I'm Your What?

Chapter 9

Tsunade's fist came down on the desk for the third time causing it to creak and pop ominously before her voice, filled with anger put the previous boom from her fist to shame. "What the hell do you mean you don't know? You were assigned to patrol that floor! How is it that you weren't patrolling it?"

The guard in question, had been enjoying a cup of coffee and a donut while flirting with his favorite nurse when his supervisor had someone replace him so he could come to the office.

It just seemed like another normal day for him when he woke up that morning. But here he was now getting an ass chewing, FROM THE HOKAGE NO LESS! To say he was ready to crap himself would be the understatement of the year. "I..I was following my normal patrol route…nothing was going on. There was no commotion or anyone calling for help so I stopped and w..went to the bathroom."

Tsunade almost exploded again but the chief of hospital security interrupted before she could. "Didn't you get relieved first?"

The man turned paler but frowned as he shook his head. "Chief…you were the one that put out that memo about us not calling for relief to use the bathroom!"

Tsunade's head slowly swiveled like a canon being turned to a target and she now glowered at the security chief. "Oh you did; did you? Put out a memo for guards to abandon their posts? WHERE IS YOUR BRAIN?" Before the man could say anything in his defense Tsunade barreled over him. "Wait…don't answer that. I want you to stand up, turn around and bend over…I'm almost certain that my foot will find it then."

The chief sputtered for a second, trying best to ignore the insult but failing before he turned and reached into a drawer on his desk and pulled out a folder and slammed it to the desk in front of her. "You give me a skeleton crew to work with then you question my methods? I was following your orders Lady Hokage!"

Tsunade glowered at the man again before she opened the folder and began to read the first document. Her frown deepened as she flipped to the next page, and then the next one before she looked at the security chief. "Budget cuts? Lay offs? I never authorized these changes! Who gave you these orders?"

The security chief frowned then pulled out an envelope that he used often for interoffice communication. "The last destination was the Hokage's tower. I think it was your assistant Shizune." Tsunade turned to the last page in the folder and scowled at what she saw. There, bigger then life on the sheet of paper was her signature and office seal. Tsunade was uncertain what was happening, but she knew she had to have a talk with Shizune. "I want you to ignore these orders for the time being, and get some more guards in here to patrol the floors, especially the high security wing." Her eyebrows came together in a look of concentration as she stared down at the documents before she closed the folder with a snap which made the security guard flinch.

"I need to get to the bottom of this." She mumbled before she turned and left the office leaving two now very relieved men. Tsunade's temper was one of the things everyone knew about and no one pissed her off…unless you wanted to get pounded into paste.

The guard after a few minutes was having thoughts of getting into a safer profession…like tiger taming.


Naruto was still frowning as he considered all that had happened.

Kiba was now dead, and they knew there was someone in the hokage's office and in the Hyuuga clan at the very least that had committed what was paramount to treason.

Using the clan heads seal without permission was punishable by both the clan head and the hokage…but using the hokage's seal was an automatic sentence in the salt mines, which was a life sentence of hard labor, or the death penalty. In certain circles none were sure which was the worse sentence as the mortality rate for lifers in the salt mines was eight to ten years unless you were especially strong.

Even Naruto as strong as he was and with the decidedly obvious advantage of the Kyuubi did not give much hope for his chances if he ever was sent there…which is why for the most part he was a good boy.

Sort of.

As the foursome walked back to the mansion, Naruto's thoughts seemed to collide and bounce off each other constantly, hence his thinking of the salt mines.

The one thing he was sure of was that someone had manipulated the system in a shameful manner and someone's life, Kiba's was now forfeit. He didn't want anyone else to get hurt, so they had to get to the bottom of this soon and put a stop to it.

"Naruto-kun? I was wondering what you were thinking about what we should do next? I believe Hanabi is innocent, heck Inoichi-san verified that, but that means there are still people who want to hurt me or people I care about."

The hurt in Hinata's voice was obvious and Naruto wrapped his arm around her and held her close just as Haku came from the other side and hugged her sister as well, purring quietly as she groomed her. Hanabi, still had a grip on Hinata's waist as they walked towards home but her eyes appeared slightly haunted from the experience. Naruto knew they would have to do something for their little chibi…but in the meantime he had a mate to reassure. "I know hime…but we really don't have anywhere to start from as in who could be responsible. Hanabi only knew of the one council member that had approached her, and we know how that ended."


