We'll first to clear everything up, in this Fan Fic Kabuto is much older, in fact i decided to make him 27...Don't ask i don't know why 27, but he is. I do not own Naruto in any way shape or form

"Lord Orochimaru, how are you feeling today?" I asked, him, he seemed a bit pale today, even for him.

"Fine Kabuto," he addressed me, sitting up in his bed, "have you brought my medicine?"

"Hmm, it's a good thing I keep track of that, you've already take you medicine today, " I approached his bed and sat down.

"How was Sasuke's practice today? Is he doing well?"

"he may soon surpass even you Orochimaru," I pushed up my glasses.

He scratched his head, confused at my, abnormal behavior. He must have noticed I left off his title. His hair was growing quite long, "it's a miracle you're hair never gets knots in it Orochimaru," I leaned in a bit, my glasses reflecting the light, I began to stroke his hair, "its quite soft though, how do you do it, I mean you are always just sitting in bed." My voice trailed off.

" I think you should, oh no never mind," I stated, my voice drifted off

"What it is?" there was almost a hint of concern in his voice, almost

"Well its mhmhmhmh…" I mumble


"Oh it doesn't matter," I stood up, you don't care anyways, my voice getting higher.

"Kabuto!" Orochimaru coughed violently, blood getting on his hand, "Kabuto, my medicine,

"Yes Lord Orochimaru," My shirt was stained in his blood.

The monotonous halls may have never gotten to me, but I did have feelings. I put my hand to the duct of each eyelid and wiped away the tear that was emerging.

I shouldered Sasuke on the way out, he after all was distracting Orochimaru. If he wasn't in so much of a hurry to absorb him I could…Eureka I've got it!

I grabbed the medicine, then I remembered that blood was on my shirt. "ahh…" one more thing slowing me down. I quickly tore it off and without thinking hurried back to his room, my weapon of choice, hidden. I gave him his medicine. I stared into his eyes and he stared into mine, our pupils reflecting the candle, I put my hand on his chest and felt the beating of his heart.

"Your pulse is a bit fast, I have a different medicine for you this time."

I slowly took my hand away from his lean scaly chest a blush coming to my face as I did so. I gave him a hug, "you have no idea how great this medicine will be for us." I commented cheerfully.

His hand reached agonizingly slowly, though I think it was more because he was looking at my outfit, or lack thereof. He took a sip "ack!" he choked and passed out. I slithered closer and reached down…

…and pulled out my surgical knife. I quickly cut off his arm. I knew it would regrow almost instantly for the jutsu I had put on the knife. I took it to my quarters and underneath somewhere no one would think to look for it. I hid my trophy. I pulled on another shirt and brought his real medicine.

"Lord Orochinmaru, I hope I haven't kept you waiting too long, I brought a stronger dosage this time," I mentioned in my monotone voice. I backed into the room.

"kabuto," he started, "I had the strangest dream,"

"Well, dreams are reality now are they?" I asked mysteriously, and ended in a smile, "though I think sometimes the truth is stranger in your mind, Lord Orochimaru"