Don't ask me where this idea came from...but much like Alf, I'm swearing off canned tabby paw before bedtime! (If you missed the reference look up some old Alf cartoons on was his closing speech at the end of the opening.)

Anywho...Naruto goes on a mission to Wave to identify and stop of bizarre break ins around the city...what he discovers about the assailant, and himself is beyond belief...and the out come is even stranger.


I'm Your WHAT??

Chapter 1

Naruto frowned slightly as he stood in the blond Hokage's office.

When he received word he was getting a solo mission that was possibly A Rank…well hell Naruto was ready to throw a party!

Never one to turn down a mission, (unless it was D rank) Naruto hauled ass out of his apartment, fell down twice because he was still putting his orange pants on, then became a blur of speed as he zipped to the Hokage's tower…but now that he was here, he was not so sure he wanted to go as he looked at Tsunade over the folder he was reading. "You're joking right? This is a joke."

Tsunade frowned at him as she began tapping the fingers of her left hand on the desk.

Naruto looked back in the folder and picked up the lone sheet of paper and looked at both sides of it before peeking around it at the Hokage. "Is it possible this is a joke?" He said with a hint of hope in his voice.

Tsunade only scowled at him now…her fingers beating a much more rapid tattoo on the desk.

Naruto looked at the paper again and read the contents for the third time before looking up at Tsunade who now, was wearing a pattern in the desk shaped like her finger tips she was drumming the desk so hard.

In a higher pitched squeaky voice Naruto looked at his surrogate sister and stuttered. "Could it be a joke?"

Tsunade leaned forward across her desk, eyes smoldering as her fingers stopped their repetition. "Would you like me to show you the joke Naru-chan?" Her voice while fairly even held the hint of immense pain and discomfort in store for his immediate future.

In the same squeaky voice Naruto whispered. "When do I leave?"

Tsunade sat back and nodded her head in a satisfied manner. "Understand Naruto…this isn't a standard mission, and if there is a threat to the city, you are NOT to engage."

Naruto nodded his head glumly as he looked over the paper again, trying to commit the boring assignment to memory.

At least he would be in Wave…it could be much worse.

"Baachan…not arguing with you…but why would you send me on a mission like this? Wouldn't Kiba or Neji be more suited for a scouting mission?"

Tsunade ran a hand through her hair before she nodded. "You're right…but I thought of you because they may need a heavy hitter on hand until reinforcements arrive."

Naruto felt his chest puff in pride as she continued.

"They needed my best."

And Naruto burst into a grin that would rival a kid in a candy store.

"They need a ninja among ninja!" Tsunade said as her voice hit a peak as Naruto stood from his chair, a proud far away look in his eyes.

"But you were all I had available so off you go." She said with a grin as Naruto fell back in the chair deflating like a popped balloon. "BAACHAN!!" He shouted in indignation, but she shook him off with a grin on her face. "I'm just teasing Naruto. Truth is I do have confidence in you, but I have no scouts available for this mission. Now this could be nothing…but homes on the outskirts of Wave have been getting raided…but it looks like the only things that have been taken are minor things…"

Naruto frowned as he blinked at her. "A petty thief?"

Tsunade shrugged before she crossed her legs. "So it seems. But whoever is doing it is only stealing baubles, knickknacks, food…money or valuables have not been found missing."

Naruto grumped as he closed the folder and sat it back on her desk. "So we're dealing with a stupid petty thief?"

Tsunade frowned then shrugged her shoulders. "That is what you are going to find out. The problem before you ask is the local militia can't seem to catch the culprit.

Whoever it is enters without disturbing anything, then departs the same way. The only hint they got at all was a piece of torn and tattered cloth."
Tsunade reached into her desk and pulled out a plastic bag and Naruto looked at the material inside as she handed it to him.

Whoever it was; was very dirty.

The cloth looked like it had been drug through the dirt. It appeared it used to be a tan color…but Naruto couldn't tell because of all the dirt.