Hiashi's face was twisted in a look of both anger and frustration.

As he was given the image of the councilman who was their only suspect. When Inoichi opened his eyes and saw the look on Hiashi's face he knew no one would be happy in this situation. "Hiashi-sama? I take it you know who our suspect is but…?"

Hiashi took a deep breath and composed himself before he answered. "Councilor Pek of the second main branch family. As Danzou has always been a thorn in whatever Hokage sat in the chair Pek was the thorn in my father's and until recently my side."

Everyone looked expectantly at the clan head as he gave them the reason for his consternation. "As I said until recently because Pek died in the Hyuuga clan hospital six months ago due to a massive coronary. Because of his status he was checked for signs of foul play, but the tests came back negative and it was left at that."

Everyone around the room frowned before Tsunade interjected an obvious point. "Is it possible there are others in his household that will know about this and could still be a threat?"

Hiashi nodded quickly showing he had already thought of this. "Indeed. If possible I would like Inoichi-san to accompany me to the Hyuuga clan estate so we can interview a few other members of his family. There are a few that I believe still hold some of the beliefs councilor Pek had and if that is the case I want it eliminated now before anything else occurs."

Tsunade nodded in agreement before looking at Hinata who was holding Hanabi in her lap. "Hinata, Hanabi…are the two of you going to be ok?"

Hinata nodded once before she looked at her sister who still seemed a bit upset about this whole incident, but she also nodded after a moment of thought. "I..I just need time to think Lady Hokage. I know I wasn't always good to Hinata Neechan, and this makes me feel like I did something truly evil to her even though it wasn't really my fault….I..I feel responsible…and I don't like the way that feels…"

Hinata tried to comfort her sister, but even with the affectionate grooming Hanabi looked mostly miserable.

Naruto opened his mouth to say something, but a quiet gurgle came from him before his mouth closed quickly.

Tsunade blinked at him and leaned towards him from across her desk. "Naruto? Do you have something to add?"

Naruto shook his head back and forth quickly in a negative manner but his lips remained tightly closed.

Tsunade blinked at him but turned back to Hiashi and Inoichi. "So you will let me know what you discover? I will also do my own investigation into the leak in my office so that I can plug it as well."

Hiashi opened his mouth to respond, but Naruto grunted with a slight whine before his hands clenched the back of the couch.

Hiashi raised an eyebrow at Naruto but he bit down on both of his lips and shook his head negatively again.

The clan head frowned but addressed the hokage still looking at the special jonin who seemed to be beginning to show signs of distress. "Um…that would be good lady Tsunade, and will Tsume be doing her own investigation into the elements in her clan?"

Tsunade opened her mouth to respond but Naruto gasped and tried to keep a straight face as now Hinata blinked at Naruto, but she didn't seem surprised or shocked by his behavior. She quickly turned back to the hokage with a painted on smile. "Hokage sama, aren't there security cameras that cover that part of the hospital and the entrance? Couldn't we see who entered and left the hospital and maybe identify the culprit who killed Kiba that way?"

Tsunade nodded with a slight smile at the young fox woman. "I am glad you are thinking Hinata and yes, I am having all the surveillance tapes checked from the last time the nurse checked Kiba until the time we discovered him dead. There are no cameras in the room, but there were at least two in the hallway leading to it."

At that point, Naruto gripped the back of the couch so hard he tore part of it off and Tsunade having enough of his antics shouted at him. "Well spit it out gaki! What the hell is wrong with you?" It was at this time that Tsunade got a feeling of dread as she noticed the usually quiet ice mistress was nowhere to be seen.

Naruto opened his mouth to speak but his eyes got big as he stuttered. "I..I'm..YAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!"

The roar momentarily deafened everyone in the room but most noticed Naruto's right eye wide open and his left eye partially closed and twitching, hands clamped down tightly on the back of the couch and his body ramrod straight until he finally stopped yelling and sagged with a silly grin on his face…but even so it seemed to echo in the confines of the office over and over again.

