Author's Note: I don't anything! This is a super-short one shot, I think it explains how some people on team Gibbs get their motivation to work-out! Enjoy....

"Mmmph!" Jethro Gibbs groaned as he rolled over, or at least he attempted to roll over. Currently a knee between his shoulder blades was prohibiting his movements.

"You promised!" Jenny leaned down and whispered in his ear emphatically.

"I know." Gibbs said, his face smashed into his pillow, acutely aware that he was mumbling.

"Move your knee." Gibbs grunted.

"Just one more thing..." Jenny trailed off daringly.

"What's that?" Gibbs asked as Jenny swung her long leg around, and removed her knee from Jethro's back.

"Five...not three." Jenny said as she threw a sweat suit at Jethro.

"Damnit." Gibbs groaned as he sat up and put on the sweat suit.

"You're doing pretty good...for an old guy..." Jenny teased as she whizzed past Jethro. They were currently on mile four and a half out of five.

"What do you mean old?!" Jethro retorted.

"O-L-D! Old!" Jenny said triumphantly as she passed Jethro yet again.

Jethro picked up his pace and sprinted past Jenny. He turned and smiled at her.

Jenny increased her stride and ran past Jethro in a flash. She ran so quickly that she was soon out of sight, and Jethro didn't like that at all. This was not part of their arrangement. Jethro pushed himself to a full sprint and he found her at the end of the trail, behind some tall evergreens, stretching and cooling down.

"Director!" Jethro barked.

Jenny pulled herself out of her split and looked up at Jethro sharply.

"Don't ever do that again! I am here to protect you! Just...don't do it again...okay Jen?" Jethro said as he tried to catch his breath, thankful that Jenny was safe.

"And if I don't obey?" Jenny asked teasingly.

Jethro closed the gap between them and wrapped an arm around her waist.

"We will investigate alternative work-out methods." Jethro whispered in her ear coyly.

As they headed back towards his car, he could see the faintest blush on Jenny's cheeks.