With a shrug he tossed it on the desk on top of the folder. "Ok…I'll go talk to the old man and see if he has any leads. Is there any time limit on this or is it until it's solved?"

Tsunade frowned as she thought about it then shrugged. "I'm assuming they would like it finished as soon as possible, but I want daily updates on your progress and your discoveries. Leave as soon as possible, no later then tomorrow first light."

Naruto nodded as he hopped up out of the chair but stopped at the door and looked back at Tsunade who waggled a finger at him. "Don't let me down Naruto…remember Do not engage hostiles!"

Naruto grinned as he gave her a cocky salute as he walked out of the office. "Don't worry Tsunade Baachan…I've got it all under control!" He said just before stepping in the wastebasket and tripping himself, knocked Shizune over as she was about to walk into her mentor's office…scattering papers everywhere.

Tsunade just put her head in her hand and grumbled. "That's what I'm afraid of…"


Naruto jogged down to the shopping district, a grin on his face despite the mission parameters he was going to be forced to follow…but at least it was a higher rank then C.

Truthfully, Naruto had gotten spoiled. After learning his parentage, moving into the Namikaze estate, and doing mostly A and B rank missions, going back to C or, (shudders) D rank would be like a punishment. There had been so many changes in his life in such a short period…turning sixteen, being recognized by the village as a strong ninja and the last surviving heir of the Namikaze as well as the Uzumaki clans, even the Kyuubi settling down and talking to him like he was human. Good but weird changes…unfortunately, there was also pain that he tried not to think about. Loss of comrades, Asuma, Lee, Shino, but the one that hurt the most, was Hinata.

Telling him she loved him, almost destroyed him when he finally beat Pein…and he held her in his arms, pouring all of his sorrow into her still form. Hoping, and wishing that there was still a spark of life in her…to no avail.

At the time, no one could get near them. Naruto in his grief had gone completely feral, and anyone that came near them had a choice, die by Naruto's hands, or leave them the hell alone.

He remained there holding her for eighteen hours, and not even the hokage could get close enough to him, until the most unlikely person was the one that broke through to the grieving boy.

Hiashi Hyuuga actually stood next to Naruto, talking to him in a quiet but insistent voice, and eventually rested his hand on Naruto's shoulder.

After a few minutes of everyone just staring in surprise, Naruto nodded, and with tears still in his eyes, stood and carried Hinata's broken body towards the remainder of the Hyuuga estates, Hiashi leading him with a hand still on his shoulder. Both men, with heads down as the weight of the world settled across their shoulders.

Konoha was rebuilt…was actually still being rebuilt, and life moved on as if none of it ever happened.

But Naruto remembered, he would always remember.

I hate to break up this little stroll down memory lane, but weren't you going to buy something from that shop we just passed?

Naruto blinked at the fox's interruption then looked back and nodded. "Yeah…"

Naruto didn't say much else, he and the fox had an understanding of sorts.

That all happened after the fox had to change certain aspects inside of Naruto. If he hadn't, Naruto's body would have burned up…literally when he went eight tails against Pein.

Thus far…nothing had changed other then his ability to use a massive amount of the fox's chakra…well his strength, dexterity, and chakra reserve shot up too…but he was worried about more obvious physical changes.

While he was more in click with the majority of the village, there was still the occasional hold out that refused to let go of the past. He didn't need another reason for the idiots to hate him.

Fortunately, the fox told him nothing like that would happen until a certain set of stimulus was present.

When asked, the fox merely shrugged. Since the chance of it happening are slim and none, I wouldn't worry about it.

After a few more attempts at that information failed to produce results, Naruto filed it in the back of his mind under "unimportant" and left it at that.

Standing in the weapon shop now, Naruto grinned as he saw Tenten behind the counter. "Hey Ten…got the goods?"

Tenten looked up and grinned at Naruto before putting a bag on the counter. "Of course."

Naruto grinned as he looked in the bag before dropping some bills on the counter in pleasure, but a nudge from his resident made him turn and look at the wall behind the counter.

At his glance, Tenten looked too then frowned. "Naruto…don't tell me you're into that stuff?"

