Stephanie McMahon Levesque sat at the kitchen table of her family home looking down at the pictures inside the photo album scattered across the table. She smiled softly as her traced over the picture on the Taking a deep breath she looked down on the wedding picture that was right in front of her, her wedding day with Paul. It was a happier time. It was a time in which the world was at their fingertips and they could have anything that they wanted just by being with each other, a time when she thought nothing could ever hurt them. She was wrong. Things in their lives got so complicated that everything that wished so much for seemed to disappear in the blink of an eye.

"Mommy; A little voice seemed to snap her out of her of dream like state. Aurora Rose was standing in front of her holding her sisters hand with one hand and her blanket in the other. Stephanie smiled over at the two of them. They were closer than any two sisters she had ever since and that was something that she was thankful for. "Mommy, the babies are sleeping." Murphy, the small one of the two, spoke up. "They are sleeping mommy." She giggled a bit.

Stephanie watched them for a minute, her two beautiful little girls standing before. Aurora was the spitting image of her father, nose and all. Murphy looked slightly like Paul but had more of the features of Stephanie. "They are supposed to be sleeping. They are tired and they are babies." She chuckled a bit looking at the looks on their faces. They turned around and ran towards the living room, finding toys to occupy their time and the conversation was over as quickly as it started. Stephanie slowly returned her attention to the photo album that she was looking through before. Picture after picture showed their family, together, happy. Looking at them made her wish that she could go back but she knew there was no way. After closing the page to the book she stood up walking into the living room, Aurora and Murphy were occupied with the toys that were scattered around the living room. She walked over looking at the two new bassinets that were placed there just a week ago. The two small babies were sleeping just as Murphy said. Her eyes watched them slowly as they slept, they were perfect. She sighed a bit watching them knowing that their births changed everything in their lives. She kissed their foreheads slowly and walked over to the couch sitting down, her mind drifting off.

10 months earlier:

Backstage at the arena Stephanie was busy working on the script sheets for the pay per view that was a few weeks away. Her mind had been on crazy mode seeing that the storyline that she just had with Randy Orton had turned into something that she wasn't expecting. She quickly went through the scripts looking them over trying to change a few things before she sent them out to the office to get finalized. She was glad that things were over and that she would be going back to her normal life of no longer working shows. If she didn't see him any more maybe he would simply leave her alone. Since the kiss it had been a constant struggle to keep him from "bumping into her" at random times, whenever he felt like it. Randy was persistence and Stephanie finally had enough. Once she had threatened to get her father involved he stopped everything. She started to relax at bit hoping that it was over but still in the back of her head his obsession was there. She looked over the script one last time and was taken aback by what she read. TRIPLE H VS RANDY ORTON FOR STEPHANIE MCMAHON! She blinked back a few times scanning the paperwork. She must have missed that sheet. Her eyes scanned down lower looking at the results. RANDY ORTON WINS!. She choked back quickly. What was going on? She was never told of this. She quickly flew out the door and made her way down to her father's office.

Vince was a call when she barged in his door. "I have to go." he hung up the phone and looked at his daughter. "What do I owe this pleasure?" He smiled at her.

"This pleasure; Dad, Did you read this script? You are putting a match up between Paul and Randy for me? Are you kidding me? What are thinking, what didn't you tell me? I told you that I was done with this storyline. Who wrote this?" She was steaming more upset then she had ever before. "You can't do this to me."

Vince finger tapped on his desk looking at her. "Stephanie the fans want to see you and TV and this is the only way that we could get this done. I know I didn't come to you about this but I think that this is the best for the company and for the storylines. I wrote it. I'm sorry that I didn't tell you but I thought that you would be fine with it. This is the only way that we thought that we can keep you on TV. That is what the fans really want. We are taking this new give the fans what they want incentive. We asked them what the thought and they want to see you. You are a fan favorite, after that amazing RKO, that the fans want to root for you. We have to capitalize on this." He nodded.

She knew how her dad was and there was nothing that was going to change his mind, but she wouldn't do this. "Find another way to put in me on TV." She sighs softly. "Listen I do not want to be on TV honestly I don't. I just want to be with my kids." She watched him. As much as she did enjoy being on TV she didn't want to be with Randy.

"Stephanie look I know that you are worried about this but it is not going to be for that long. We are going to have Randy beat Hunter having you cost Hunter the match and share a kiss with Randy just like what happened with your storyline before Hunter and me. Really it is the perfect way to work it out." Vince assured her.

She glared at him. "There is absolutely no way in the hell that I kiss Randy Orton. No. You can just take that and for...." Before she could finish Vince started speaking. "Stephanie you know that this is the best thing for the storyline. You know this. You have always been one that puts the company ahead of everything. It is only for a few extra weeks and after that I promise you that you will never have to do anything like this again. I even promise that I will have you turn on Randy and make this all a part of your plan. You will be back with Hunter before you leave TV." He watched her.

"Fine dad; we will go ahead and do whatever you want." She shook her head. "We always do." She slammed the door and walked out. She made her way down the hall and ran right into someone. "Sorr...." She stopped as she looked who was standing before her - Randy Orton- with the biggest smirk on his face.

"Well I guess you must have read the scripts already." He chuckled a bit. "I think I am very pleased and impressed with them. Don't you think?" He smirked once more as Stephanie tried to push away from him. "Oh come on now. We are going to be sharing the screen together and a lot of kissing."

Shut up Randy. The last thing that you and I are going to doing is anything of the sorts. I don t like this one bit but I have to do it. So you better not even think of touching me or kissing me. That stuff will be written out of the storyline. I am not going down that path with you. It was bad enough that you lips touched mine with that RKO stuff to which I never approved. I am only doing this so in the end I can turn on you. She spoke up as she tried to push past him again.

He grabbed her arm "Look you might not like this but you know Princess. The facts are the fact and you will be working with me. Now since your dad seems to think that I am the biggest star that this company has seen that means that I get anything that I want. I have full control over this storyline and there is nothing you or anyone can say about it. It is written in my contract." He laughs a bit. And I really suggest that if you don't want anything bad to happen to your husband in the ring, you play nice with me." He watched her.

"Excuse me????" She pulled away from him. "Play nice. You won't do anything to Hunter." She glared at him.

He laughed a bit as he started to walk away. "Just keep thinking that to yourself Steph. I am in the ring with him and I am sure that I can find out someway to make sure he comes out a different person. Just think about it." Randy smirked and walked away.

His smirk snapped her back into the present day reality. How could she have let that conversation start it all. It was the end of her marriage and little did she know that fact. Little did she know how much her life would really change.