, they'd both always loved to fly…

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