Naruto's attention was focused on one item in particular. A leather collar, with metal studs all along the outside, ending in an overlapping piece with a metal ring in it.

Naruto reached out and grabbed the collar and looked at it curiously before looking inward and having a quick conference with his prisoner. "Ok…this caught your attention, why would I want it?"

The Kyubi chuckled softly as the red eyes glittered. It amuses me. In time I am sure you will find a use for it…and the leash…and a lock.

Naruto, had learned not to argue with the fox…he had helped him quite a bit in the past. Without argument, Naruto pulled the leash next to it down as well, and looked at Tenten. "Ahem…do you have a lock for this?"

Tenten gave Naruto the fisheye before she reached under the counter and pulled out a lock that would fit the small metal ring before saying to him in a quieter voice. "Um…maybe you should get out more Naruto, being cooped up in that mansion all by yourself all of the time can't be good for you…" She almost whispered.

Tenten knew about all the latest things…especially on the "questionable" side of life, but Naruto just didn't fit the personality type to her…but as they say, it was always the quiet ones…although Naruto wasn't very quiet in his youth.

Naruto grumbled at her as he took the items and his bag, threw some more money on the counter, and fled the store before any awkward questions could be asked.

After a quick pack of clothes and necessities, Naruto got on his way to wave, wondering still why the damn fox asked him to buy a collar of all things…he didn't own a dog. He didn't even want a dog!

The Kyuubi snickered in his mind as this thought passed him.


Naruto's arrival in Wave was without fanfare…until he got to old man Tazuna's house that is.

Inari and Tsunami broke into tears and hugged Naruto until he thought they were a part of him.

Tsunami kept pulling back and looking at him, while Inari kept slapping him on the back in between hugs.

Naruto grinned and put up with it until it was out of their system. He hadn't seen them in quite some time and he wouldn't begrudge them and he wanted to catch up with them too.

The day waned, and eventually Tazuna came home and the greeting and excitement started again until it was time to eat.

After supper, Tazuna settled down to the business of why they called for Konoha's aid.

"Honestly Naruto," he began. "No one has been attacked, and there has been no damage to any of the houses that have been burglarized. It just seems a little odd. I wouldn't even say it a burglary if it only happened once or twice, people misplace and lose things all of the time…but eleven houses? That is just too much to be coincidence."

Naruto thought for a moment before he looked up. "And nothing of substantial value has been taken?"

Tazuna shrugged as he took a sip of coffee. "Nothing substantial that has been reported. It's just odd as hell." With a look of surprise, he pulled out a list and map and pointed to the areas that were marked with "X"s.

"Before I forget, here…these are the houses that have been "burglarized" and where they are located. The list is the items that have been taken…I didn't put on there "food" because that is sort of self explanatory."

Naruto smirked as he looked at the list then laughed. "Seriously? This is all junk!" Naruto said with obvious incredulity in his voice. "Who would want this stuff? A broken picture frame, a box of Christmas ornaments, a blue foam ball? What is someone trying to do? You know this stuff is so odd I can't even think of some crazy way to describe it its so nutso!"

Tsunami laughed from the sink where she was doing the dishes while Tazuna chuckled. ":Agreed…but we would like it stopped just in case the person doing it is testing our defenses for something bigger."

Naruto thought about that for a second then nodded. "You're right, that could be a possibility." After a couple of seconds Naruto got up and stretched before leaning down and pointing at the map. "Well according to the houses and where they were hit, I'd say our odd thief will strike here next…and according to the pattern, I'm thinking sometime tomorrow."

Tazuna nodded as he leaned back in his chair. "That's the way the pattern looks…anything you need to help you?"

Naruto shook his head as he looked at the map one last time. "No…I think I have everything I need, just keep everyone away from that house tomorrow."

Tazuna nodded as he folded the map and list up again.

"Already taken care of since we had the same conclusions. We didn't want anyone in the area in case this person or people are dangerous."

Naruto nodded as he yawned before he reached up and scratched the back of his head sheepishly. "Sorry…long run here…wore me out I guess."

