Chapter 15: Epilogue

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The Doctor walked around for one last time, and snapped his fingers. John walked around. "I can fell it. The ultimate power!" he exclaimed.

Ianto looked at Jack. "Are you insane?"

"Nope. Just trust me," A black box started to materialize, however he was too busy to realize what was actually happening.

"I can control the universe!" he yelled maniacally.

"Aren't you forgetting one, tiny little detail, John?" No response. "You wished to be like the Doctor, thus wishing for everything that goes with it," Jack stated.

The box materialized into another TARDIS; it stated to suck John in. "Jack, this is madness!" he yelled. Andy woke from his chloroform induced nap. "What is going on?" Andy walked closer, and was unfortunately caught. The TARDIS materialized back into a box.

"I guess with great power comes even smaller living space," Jack said.

"Well, I wouldn't have even thought of that myself," the Doctor said.

"Please don't boost his ego. It's large enough" Owen whispered. Ianto and the others were freed from the cage that Jack tried to open before.

"I think I know where to put these two...five hundred years in deep space could possibly cool them down," the Doctor stated. Jack walked over to Ianto, who was dusting off this suit. Putting a hand on the back of his neck, he started to talk.

"Ianto….I—I'm sorry I lied to you,"

"It's clear, why you did…It's been…good, yeah?"

"Yeah. So this is goodbye?" There was a small silence between the two.

"Those fucking laws. It's never reasonable. I—" Ianto held those two words in his throat. "I love you," Jack's lips crashed down on his.

"I love you too," Jack said, smiling. The Doctor shuffled his feet.

"Well, you still have one wish left. You can wish to be a Captain again. It's not that much of a problem,"

"What about your freedom?" asked Jack.

"No worries. I've only been doing this gig for about…around three hundred years or so. You? You're not going to find another person like this," he pointed to Ianto. "Trust me. The way you to look at each other, I've never seen that…give or take a few species," Jack looked at Ianto. Ianto looked at Jack. They both knew what was right.

"Doctor, I wish for you to be free," Jack said.

"What? Are you serious?" he asked. Jack nodded his head. A couple of seconds later the Doctor snapped his fingers. "Wish for…I don't know…Buckingham Palace," he stated.

"I wish for Buckingham Palace…?"

"Sorry, can't do that! Ah, sweet freedom. You know where I'm going? Barcelona,"

"The city?" asked Lleu, standing off to the side.

"Nope, the planet. They have dogs with no noses…isn't that just brilliant?" the Doctor laughed.

"I'm going to miss you, Doctor," Jack said. He put out a hand. They shook, hands, and then pulled into a hug.

"I'll miss you too, Jack. Well, see you later. I'm finally going to have some fun," he waved the closed the TARDIS' doors. The blue police box dematerialized into thin air.

Lleu coughed. "Well, I'm going to have to take arrangements,"

"You are not arresting him,Tad," Ianto stated.

"Who said I was arresting him? You know…arrangements? You two are going to run this whole thing soon," Jack and Ianto looked surprised. "Don't give me those looks…I already promised!" Jack and Ianto were about to kiss, when a vision of a brown and white pinstripe blurred both of their visions.

"I just couldn't leave without a proper goodbye. Come here. Even you Lleu," he said hugging the others. After what seemed to be three minutes, the Doctor let go. He walked over to Owen , and held out a had. "I feel that you're not that type of guy who doesn't do hugs,"

"You got it right, Doc," Owen smiled and shook the Doctor's hand. It was a gesture that Owen rarely gave.

The Doctor sighed. "Alright, I'm history. See you in another lifetime!" the Doctor said. He got into the TARDIS and finally left.

Jack held his hand out, and Ianto took it.

"A whole new world,"

"Definitely, for you and me," Ianto smiled and…

"…kissed Jack. The two of them walked outside and got the carpet and flew into oblivion, once more. The End," the merchant said.

Tegan wiped a tear away. "Oh, that was just beautiful. Don't you think so kids?" she asked. Both of them nodded their heads.

"Where did they go?" asked the little girl.

"Well, anywhere. They could have gone to America, or to another planet, maybe they stayed in Cardiff,"

Dafydd groggily open his eyes. How long have I been asleep?, he thought to himself. He looked at his watch; it was two hours later. "I want to thank you for that wonderful story. Here," Dafydd pulled out two twenties and one ten.

"Oh no, I couldn't," the merchant said.

"But I insist,"

"Oh, if you insist then," he smiled. The family walked out.

"Tad, do you think the Doctor actually exists?" the boy asked.

"I don't know…maybe," Dafydd said with a smile.

"Tad, do flying carpets exist? Can I have one?" the little girl asked.

"Sure they do. They fly like this," Dafydd picked up his daughter and ran around. The family was having fun.

Jack and Ianto were sitting on the bench, eating some food. "Why are we here again, sir?"

"Flea markets; most likely they have alien technology lying around, that comes thorough the rift. We got a signal of a Streethra, a story telling device. It's thousands of years from Earth's technology, yet ancient technology if compared to the rest of the universe, Jack explained.

"Ah, more archiving," Ianto smiled at Jack.

"You know it doesn't need to be done by today…we could possibly sit down, watch a movie…"his voice faded. Ianto took another bite of his food.

"As long as it's a classic film, then I'll agree," Ianto said. Both of them smiled at each other.

"If we can agree in the bedroom, after the film, I'll take your offer," Jack winked. He saw Ianto try to suppress his smile.

"People are staring, sir," he whispered. Ianto walked to the first merchant he saw: Relics: Past, Present, and Future.

"So is that a yes?" Jack beamed.

The End

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