I still can't remember why I made this decision. Edward was my mate after all, we were gonna get married and be together forever right... I knew it was all just to perfect.


I was sitting in the Cullen's living room when I hear him burst out in angry.

"Carlisle, you should have seen the way his red eyes looked at her! Alec Volturi Imprinted on MY Bella!" Edward roared from Carlisle's office.

That name made me froze. I remembered him very well, his smile and they way he said "They send you out for one and you come back with two...and a half," made my knees lose control. Was it possible for vampires to imprint?

"Edward clam down" I heard Carlisle speak softly.

"It's true Carlisle, I seen them together and Bella... Bella one of them"

I hear them argue for a few more seconds and then Edward came back in.

"Bella darling did you hear anything?" Edward questioned me by my nervousness.

"No, no Edward, can you give me a ride home... umm... Charlie will be back from fishing soon so I need to cook him dinner" I lied.

He nodded his head and drove me home.

*end of flash back*

Here I am now sitting next to a fat man snoozing on a plane to them... him... my mate... Alec Volturi.

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