Tazuna chuckled then wave it off. "Whatever brat…you got the same room as last time. Just make sure you are careful out there tomorrow, we would hate to lose our national hero…then we would have to rename the bridge."

Before Naruto could say anything, a soapy sponge smacked Tazuna in the neck courtesy of Tsunami.

Naruto laughed before he mounted the stairs as the man's daughter began to rant at her father about teasing Naruto…like she would let him rename the bridge.


Naruto grumbled slightly as he sat atop the roof of the house.

He had been here since five am, and still there was no sign of trouble or intrusion.

He had expanded his senses, and waited patiently, but so far other then a rabbit there was nothing in the area that made him think twice or blink.

He wondered quietly why he felt nervous. Something seemed to be making him feel jumpy and he was having a hard time remaining calm. Damn fox didn't help any either.

You need to get laid boy…once you clean your pipes once or twice in a willing…or even better unwilling female, you'll be good to go I say!

Naruto grumbled internally but didn't comment.

There might be something to what the fox was saying though…he had NEVER had sex. Sadly he knew more about it because of Ero Sannin's teachings…but he still hadn't had any with anyone.

He just didn't have the nerve he guessed.

The very thought of it, while giving him a massive hard on at times, embarrassed the beejezus out of him!

One of the problems was his head had been so full of crap when he was younger, and then his earnest discussions with Jiraiya during his three year Hiatus only confused him more…and to be honest, Naruto had a traditionalist point of view. He thought sex was only for married people or at least people that were promised to each other.

Unfortunately, Naruto was of the mind that he would never be promised to anyone, so in all likelihood he would never be married and at this rate never have sex.

Of course there were other alternatives.

Ero Sannin did try and hook him up with a hooker once...but all Naruto did was lay there and talk to her. She didn't care…she was paid for the hour and she made sure he got his full hour, but the only physical thing that happened was her hugging him at the end of the "session".

Still…Naruto wondered a few times what it would have been like.

A slight pinging feeling in his right ear made him stop and look in that direction.

Curbing his excitement, because it might've been just another rabbit looking for food, Naruto waited patiently until he saw a bush rustle ever so slightly before it stopped again.

With a frown, Naruto held very still and waited, breathing shallow as a figure stepped out of the bush.

Lithe looking, with straight brown hair that reached to mid back, Naruto wondered at the gender. It looked like it could have been male or female at this point, and Naruto was still holding his position until he blinked in surprise and the Kyuubi perked up noticeably.

Naruto frowned as he took a deep breath as he saw the appendage curl behind the figure, then seemed to wag.

Naruto blinked again then using a minor jutsu enhanced his vision to see the figure clearly and froze in shock as the Kyuubi seemed to laugh in pleasure?

The figure had triangular points on the top of it's head that seemed to swivel back and forth as it crept forward…but the appendage behind it was the most obvious as it would curl then wag as the figure got closer to the house…it was a tail.

Naruto turned inward the most obvious question on his mind and the Kyuubi laughed again before it made its thoughts known. Most excellent! Boy, look at that figure again, then smell it using my nose.

Naruto frowned but then did as he was told…and almost fell off the roof as he was suddenly overcome with a powerful need.

His nerves got even more jittery then before, and his hands curled into fists as he fought for control, just as he began to see red, and got the most painful erection he ever could remember in his life.

Turning inward with some difficulty Naruto screamed at his captive. "What's happening to me?"

The Kyuubi merely laughed again as he nodded to the image of the figure below them and growled in pleasure. Your body is finally waking up! Be happy…a whole new world is about to open up for you. Oh…I suggest you not fight it. It isn't something that you can turn off now that it is awake.

Naruto looked up at the Kyuubi and growled back in return. "What is it?"

The fox lord laughed as his tails waved behind him in excitement. This, my young kit is the mating drive! When you come within range of a female in heat, you will feel the quickening…your blood will boil, your heart will pound, and your mind will turn a page without you if you do not go with it! Be warned though…she will not give it to you the first time willingly, she will fight, and you will have to subdue her! Oh how I wish I was in your place!

