Hey, look who's back and actually posting something! This is just a little file that I wrote last fall when I was killing time between classes and just found on my computer. Figured I'm probably never going to add anything else to this, so I might as well share it. This is fully adoptable; if you decide to turn this into a full-fledged story, please let me know in a review; I'd love to read it!

Apologies for the lack of editing and details; I know the ending is a bit rushed but I ran out of things to say.

Rating: K

Spoilers: Double Cross My Heart

There was one thing he would never admit to his friends. He didn't care what they thought of him, so long as he never had to reveal this one secret facet of his new personality. Ever since he got his powers, it's seemed like he always knows when something bad is about to happen. He can more readily feel people's stares on his back, and always knows when someone is watching him.

Lately, it's become more than just that. His sixth sense has been becoming gradually more sensitive as he's learned more about himself and just what the portal accident did to him. Now it's not just a matter of sensing other ghosts, or heightened awareness of his surroundings. Now he's beginning to feel the emotions of the people around him.

It started out as just an occasional feeling that his mom was more worried than she let on. That his sister was in love with someone – not that he's been able to figure out with whom. Then when he was alone in the room with his dad, his mom walked in and he found himself almost blown over by the sudden surge of affection radiating from the two of them. Creepily enough, it's the same affection he's felt from Tucker, always directed at his PDA.

Then there's Sam. More than once, he's felt the same affection from her when he's entered the room, and has definitely caught some worry when his ghost sense goes off unexpectedly. His friends don't know that he can feel their emotions. They don't know that it started out only being the stronger emotions of the people closest to him, and now with just a bit of concentration he can feel even the weakest emotions of people he's never met before in his life.

They also don't know that this is the reason why he mistrusted Gregor from the start. It had nothing to do with what he told his friends – that he thought the other boy was a Guys in White agent, sent to investigate him. It also didn't have to do with any type of poorly-disguised jealousy.

No, he could feel Gregor. He could feel that the other boy didn't really care for Sam, not the way he said he did. He knew at first glance that Sam would only wind up having her heart broken, and wanted to do his best to prevent it if possible. The fake and pretend radiating from Gregor was enough to make him almost physically sick.

There is one thing he will never admit to his friends. He will never admit that sometimes he is a whole lot more ghost than they know.