Tsunade jiggled a finger in her ear, and Hinata had turned bright red before she turned her head away and tried to stifle a giggle fit that threatened to come out. Hanabi, had also turned bright red, but buried her head in her sister's neck and on closer examination her shoulders could be seen shaking ever so slightly as Hinata rubbed her back.

Inoichi…had also blushed as he knew exactly what happened but could only close his eyes in pained silence and the lord of the Hyuuga clan sighed and shook his head as he waited for the inevitable explosion.

Tsunade…knew or at least had a feeling of what had happened now (her realization cued by a zipper being pulled up)…and would have let it go, if Haku had not sat up from behind the couch Naruto was standing behind and wiped her mouth with a grin and said in a child like voice, "I like the creamy filling!"

(*Don't know if anyone else remembers that but it was from an early twinkies commercial*)

Naruto immediately clamped a hand over Haku's mouth, too little too late as Tsunade rose from her chair like a specter rising from the grave.

Her finger stabbed out towards Naruto and her face was a mask of barely restrained fury. "OUT! OUT! OUT! OUT!" she screamed as Hinata and Hanabi made it to the door first amidst a burst of giggles.

Naruto grinned as he pulled Haku away, hand still over her mouth. "Oh look at the time…call me we'll do lunch!" he shouted as an empty sake cup, a paperweight, and finally Tsunade's chair followed the two who beat a hasty retreat through the door just as the chair crashed and shattered against the frame.

Hiashi cleared his throat, Inoichi did the same, and then the two silently left the room, both stepping carefully over the chairs broken remains without a backward glance in case Tsunade's anger be redirected at them.

Tsunade after all were gone sat on the floor behind her desk and ten minutes after all the excitement stopped Shizune found her laughing hysterically in the same spot she had sat down in.

Not sure what to think the hokage's apprentice blinked at her mentor. "Lady Tsunade? Have you been in the sake again?"


With a frown Hinata nodded as she considered.

It still seemed odd to her that someone went to all of this trouble, and yet there were no clues as to who might still be involved.

Her father would do his best to root out the problem, and she was certain that the hokage would too, but it seemed now that the trail was cold, and the colder it was, the less likely it would be to catch the culprit…until they struck again.


Hiashi sat back with a weary sigh as the sun began going down on one of the strangest days of his life. While discovering the odd physiological traits of Naruto and his mates was both astonishing and interesting, the fact that none of them were embarrassed about public sex, (especially Haku) really baked his noodle.

Despite the day's oddities however, he was able to be productive and question a large number of clan members that had been out and about during that time, but none were anywhere near the hospital.

He only had a few more to go, but to be honest he didn't think it would be anyone in his clan. While he was positive there was another few who was part of the plan to eliminate Hinata, it didn't seem likely any of the clan could have killed Inuzuka Kiba.

But then who could have been behind it? He wondered to himself.

The chances of one person being behind this were astronomical, but whoever it was left no obvious trail and Hiashi while weary was becoming frustrated.

While he didn't want to think of it, in truth he was sure more then Councilor Pek was involved…the question was who?

Pek's son was still out on a mission, so Hiashi would have to wait until he came back, but the rest of his family passed the Hyuuga "Lie detector" (the Byakugan) with out even a twitch.

"Perhaps the Inuzuka…" Hiashi said while still frowning. He knew full well that someone had to have used Tsume's seal and forged her name, so the possibility was that someone was still active in her clan…but the motive escaped Hiashi completely.

Why set his daughter up in this manner? Hinata while being the clan heir, and much stronger then when she first began her ninja career, was nothing special. But even at that rate…Hinata was no longer an official Hyuuga. Her status as clan heir was removed after she had died…so why go after her?

Hiashi couldn't make heads or tails of it and had to keep tossing it around in his mind until the steward came in with another member for questioning. He would ponder more on it later. In the meantime he still had work to perform.


Naruto had helped Hinata and Hanabi in the kitchen with the dinner…while Haku in the pretext of helping would go back and forth sampling everything being prepared. No one minded…this was a usual thing for Haku.

The meal wasn't anything extravagant, but it was well made and delicious as they all sat and talked about the day's events and what they should do next.

At one point Hinata smirked at Naruto before she lifted her chopsticks to her lips and enjoyed another bite of the evenings repast. "Naru-kun…I was wondering what you thought about our future?"