Naruto blinked as his fangs began to elongate, and his fingernails grew into claws of their own accord. "But I'm not a rapist! I've never even had sex!!"

The Kyuubi shook his head but it was without pity. It doesn't matter. This is one of the changes I told you about…but I never expected it to happen because a fertile female would never be around you…now there obviously is one.

Blinking as he doubled over in what seemed like pain Naruto screamed at his captive. "But I've been around women all the time! This has never happened before!"

The kitsune lord only laughed again as he began to pace in front of the door to his confinement. Wrong! You have only been around human women. Now if you had encountered another demon or a Hanyou…then you of course would be going through this earlier. Why do you think I told you it was unlikely to happen?

Naruto shuddered visibly as he was physically trying to stop himself from stepping forward. "No…I can't do it, I won't! I WON'T RAPE HER!"
The Myobu growled and the words only filled Naruto with dread. You have no choice. When the time comes, a Hanyou MUST mate. If you don't, you will die…it is part of the cycle. All demons experience it. If it soothes your hurt feelings this isn't rape. You and she are Hanyou…half demons, and this is the normal part of the mating cycle. This is demon courtship if you will. You find a suitable female that entices your senses, you challenge her, and then if you are victorious, to the victor the spoils…Now…go! Capture her! Make her yours, you have no choice!

Against his will, Naruto nodded then sprung down off the roof at the woman below him, colliding with her bodily. With a yelp she rolled with him then sprang to her feet in front of him as he rolled to his.

The woman (because he could now clearly see the shape of her breasts) sniffed the air twice near Naruto then bared her fangs to him, growling and snarling.

If Naruto had been in a clearer state of mind he would have noted she was in a low crouch and whenever he tried to go near her, she would turn her back away from him and back up, tail curled protectively between her legs.

Naruto's nostrils flared as her scent brushed his olfactory nerves like a lovers touch, maddening him until he dove forward and grabbed her arm, but her other arm came around at an incredible speed, and clubbed him on his head. Where the hand had touched, frost formed on the side of his head, but he shook off the blow, and pulled her against him.

Her teeth found his shoulder and sunk in deeply, causing him to howl in pain before he picked her up off the ground, then slammed her face first into the earth, stunning her.

Naruto catching sight of her prone form was overcome with lust as she worked her way shakily to her knees.

Huffing at her vulnerable position, and seeing what his whole body screamed for, Naruto grabbed her hips and thrust forward, but with his pants on he got absolutely nowhere.

The female, not out of the fight yet, kicked back and upward, catching Naruto in the family jewels, bringing on another howl of pain from him as she scrambled away from his now prone form back into the underbrush.

The Kyubi grumbled then screamed at him. Baka! Don't just crouch there holding your balls…your vixen is getting away! Tally HO!

Growling in the back of his throat, Naruto took off after her, hot on her heels until she dove down into a hole.

With no hesitation Naruto tumbled in after her, and grabbed her leg, making her stumble and roll down into the hole until she was again laying with her back to him.

Naruto with enough presence of mind this time, tore at his pants until he was free of them, then grabbed the woman by her shoulder as she turned and leapt at him.

Naruto hissed in anger as her teeth sank into his other shoulder, and now her claws also found a purchase in his flesh as they sunk into his sides, but it was for naught as Naruto pinned her to the wall, and thrust into her in one smooth stroke, practically nailing her to the wall.

Her head went back, and her mouth opened in a piercing scream as they now held each other in a grip that would kill ordinary folk, but in seconds, her demeanor changed.

Her eyes dropped to his and she seemed to grin as her legs wrapped around his torso, pulling him deeper into her as he grunted in pleasure.

Soon, a rhythm was established as they both grunted and groaned in beast like pleasure, neither giving the other a second of respite as the fight turned into something different.

