A Whole New World

Chapter 1: Prologue

A/N: I'm back! I am very excited to start A Whole New World. I couldn't fit everything in the summary so here is the gist. Jack/Ianto, One sided John/Ianto. A parallel to the Disney movie Aladdin. The full character parallel will be on my profile, if you want to take a look and be a little less confused.

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Dafydd walked along the plass, in Cardiff. The local flea market was going on today, and his wife, Tegan, wanted to go with the whole family.

"Oh, come on. It's finally a nice day to spend outside. Let's do something fun," recalled Dafydd, from the morning. This was far from fun, however it made his wife happy, and the children were smiling. That's all that matters. The family passed many booths; jewelry, hats and some food stands. But there was one that stood out, and caught both parent's eyes. 'Relics: Past, Present, and Future,' it said on the sign. Dafydd walked towards it looking slightly bemused.

The merchant was reading a magazine. His eyes looked up over the magazine in the slight astonishment that someone would come to his tent.

"Well, bore dda!"

"Oh, bore dda!" Tegan said, a little taken by surprise.

"…Are you looking for something in particular?"

"Nope," Dafydd exaggerated the 'p', "just looking at the impeccable craftsmanship,"

"This thing? Isn't she a beauty? It's a coffee machine; finest quality too. Made out of the--" The machine broke. A couple of awkward moments later, the merchant cleared his throat. "I'll just put this over here,"

Tegan gave a tight smile. "What else do you have? That isn't…broken,"

"I have plenty! Other than artifacts I have different things from other areas of the world. How about something from the bottom of the ocean?"

"As in…"

"As in this,"

"It's a plastic container," Tegan stated.

"What's so special about that?" the parent's ten year son piped up.

"Plenty. It's what is inside that counts," the merchant stated. He opened the lid centimeter by centimeter, until it was a quarter way open. The thing inside slid around a few times, sounding like someone shifted on a leather seat, awkwardly.

"Apparently it is still fresh," the merchant laughed.

Tegan looked disgusted. "You know, I think we need to move onto another booth,"

"Exactly what I was just thinking," Dafydd stated. Both of the parents picked up the children and headed off.

"Wait! Wait just for one moment! I have another artifact that might have interest," his voice drifted off. He was half way out of the doorframe, pleading for the family to come back. Dafydd too a long deep breath and turned his body.

"Well what is it?"

"If you come closer, I can show you properly," the merchant stated. The family walked closer, while the merchant laid the artifact out on the soft velvet cloth.

"It's a bloody wooden box," Dafydd stated .

"No, no, no. Not just any box, an extraordinary box. It did wonders of years past, and present, maybe even future,"

"Wait…future? What do you mean future?" Tegan asked. "Things can't help the future, even you know that," her voice drifted off.

"It's alien," the merchant smiled.

Dafydd raised an eyebrow. "And my mother-in-law is a joy to have around," Tegan hit him with the back of her hand. "I mean how can it be alien? It's just a box,"

"Dafydd, I think we should go," Tegan whispered.

"I completely agree with you," Dafydd said, as he rounded up the children.

"Please don't go!" the merchant yelled.

"We'll come back once you got the rocks out of your head,"

"I assure you it's real. It has changed lives!" the merchant yelled.

"I would like to hear this story," remarked the father sarcastically.

"Oh you would?"

"Daf, what are you doing?" Tegan questioned.

"If we just comply, he'll let us go,"

"Still don't trust him; however it may be a good bonding experience," Tegan shrugged her shoulders.

"Come this way," The merchant opened up the curtain, revealing a quaint, comfy zone. The children ran to the chairs and curled their legs up to their chins to listen. The merchant sat down on the chair across from the family. "As I told you, this box is not an ordinary box. As tale has passed from one generation to another it has rarely changed. This tale is about a man's life. A man who was obsessed about this," the rectangular blue box was displayed on the coffee table in front of them. "This story starts with a captain ambitious for what he wanted. It was night and…"

Captain John Hart was sitting on the bench by the park, waiting for one of his counterparts to return with what he asked for. Someone came running towards him, slowing down with every step. John was not pleased. "And you are only two hours late form when you were supposed to bring it here,"

"I'm sorry Mr. Hart,"

"It's Captain," he waited a few minutes. "Well, do you have the bloody thing or not?"

"Right!" The police were on my tail. I might have had to hurt a couple of people, but I got it,"

"Yeah, yeah, give it here," Captain John reached for the artifact.

"Oi! What about my money?" the counterpart's hand recoiled yet Andy snatched the artifact first.

"Don't piss your pants. What you want will be on your way," John said.

"Just trust him," Andy added. John pulled out a similar artifact, with a matching break. It lit up and started to levitate out of his hand. Only a few seconds after, the artifact took off like a rocket, leaving a trail of white fog.

"Get in the car! We're not losing this!" John yelled. The car screeched into gear, and sped off to the surroundings of Cardiff. Eventually the car stopped near a small forest. The atmosphere became thick, and all sounds stopped, almost to the point of being deafening. "Finally, after all the time devoted, it pays off now,"

"So, what happens now?" Andy questioned.

"Don't know, should we—" John was cut off by two deep red glowing eyes staring straight back at him, in the forest. "You, er…what's your name again?"

"Jason," he said.

"Just get me that box. It's blue and rectangular, you can't miss it. The rest of what is in there, go crazy with it," John instructed. Jason nodded his head, and walked up to the opening archway of the forest.

I can't believe I'm actually doing this…It is complete insanity, thought Jason. He stood there, almost paralyzed with fear. After taking a deep breath, he continued.

"When did you get this guy? The pub?" Andy joked. John put his fingers to his lips, and shushed him. A vast wind surrounded the small area, as soon as Jason reached the entrance.

"And who awakens me?" a soft delicate voice echoed throughout the area.

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