Grey Beard

Why so careless?

Why so feared?

Sir, it's because of your long grey beard!

It's greasy

It's gross

I think I see a piece of toast

Tangled in that long grey beard.

It smells

It stinks

Why, you should dye it pink!

Oh, that long grey beard.

You've gone and dyed it pink

But it seems funny

Reminds me of the Easter Bunny.

Why, oh why, did you ever try

To dye that long grey beard?

I chuckled

I laughed

You tried to give it a bath.

But now you're feeling the wrath

Of that long grey beard.

It strangles

It chokes

Now it is no joke,

Your long grey beard.

You sat on the couch

With a slight slouch

You grew tired and old

While your beard grew mold.

You sat there for days

You sat there for years

You cried numerous tears

It seemed there was no hope

But then you exclaimed,

"How could I be such a dope?"

You ran to the store,

And bought some sheers

Then you yelled,

"Goodbye, long grey beard!"