Naruto felt his mind coming slowly down from the blood lust he was feeling, and the woman in front of him latched her teeth onto his throat, but did not pierce the skin as she tongued and sucked on his exposed flesh, now purring in deep pleasure before she started yelping at each thrust. Naruto grasped her hips and began to drive her down as he thrust up and soon she howled in ecstasy, and Naruto could feel the orgasm rippling through her until his own climax triggered in him, leaving them both breathless and mostly spent from something it seemed neither understood.

Naruto slowly collapsed to the ground with the woman on top of him, who purred happily, her tail every now and then flicking into the air for absolutely no reason, before settling against his leg again.

Feeling a light scratchy feeling against his neck, Naruto moved his eyes downward and could see the female now lying content against him, licking along his jaw line.

As if sensing him looking at her, she opened her eyes and smiled at him, with a purr coming from her throat. It took a couple of seconds, but he suddenly sat up, taking her shoulders in his hands and looked closely at her.

She blinked in surprise at first, ears flicking back against her head, but stayed still as he stared at her intently.

Naruto, a deep frown of shock and surprise could barely hear his voice as he whispered to her. "Haku?"

The woman merely smiled at him again before she buried her head in his chest, nuzzling with obvious affection, arms going around him as she in turn whispered, "Master." Before he could say anything else, she purred again with a content sigh.


Naruto was unsure how long he lay there holding her, but after some time, he looked around and saw what looked like Christmas ornaments, food and against the wall was the missing broken picture frame…and a savaged blue foam ball.

Naruto didn't know what to make of it, but he was sure of one thing, if this was indeed Haku…she had changed. It wasn't the same girl he met all those years ago.

Looking down at her now, he could see the clothing matched the piece they received with the mission brief, and it looked like it was the same clothes they had buried her in…but how was it possible that she was alive…and living here in this warren?

Naruto tried to get up, but he was still inside of her, and she refused to let go.

He tried to gently push her aside, but she had a death grip on his chest, and whined when he tried to push her off.

Grumbling to himself he stood up with the help of the wall and looked more around the cave. From the piles of trash and small animal bones, she had been here for some time.

He wasn't sure what to make of it, but she definitely looked like Haku…and her voice sounded like Haku's despite the purring.

After a few seconds though, Naruto began to feel dizzy. Shaking his head as he leaned back against the wall again, Naruto began to feel the fire building inside of him and his manhood stiffened.

Quickly turning inward Naruto began to get frantic. "What? Again? How am I supposed to sleep if this keeps happening?"

The kyuubi snickered. Well that is a problem. She is still in heat, and your body can sense it. Your drive will keep kicking in until you have sated her body's need to mate.

Naruto frowned deeply as she began to move against him, light moans coming from her parted lips. "How long will that take?"

The fox lord seemed to take on the look of someone in deep thought, or severe constipation. Usually, a demon's heat will only last a few days if she does not get sated. Since we don't know how long she has been in heat, I can't really say. As I see it, you have three choices…knock her up, tie her up, or ride the storm until it passes.

Naruto began thinking and wondered if he could reach his ninja pouch to grab the capture wire. Sadly the damn fox had other ideas.

I wouldn't choose the tie her up option…remember you have to sate your desires also or you will go into blood lust…although we should probably call this pussy lust? Either way, if you try to ignore the mating drive, it won't be good for you…unless you like the idea of banging every woman that gets near you until you can satisfy an urge that only one person could satisfy and you left her tied up somewhere.

Naruto growled as he began to match Haku's rhythm and the sounds of passion filled the warren once more.

"So what your saying is even though we have already done it, we have to keep doing it until she's happy?"

The kyuubi laughed before he smirked down at Naruto. Exactly.

His face contorted in fear for a second as he considered his options. "I can't get her pregnant! I..I don't think I'm ready to be a father!"

The fox grinned at him. He really seemed to be enjoying Naruto's predicament. Fool. I told you previously you can control your sperm production, and wipe the living ones in your body out with a thought. At least that way you can enjoy her body until her heat passes.