Naruto frowned as he chewed for a few moments before he shrugged his shoulders. "What do you want Hina-chan? The farthest I thought ahead was that we could run missions together…although Haku would miss television."

And at this point Haku rocked back and forth for a few seconds and mumbled Wopner…definitely Wopner. Five thirty wheel of fortune." In a deadpan voice before she lowered her eyes and giggled.

Naruto glared at Haku who responded with a quieter snicker but went back to eating before he turned to a smirking Hinata. Hanabi blinked…unsure of the reference before she tuned back in to her sister and her mate.

"What I meant Naru-kun is related to that…but what if the hokage sends you on a special mission alone? I mean we can't go everywhere with you."

Naruto slurped up a noodle and chewed on it before answering. "Well what do you want to do? I mean you aren't a prisoner…I wouldn't want you to stay locked up in the house all day." Naruto took a sip of his water then spit it across the room as Hinata asked. "What if I want to have babies?"

Haku clapped her hands and responded with two different voices, "Holy cow it's a high fly ball to deep center field! I don't know Harry, I don't think it's got the distance…"

Naruto thankfully ignored her as he wiped his chin and looked at his mate. "Well um…of course Hina-chan…but we haven't discussed this before."

Hinata frowned sadly as she looked at him and he could feel the negative emotion settling in. "You..you don't want to have babies with me Naru-kun?"

Naruto shook his head quickly before he smiled at her. "No that isn't true Hina-chan! I do want to have children with you and Haku…but we have to think of the babies comfort…" And of course…Haku broke in because she was on a roll.

"Your babies comfort begins with loves." (*Loves Diapers*) She sang cutely…just before she ducked with a giggle as a soup spoon flew over her head.

Naruto continued to glare at where she ducked under the table before he turned back to Hinata. "As I was saying we have to be concerned for the babies comfort. Right now we have someone or some people plotting against us…and for no obvious reason. We need to be prepared for whatever happens." And of course…now the fox had to put his two cents in. Baka. If that's what you really thought you shouldn't have cum inside of her the other night.

Naruto frowned internally before he shrugged. "Couldn't be helped. We didn't know about this until after Kiba's stupidity. Besides…maybe Hinata isn't."

The fox chuckled as he inhaled deeply. You wish. Take a whiff.

Naruto got a sinking feeling in his stomach as he did and noticed the distinct change in the air…something that made him shiver before he grumbled, "Aw damn…"

Before Hinata could answer Hanabi broke in with a thought, saving Naruto from having to explain. "Sister…perhaps you can go work at the hospital like you used to? Naruto-kun's friend still works there and she has a gennin team to take care of also. You were good with your medical skills before. I'm sure you still are and it will keep you busy if Naruto-kun has to go out alone."

Hinata smiled and nodded at the thought but then Naruto frowned slightly. "What about Haku? She would be here by herself while we were gone. While Haku has gotten much better for a lot of things, I don't know if we can leave her unsupervised."

The sound of an angry yowl made all three turn and look at the fox girl who looked sheepish and lifted a fork up and pointed to it. "It poked me."

Despite her outrageous claim, Hinata noticed Haku seemed to have a look of anger in her eyes. While not understanding, she filed it in the back of her mind under 'strange' where she had already been keeping some things she had to investigate.

Before anyone could proceed further, the sounding board at the front gate alerted them to a visitor.

While Naruto was tempted at first to blow it off, Hinata's arched eyebrow made him shrug sheepishly and creep towards the front door…and he would have opened it if Haku didn't start singing off key. "Someone's knocking at the door…somebody's ringing the bell. Do me a favor…open the door, and let them in!"

Naruto's fist clenched an inch from the door, and he grumbled loudly before he grasped the handle and stepped outside.

Surprisingly, a young man in the robes of the Hyuuga clan stood there, and as Naruto got closer he recognized him and growled lightly. "Good evening…Kanei wasn't it?"

The young man nodded before he got to business. "Yes it is. Tell me is Hanabi here? Someone at the Hyuuga compound said she was visiting her 'sister'."

Naruto frowned at the way the boy said 'sister'. It was like he had a bad taste in his mouth and had to get it out. Exactly what Naruto didn't need this evening.

