Five men stood in the middle of a desolate broken town. The sky was dark, the buildings in a state of disrepair and the streets empty of any and all life. Snow fell from the sky in large fat flakes that melted on impact with the street, only a light dusting covering the ground in contrast to the quantity that fell.

One of the men stood a little taller than the others, his breath erupting in billows from his mouth as he waved a device around in front of him, scanning the surroundings with dark eyes that matched his black hair. He wore a blue long-sleeved shirt and was the only one possessing pointed ears and upswept eyebrows. A half-Vulcan named Spock, Chief Science Officer and First Officer of the starship Enterprise.

Another blue shirted man was Leonard 'Bones' McCoy, his hazel eyes scanning everything with a harsh and intelligent gaze. He ran a hand through his brown hair before crossing his arms in front of his chest. He was tapping his black-booted foot impatiently.

"Dammit, Jim, are you sure we have the right coordinates?" His harsh southern drawl broke the silence and caused the two security officers in red shirts to flinch, their holds on their phasers adjusting slightly. The air around them held a feeling of disquiet that couldn't be shaken. A blonde-haired and blue-eyed young man with a golden shirt turned to him with a wide cocky grin.

"Yep, this is it," James Tiberius Kirk stated. Bones sighed, looking over to the half-Vulcan who was adjusting his tricorder in brisk movements that would be translated into increased agitation in a human.

"It is as the Captain said, Doctor; these are the correct coordinates." His flat monotone voice made McCoy grumble, before he finally burst out with,

"Look, I'll admit this town looks like the perfect place for a distress call to come from; whole thing sure feels eerie enough, but this place is deserted. And I don't think they had enough technology to be able to make a distress call to a passing starship anyway. I mean look at this place! It's like Earth in the early 21st century; we sure as hell weren't contacting ships then."

"Be that as it may, Doctor, they seem to have enough technology to render the tricorders useless." Spock gave up his fiddling and released it to hang by its strap on his shoulder.

"You can't get a reading, Spock?" Jim walked over to him carefully, picking his way through the cracked cement that spiderwebbed around them.

"Affirmative, Captain, all sensors are nonoperational. We have no way of knowing what is here aside from the traditional method of looking."

"Well then, I suppose we best get to that now then."

"Look, I have no problem with looking, but what about communicators; can we contact the ship?" He turned his gaze over to see that Spock was already fiddling with them.

Spock put it back, a slight tension in his eyes betraying his unease while the rest of his expression remained flat. "They're not working either, Spock?"


"Well, this day gets better and better; what's next, fire falling from the sky?"

"I highly doubt that is likely, Doctor, considering it seems to be snowing."

"Shut up, Spock."

Jim snorted, his eyes flowing over his surroundings. He locked eyes with a small figure at the end of the street, its body crouched and its hair long. Doing what came naturally to him, he cupped his hands around his mouth and called out, "Hey!" The figure stood and ran, disappearing into the thick flurry of snow that enveloped everything, the state of constant darkness hindering any attempt to see where it went.

"Well, that was helpful."

"Did you see something?"

"It's gone now. Alright, let's get moving, shall we?" That said he cracked his knuckles and started off in the direction of the nearest building, the group trailing after him. They entered it, the name of the building smudged out beyond legibility, and their pace changed accordingly.

The building was dark; the things that they could see were in a state of disrepair and the paint peeling. Jim began examining everything, paying particular attention to an especially curved dummy wearing a skintight dress. Spock, however, was looking around quietly, his expression focused. A second later a beam of light erupted from the flashlight he held in his hands, landing directly on the map on the desk.

He picked it up and walked back over to the Captain, placing it on the desk in front of him. "Good work, Spock!" Jim said grinning. "So, where are we?"

Spock examined the many winding roads and finally indicated a narrow street. "Here."

"Well that's just peachy," McCoy grumbled, and slowly examined the whole of the map. "Silent Hill." He indicated the town name and pulled a face.

"Well, they got the silent part right. There's nothing here. No birds, no animals, no people…" Ensign Mathews, one of the red-headed security officers, stated, his green eyes flicking around to the dark corners not illuminated by the flashlight.

"Where should we be headed?"

Spock examined the map with a critical-eyed gaze. "Here." He indicated the map and the large Town Hall. "If there is a reason for the people to meet or evacuate, they would head to the largest building in the town in order to group. If they have sent for help they would also likely wait there."

"Well then, looks like we're heading to Town Hall. Let's get moving."

They exited the building together, beginning their quest. They made it to the crossroad, before Spock tensed sniffing the air quietly as his sharp eyes fell to the ground in front of them.

"What is it?" Jim asked softly, watching as his First Officer crouched, his brown eyes trained to the cracked and snow-dusted pavement.


It was like the word was a trigger. They felt the ground shake, the temperature plummeting to below freezing, the snow turning from a flurry to a blizzard, the ground turning to ice and the lampposts and storefronts freezing over. They tensed with cold, Spock reeling slightly with the sudden change in temperature, staring around in shock, the shock turning into terror as the noises started.

Choked moans, sounds of pain, screams and yells erupted from every point and a sudden burst of static from the communicators caused an instantaneous reaction. Every member of the team pulled out phasers, moving into a back-to-back formation. Spock was beginning to shiver violently from where he stood pressed up to Jim's back, a sign of the sudden extreme cold, not fear.

"What the hell is goin' on?" Leonard shouted to be heard over the swirl of ice and snow.