Naruto's eyes crossed briefly when he felt Haku tighten up around him, before he performed the trick the kyuubi had taught him months ago. Feeling the red rush of the fox's chakra going through his body, Naruto hoped it worked as he grumbled inside himself, but on the outside began panting as he thrust harder and harder into Haku, who had started yelping in pleasure once more.

Naruto watched her face in the throws of passion while Haku pounded her hips against him. "Next you'll tell me I have to take out the trash and cut the lawn."

The fox snickered at Naruto. Well now that you mention it…

"Shut up!" Naruto screamed internally as he prepared to "ride out the storm".


Naruto woke up with a splitting headache…and his ass hurt.

He wasn't sure what that meant…maybe he fell on his tailbone at some point.

Naruto reached back to scratch his butt, and at the same time his other hand went up to rub his head…and screamed like a woman as soon as he touched them.

His hand kept patting his head where he kept touching something that kept twitching…and something was stuck in his pants and under his jacket as well.

Naruto undid the remainder of his pants and reached back to discover the one thing he hadn't thought of. He now had a tail.

And his ears felt funny to him…like they were numb. Naruto reached to the sides of his head and felt for his ears…and they were still there, but it was like they weren't working. His hearing was more enhanced it seems, but he was sure it was due to the new ears atop his head.

Without thinking about it, Naruto's tail waved behind him a few times, and with some effort he was able to figure out how to swivel in different direction.

It took a bit, but he realized his feet felt uncomfortable in the sandals.

Bending down, and smacking himself in the face with his tail a few times, Naruto took off his sandals and blinked at his feet.

The looked strange to say the least. They looked more slender in the middle, and when he pulled the bottom of one of them to his face he noticed thick dark pads on his heel and the ball of his foot as well as his toes.

Surprisingly he also had thick but very soft hair on his calves, parts of his arms, and of course the hair on his head felt different. In the low light he looked at it, and was happy that it was all still blond, he was just hairier then he was…or in this case furrier.

Surprisingly, Naruto remained calm and turned inward to his unwilling companion. "Ok…I think it's time you explain all of this.

The fox grumped at him before opening his eyes and staring at him. What's to explain? You're a hanyou. Go fuck your mate, raise kits and enjoy.

The fox tried to close its eyes but Naruto reached through the bars and grabbed one of the great lids and held it up. "Oh No! I don't think so fluffy. You start explaining right now, or are you no better then the villagers who left me uneducated most of my young life?"

Naruto just barely pulled his arm back out of the bars as the fox lord's mouth snapped at him. Don't presume to call me something so insulting again. I have been one of the only sources of help that you have had!

Naruto chuckled then shrugged. "Then be a little more helpful. You did this to me, you can at least explain it to me…and tell me how Haku is still alive."

The Myobu huffed at him before grumping and turning his eyes in Naruto's direction again. Very well. All that I have told you already is true and mostly complete. You have already gotten all the benefits of being a Hanyou you just hadn't gotten the looks. Since there was no suitable female near for you, it was likely that you never would have developed the traits.

As far as your mate goes…that I cannot explain. It is possible that when you buried her, you unwittingly poured enough of my chakra into her that it started a slow regenerative process. It's also likely Kami farted in your mouth while you slept, and the magic puff fairies kicked their feet, shook their boobs and made it happen. Who cares?

Naruto almost laughed at the last part but Haku scrambling back into the burrow made him stop. Under her arm, she had what looked like a rabbit. With a smile she dropped it at Naruto's feet before she prostrated herself to him, forehead to the floor and quietly acknowledged him. "Master." She purred out, her tail waving back and forth in what Naruto assumed was happiness.

Naruto not sure what to do dropped down in front of her, and raised her up by her shoulders to look at her face.

Her eyes were big as she looked at him wondering what he would do, and Naruto had so many questions for her. "Haku…where have you been? What happened to you?"

Haku's head cocked at him before she smiled. "Master."

Naruto blinked before tried again. "Um…do you understand me?"

Haku frowned for a second before she smiled again. "Master."

Now Naruto looked inward. "What's the deal? She acts like she can't say anything else."