"I'll ask Hanabi if she wants to talk to you, but I'm telling you now if you plan on coming anywhere near my house, loose the attitude or don't bother."

Naruto turned and walked back to the house, without waiting for a response, not noticing the sneer on the young Hyuuga's face as he stepped into the house and walked to the dining area. "Hanabi…there's a guy named Kanei at the front gate looking to speak with you."

Hanabi's eyes widened and she shook her head negatively rather fast…Naruto was sure she was going to get whiplash from it. "Tell him I…crap…tell him I'm dead!"

Naruto, Hinata even Haku blinked at this before they frowned at her. "Huh? I don't think that would work to well firecracker."

Hinata leaned over and rested her hand on Hanabi's shoulder. "What is wrong sister?"

Hanabi looked to Hinata and actually almost clutched the hand on her shoulder surprising Hinata. "I..I don't like him. He reminds me of how father was when you were young. Cold, brutal, unyielding. He..he reminds of some of the villains I've read about in stories. He pretends he is trying to help, but he really is trying to get something from you, or to lower your guard."

Naruto frowned as he looked at Hanabi. "Where do you know him from?"

Hanabi sighed as her shoulders lumped. "There was a social gathering at the compound a couple months back. I met and talked to him there. He impressed me at first because he was very talented in the gentle fist, and our conversations were mostly about training and skills…but then he started talking to me about getting together, maybe even having a marriage contract made up…but I wasn't interested in him that way…so I stopped talking to him, but I never stopped being polite. You know… not too friendly not too mean?"

Naruto understood and so did Hinata and Hanabi continued. "Well it got to where I finally had to tell father so that he would back off. I don't know what he said to him, but I hadn't seen Kanei for a while…so I wonder why he is here looking for me now?"

Naruto frowned in thought. "I know what you mean. I had a run in with the little prick while I was in Wave with Haku. I thought I was going to have to kick his ass, but Sakura put him in his place before I had to get physical with him."

Hinata still frowning leaned towards Naruto. "Do you think it's possible he could be involved with what is going on?"

Naruto frowned as he glared back to the front door. "I don't know for sure Hime…but it might be possible."

Hanabi blinked in surprise. "Huh? That doesn't make sense. Why would he do such a thing?"

Naruto took a deep breath and let it out with a sigh. "It's no secret how your clan regarded Hinata when she was still alive. If they thought they could get someone they could manipulate as Heir, then they would be all for it."

Hanabi shook her head but Hinata answered with a hard edge to her voice. "I was not weak. I didn't want to hurt people I cared about!"

Naruto nodded and stroked her hair by her ears a few times. "I know Hime…and I wasn't calling you weak because I never thought you were weak. I am only remembering what I was told by Kakashi-sensei when I asked him. If they thought you were too weak to run the clan, then of course they would want to get rid of you…and if you are married to an outsider you would have had to be with him, preventing you from taking your place as head of the Hyuuga clan…meaning Hanabi would have been named the heir and future clan leader, and you would have been branded with the caged bird seal."

Hinata and Hanabi both blinked in surprise as the pieces began to fall together, but neither knew for sure if this was the case or not.

Naruto frowned but decided it was best to get rid of the little prick.

Unfortunately when he looked out the door, there was no one at the front gate.

Naruto blinked in confusion then shrugged as he closed the front door.

He wasn't sure what was going on, but he started to like the gennin less and less.


Kanei cursed quietly before he walked swiftly away from the special Jonin's house. He hadn't anticipated that Naruto would play intermediary between Hanabi and himself so he couldn't do as he wanted…but it wasn't critical at this time.

He knew he would have to complete what he was assigned or he would have to hear it from the man who had orchestrated everything until now.

If Hanabi was still at the estate, he could get her fairly easily, but with her in Naruto's protection as it were and no one knowing the extent of the Namikaze estates defenses he would have to wait until she was back in the compound…or alone.

While everything seemed like a perfect plan originally…with the death of Pek, and the old warhawk in seclusion he was basically running on previous orders. Not necessarily a bad thing since he worked well alone, but there were things he couldn't do on his own without back up and right now he didn't have any.

And then the return of Hiashi's oldest daughter would have been an incredible set back if not for the antiquated ideas of the Hyuuga clan elders. As long as they were in charge they could continue manipulating things and soon the only thing in their path would be smashed flat and paved over.