They didn't get a chance to answer. Directly in front of them a sudden burst of movement drew their attention. A skinny, decrepit, and rotten-looking creature launched itself at them with a gargling scream. They fired.

Beams of light met the creature head on, but it didn't slow. Spock set his to kill in a flicker of movement and shot it directly in front of him. It fell to the ground still reaching out for him. But they did not get a decent chance to look at it; suddenly the things erupted out of every frozen store front, ice shattering like glass, their long arms clawing at each other and their mouths stretching in wails and screams as they fought to get to them.

The sudden burst of static shifted, turning to a high-pitched whine that caused Spock to crumble to the ground, the combination of cold and pain too much. But the voice that sounded from the communicator was the thing that caught Bones' attention. "Daddy! Daddy, you can't fight them, run, Daddy, run!"

Bones jerked, looking at his communicator in horror. "Joanna?" he asked softly, before noticing Spock, he dropped next to the half-Vulcan as Jim and the two security officers formed a protective circle around the two, the half-Vulcan's hands and lips turning a shade of pale blue that was unhealthy on any human, let alone a Vulcan from a desert planet. The three around them fired shots into the swarm, but the three men were soon overwhelmed, and the security officers threw Jim behind them and down as they shot.

The horde swarmed the two security officers, dragging them away from the three on the ground as they screamed, their nails digging into the pavement and snapping, lines of blood streaking the concrete, even as the three left looked on in horror. Spock's body shivered constantly as Jim and Bones began shooting into the creatures left, the constant stream broken only by a small pause between creatures. Finally the phasers they were left with sputtered and died, the charges gone.

The two of them looked on in horror as the bloody, mangled, corpselike beings launched themselves at them in one last effort, before they froze. The ice melted, the beings melting into the ground with it, mangled bloodless sockets staring into their eyes until the last moment.

They panted, their breaths coming in harsh gasps, their hearts racing, and their eyes focused on the world around them in terror.

Spock's teeth were chattering, his mind and body in pain as the tremors became more violent.

"Dammit… What the heck was that?" Bones swore even as he began seeing to him, injecting him with adrenaline and various other things to bring his temperature up to normal. Covering his hands with cloth, he grabbed the half-Vulcan's blue ones and rubbed them frantically, trying to restore blood flow, understanding the fact that those were the places that would be in the most pain.

Spock pushed them both off. "Leave me…should that happen again I will be unable to help…it is illogical to waste resources you will not get back." His voice was hoarse, and he pulled back.

"We won't leave you here, you idiot; now hold still; the less crap you give me to deal with the better off we'll both be. Now what the fuck were those things?" Bones snatched his hands again, rubbing until the blue tint vanished.

"They just came out of nowhere, and what the hell was with that ice show, Bones? What the hell?"

"It is impossible to speculate," Spock finally forced out, sitting slowly upright.

"What are we going to do?"

"There's nothing to do. The people here are dead. They have to be…"

The sound of boots crunching through snow drew their attention suddenly. They turned, looking back at the tall yet slim approaching woman. Her hair was cropped short and blonde under her hat, her face holding an expression of wary apprehension and her fingers grasping a crude weapon that they recognized as a gun. As soon as she saw they were hurt and unarmed the gun was returned to its holster and she rushed forward, her face filled with caution. She was dressed in a close-fitting police uniform for snowy weather, and Jim noticed the fact that her…assets bounced with every step she took. She finally fell down in front of them on her knees, looking at them closely, pausing on Spock. "What are you guys doing out here? Don't you know it's not safe?" she cried out finally.

"We're figuring that out; who are you; what's going on; what WERE those things?" Bones snapped, gesturing blindly.

"I'm Officer Mandy Walters; we're evacuating the town; but what do you mean about 'things'? What things?"

They froze, looking at her directly. "What do you mean 'what things'? Those things that attacked us, after all that snow, that ice?"

Mandy looked at them closely. "There's nothing out here; everyone's been moved into the Town Hall because of the blizzard that's coming. It's a big one, the biggest we've had in years. You shouldn't be out dressed like that." She gestured to their clothes and their loose, airy make. "Especially not you." She nodded to the Vulcan, and reached out to help them up. "Come on, I'll get you some clothes; you're all Starfleet, right?"

"That is correct."

"It's about time. We've been trying to contact you guys for months and finally got a communicator that works."

"What do you mean?"

"If you haven't noticed yet, our technology has all been malfunctioning. Communicators, tricorders, any and all sensors are nonoperational. We've had to revert back to some pretty primitive methods," she explained, bringing them to another decrepit building. They entered and found it to be the police station. "I'm on the lookout for any other people that haven't gotten to the Town Hall yet, but I have time to get you some clothes."

She gestured to a pile of snowy weather gear, hats, gloves, and more of those close-fitting thermal suits. She moved Spock to another pile. "These are heavy duty; you'll appreciate these more, I think."

That said they took to clothing themselves in it, removing their boots and pulling the other things on over their clothes before re-lacing the boots and tucking the pants around them. They were made insulated and heavy duty; there was no reason to replace them.

As soon as they were dressed with all the accessories, they were examined closely by the woman, having whatever bare skin they had covered by expert hands used to insulating against the cold that came. When she was satisfied she waved them out, telling Spock to keep the flashlight on him at all times, as the town was prone to blackouts.

"Some of the roads are blocked, but if you go through the apartment block here," she indicated it, "and the hospital here," she indicated the correct building, "you'll make it through."

That decided they began walking. As they passed their last location, they could almost forget what had happened there, if not for the streaks of blood and the memory of screaming.