The Myobu frowned as he considered. Touch your forehead to hers. He commanded softly. Naruto shrugged then leaned forward, making contact with her head. Naruto felt the red chakra slip from him as Haku began to purr, and a few seconds later the kyuubi grunted. It appears she is a clean slate.

Naruto blinked. "Pardon me?" The Myobu frowned before he sat up. There is nothing there. I am surprised she was able to call you master…perhaps it was instinctual. In any case, there are no memories there. Her mind is empty. She seems to be acting basically on instinct. It's a good thing no one has discovered her burrow or they might have found themselves in a world of trouble.

Naruto leaned back and looked at Haku who studied him curiously as he spoke to his captive. "So you're saying?"

Oh come on…you aren't that stupid. She is the perfect submissive. She will already be unquestioningly loyal to you, but you can virtually make her into anything. You can restore her by teaching her, but the girl you knew as Haku is gone.

Naruto frowned down at her, causing her to shrink back, ears laying flat against her head, but when he reached over and rubbed her head behind her ears, she began to purr again and relaxed with her eyes closed.

Naruto thought for a few minutes about this situation. Haku was gone…but she was here. At least physically. Naruto wondered what life would have been like if Haku hadn't died. For a few seconds his mind began to spin a daydream for him. Him and Haku eating at Ichiraku together, training together, maybe even falling in love and getting married.

After a few seconds a small smile came to his face as he looked down at her again. "What the hell?" he said quietly before he knelt in front of Haku. She watched him curiously until he touched her chest between her breasts with his index finger. "Haku." He said firmly. Haku looked at him strangely for a minute or so until he did it again. "Haku."

Not sure what he wanted, she touched her chest and repeated the word. "Haku." Her dulcet voice whispered.

Naruto nodded happily, until she picked up the rabbit and held it to him. "Haku!"

Shaking his head he took the rabbit and put it on the floor again. "No. he again touched her and said it. "Haku." Before he touched his chest and smiled at her. "Naruto."

She frowned as she looked at him before shaking her head. Naruto tried it again until he got the same result from her. With a grump he thumped himself on the chest. "Naruto." He said a little more forcefully then he intended. Haku's eyes began to look moist and he wondered what was wrong until she touched his chest and whispered. "Master."

Naruto frowned but before he could say anything the fox butted in. "This is the bonding process. If she calls you master, there is a reason.

Naruto frowned at the fox in frustration. "But I'm not her master!"

The fox shook his head before he growled at Naruto. Yes you are. She is bound to you as your mate. She acknowledges you as her alpha…the master, since she is the first, she is your alpha. If you take another female she will be the beta female in your life, in all intents and purposes just like this one, but submissive to the alpha female as well.

Accept reality as it is…unless you really want to watch her die again because you rejected her.

Naruto frowned as he looked at Haku again and he could see she was trembling now, and the tears were actually rolling out of her eyes and down her face.

"Wait…why would she die?" The fox lord sighed as he leaned closer to Naruto. You are dense aren't you? She is bound to you, and Myobu mate for life. You are not a Myobu…but you are a Hanyou and it relates the same. Granted, since you are a hanyou I dare say you could dump her, but then she would pine for you, not eating or drinking, not caring about anything until you returned for her, or she died. When you die, she will also. It is the way of things…so choose. Accept her, or know that you could have had someone precious to you come back for a second chance, and you let her die…or simply put, you killed her.

Naruto frowned inward, but soon stared at Haku again who was openly weeping now. The one thing that Naruto had trouble with was tears. Especially someone he cared about. Reaching down, Naruto took her hand and put it on his chest again surprising her before he smiled at her. "Master." He said quietly.

Haku's sad face broke into a grin as her hand pressed against his chest harder. "Master?" She said with a hopeful expression, and Naruto could only smile goofily at her and nod. "Yes Haku…master."

At which point she yipped happily, and tackled him.

Naruto wasn't sure what would happen now as she licked his neck and he could feel himself rising to the occasion again, but he knew at least he wouldn't have to deal with it by himself.


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