With a grin he ducked into an alley and opened a secret entrance at the end, already anticipating what would come next.

"Most likely by tomorrow, it won't matter who tries to stop us. If things work like they are supposed to, no one will be able to stop us…and a new generation will be made stronger then the last."

With an almost ridiculous sounding cackle, the Hyuuga teen journeyed deeper into the underground complex that housed the organization that wasn't supposed to exist.


Danzo sat up in bed with a smirk as he looked down at the new arm that looked strong and healthy.

Compared to the rest of him, the arm was obviously out of place but even so it responded to his mental commands like it was supposed to and he was almost giddy as he could not wait to do what he had always longed to do.

Visions of putting all the weaklings in charge of the village under his thumb, or in the worst cases beneath his heel was what drove him now as he saw himself as being hailed stronger then the yondaime, smarter then his hated rival Sarutobi, hell better in all ways to any of the previous hokages. In fact he could already attest to that because he was still alive while the others had met their demises.

Of course the strongest and smartest was destined to be on top…even if it did take time, but Danzo had an incredible amount of patience for his plans to finally come to fruition…and the time was almost here.

"As you can see Danzo-sama, everything seems to have fused and healed well. You should have full control of the new limb with little or no problems. Now over the next few weeks as we test it…"

Danzo slashed his hand downward with a grimace as he turned to look at the doctor. "A few weeks? I don't think so. The time to strike is now and everything feels fine. Waiting any longer would be a waste and while I have been patient the entire time, it is now time to move ahead."

The doctor blinked but nodded at the man. "Of course Danzo-sama…it is as you command. However I respectfully think you should at least give it a few days of further testing so that we can make sure there will be no adverse…"

Danzo swiped his hand down again and the doctor stopped talking as the old warhawk stood from his bed. "No. Everything will proceed as planned. The announcement of the Kyuubi Jinchuriki's ascension to the council will be tomorrow, and tomorrow instead of the world bearing witness to that, they will bear witness to the birth of the new god of Shinobi."

The doctor didn't quite frown but it was enough that Danzo noticed and took offense at it. Slowly the Danzo turned to look at the doctor and he smiled before he flexed his hand into a fist and a set of eyes opened on his arm and a red flash of light made the doctor freeze and stare blankly at the old warhawk.

A few seconds afterwards in a dead voice the doctor mumbled. "I understand and obey." With a slow precise movement the doctor picked up a scalpel on the instrument tray next to the bed, and cut his own throat before he fell to the floor and bled out.

Danzo smirked before he pulled a bathrobe on and left the room with a mumble. "Perhaps you should have listened more and talked less."

No one else was in the room, but the words were meant more for Danzo's amusement then to actually impart wisdom…for what wisdom can you impart on a corpse?


Tsume's fist came down on the table very similarly to Tsunade's earlier outburst in the security office at the hospital. "I know full damn well someone is involved in this and I want answers!"

She glared around the room at some of the pack members that were not out on missions and most would not meet her eyes.

While there were no obvious guilty scents in the room, she was aware that someone had to know something about what was going on.

"Alright then…we will do it the hard way since no one is willing to step forward."

Tsume wrapped her arms around her back and stalked the room glaring at everyone including Hana who while not guilty was a little afraid of her mother. She had only seen her mother this angry a few times and each time was a little harder to not flinch at then the previous…this time would be no exception.

"Someone used my seal and forged my name on a marriage contract between my son Kiba, and the Hyuuga girl Hinata. That in itself is inexcusable…but the terms of the contract were as close to permission to rape without actually saying the words."

Tsume turned her back to the table and the small group of clan members before he voice lashed out at the room in general. "What is the law?" she said in a harsh bark which was immediately answered by all almost in unison. "Do not take what isn't yours!"

Tsume smiled as she turned around again and took everyone in. "Indeed. That is as it has always been and shall always be…yet someone tried to change that by giving Kiba permission to take the Hyuuga heir by force…I WANT TO KNOW WHY!" she shouted and most of the members either whined or whimpered in a way as her KI washed over them until one brave member looked at her. "Is it possible Kiba could have done this on his own?"

Tsume shook her head almost immediately at the member and growled out, "Kiba was a lot of things…but I can tell you for sure clever wasn't one of them. While I loved my son I knew well his faults and I will be the first to say he wasn't the brightest lamp in the house."

Some of the members chucked but most understood well her jibe at her own flesh and blood.

While Kiba had become strong physically, he was extremely hard headed and often failed to look before he leapt as the saying went.

After a few moments Tsume began again. "While I understand some of you hesitate to speak out let me remind you that this is not about individuality…it is about the whole…and what is the law of the pack?"

Most of them all answered again almost simultaneously. "The pack first."

Tsume nodded again a pleased smile spreading across her features. "Indeed. So if that is the case…who knows what is going on with this plot so that we can snuff it out at its source?"

No one stirred at first, but before she could speak again a single hand rose slightly from the table. "Pack mother…I am not sure…but I may know something about what has happened."

Tsume looked at the girl who spoke up before she nodded at her. "Then please child…do not be afraid, enlighten us so that we may know the truth and how we can fix this."

The girl nodded before she stood. "I heard one time my father talking to another man…I didn't see who the other man was, but his voice was kind of deep…and maybe he sounded old…anyway they were talking about some plan they had to finally be able to run the village the way it needed to be run." The girl shuffled her feet for a moment but stood firm as she looked into Tsume's eyes. "I swear I don't know what they were talking about or what they planned, and since nothing had happened between then and until recently I had forgotten most of it."

Tsume pinched the bridge of her nose and tried not to growl in exasperation. "Wasn't your father the one that disappeared on that mission to demon country a month ago?"

The girl frowned but nodded affirmatively which made Tsume wish to Kami that something would go right in this mess. "Alright…thank you for that information."

The girl in question sat back down again and Tsume looked around the room. "Does anyone else have anything to add?"

When no one raised their hands or volunteered anything she frowned again before she sat at the table herself. "Alright…I will call you all again when the time arises. If anything comes to mind or you find new information no matter how trivial, let me know immediately…the honor of the pack is at stake."

The various members nodded and gave their affirmation before they quietly left the room leaving Tsume and Hana to brood.

After a few minutes of silence Tsume looked at her daughter. "The ones that accompanied the runt to Naruto's house?"

Hana frowned before she shrugged. "All of them were there because Kiba told them he might need help to fetch something of his that Naruto had. None were aware of what this thing was only that Kiba was insistent for back up. There were rumors to be a few Hyuuga there also, though I do not have confirmation of this yet."

Tsume nodded as she scratched her claws against the table in thought. "Hiashi will provide whatever information he could come up with…I just hope it is enough so that we can solve this. Someone has gone to a lot of trouble to wipe away the traces. Too many people are coming up missing and now no one knows why or who is involved. We need answers…and we need them soon. I have a feeling this will get worse faster then any of us expect."

Hana nodded quietly and neither woman knew how right the Inuzuka matriarch was.


Naruto frowned as he lay quietly in bed.

A brief note to Hiashi gave them all the reason they needed to not let Hanabi out of their sight. Hiashi was unable to question Kanei as he had not returned to the Hyuuga estate. In fact, the gennin was supposed to be under house arrest pending a disciplinary hearing as to the events in wave country involving Naruto.

With that tidbit of information, Hiashi asked Naruto if Hanabi could stay with them for a short while until this was all sorted out and Naruto instantly agreed as he didn't want to see anything bad befall his mates little sister.

Unfortunately…Hiashi had drawn almost as much of a complete blank as the Inuzuka family had. It seemed besides Kanei, there was no one left that knew what was going on meaning they dealt with someone who was paranoid as hell, or knew the value of keeping conspirators silent.

Whoever it was had left only a trail of bodies behind so that they couldn't get the answers they needed.

With a deep breath and a sigh, Naruto looked at all three ladies who lay cuddled in bed with him.

His precious ones.

Hinata the mate he had always wanted and now had.

Hanabi the cute little sister that while originally was abrasive, had grown on Naruto to where he thought of her often.

And Haku who while drove him mad at times, loved him with a passion both physical and emotional which at times made the special jonin shiver in pleasure…and groan in pain at others.

At least she didn't tackle him anymore...at least not for a while anyway.

While they didn't know what was going on, they knew that they would all stand firm against whatever was coming. They were family…and nothing would change that.


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