Chapter One: You're Vain

Katie's POV

It was Saturday night, and I was alone. Yet again. But it wasn't because I wanted to be.

It was because of him.

I never chose to lead this life of loser-ness and loneliness. But since I'd decided to give my all to him, my life had been hell. The problem was, he'd left me moments after I gave my love to him. And he said that I was better off without him, and when he tried to fall for me, it never worked.

I believe his bullshit. He said maybe we'd get back together. And then less than two weeks later, he was on to a new girl.

The phone rang, interrupting my thoughts. I looked down at my cell, which was blasting Three Days Grace. Morgan's ringtone.

Morgan is my best friend. Along with Carly, of course. They've been my friends since seventh grade. We had all been in the same math class, and we were the shyer of the kids. But we were in a class of loudmouths, and most of them had been my tormentors throughout elementary school. Morgan and Carly were just plain quiet.

Our teacher had put us in a group – not only were we the quietest of the class, but we were also the kids with the highest grades. We all clicked immediately and since then, we've been friends.

"Hello?" I answered. I heard Carly giggling in the background – those two and partying.

"Hey, Katie? I'm gonna need some help. We went to a party – " I rolled my eyes. How typical. " – And Carly got a little bit tipsy."

"I'm not tipsy!" I heard Carly protest in the background.

Morgan got really quiet when she talked next. "Luke broke up with Carly…"

I nodded, then realized they couldn't see me. "Okay. Bring her on over, I've got a tub of ice cream just begging to be eaten."

I heard Carly laugh again. Morgan said, "All right, see you in five," and hung up.

In less than five minutes, Morgan was banging on my door. I ran to go get it before my neighbors all ran out of their rooms and screamed at me again, like the last time that Morgan had done this. I was almost afraid she'd take out her hammer in a couple seconds.

As I opened the door, I caught Morgan pulling her hammer out of her purse.

I knew it.

"Um, hi!" Morgan said, quickly shoving her hammer back into her ginormous bag. She flushed red before shoving Carly inside. My apartment, I mean. Not in her purse.

I laughed, and welcomed her in. "The ice cream is waiting, spoons included."

Two hours later, we were sobbing over PS I Love You and shoving spoonfuls of chocolate laden, sprinkle covered vanilla ice cream into our mouths.

I paused the movie, and Carly looked a little bit more sober than she had when she walked in. Her eyes didn't show any sort of emotion, but I knew what she was feeling like. Luke had proposed to her six months ago, and their wedding was supposed to have been a week from tomorrow. I knew that kind of pain…

He'd been my high school sweetheart.

In ninth grade, I still wasn't the loudest girl in the class. But in science, I'd had Morgan and a few other friends. I spoke up a little more. I passed notes. I was more of a clichéd freshman than I ever thought I would be. And Ryan, he noticed me.

Science was our only class together. But he was the guy everyone knew. I'd known him since middle school – we'd gone to the same school. We lived in a small town, and news got around fast. Especially the news that he liked me.

I'd never had a boyfriend, or anything of the sort. I was a sad little 14 year old, never gone out with anyone, never been asked out, or kissed for that matter. Halfway through my ninth grade year, I started going out with Ryan's best friend.

Ryan and I hung out more often then. We'd never really known each other, but Ryan's best friend and I had almost all of our classes together. His name was Evan. He was my first kiss, and first boyfriend, and first break up, for that matter. But the thing was, I didn't fall for Evan. I fell for Ryan.

Evan never walked me to class. Never held my books, never opened doors, or offered to take me to a movie. He just kissed me and held my hand in his huge, sweaty one, and was way too possessive. And one day, I was sick and tired of it.

I broke up with Evan. He didn't really care, just asked another girl out in the same day. It was well known that he'd also had sex with a few girls while we went out. But Ryan was there for me when I was hurting.

His light blue eyes haunted my dreams. His dark blonde hair seemed to follow me wherever I went. And his tall figure always outranked my five foot five. But even then, I'd let my guard down in front of him.

At the beginning of tenth grade, Evan was old news. What was new was that Ryan had liked me since the beginning of ninth grade.

The first day back was when he told me. He said he couldn't take just being friends anymore…and if he couldn't take it, maybe we couldn't be friends.

In the midst of this, most of my old friends were leaving me because of Evan. Only Carly and Morgan remained. But even then, they still didn't approve of Evan, or Ryan for that matter. They didn't like him at all.

I told Ryan I liked him. And he asked me to be his girlfriend.

I accepted.

The next three years were a blur. All I could remember was being with Ryan. We were always together, never apart. It was always Katie and Ryan, Ryan and Katie. On the last day of senior year, he asked me to marry him.

I was eighteen. I didn't think I would ever fall in love again. And so I accepted his offer, once again. Little did I know that he was more secretive than I'd thought.

Four years passed, and I was 22. He was the same age, of course, and we'd just finished college.

I walked into our apartment one day, the week before our wedding, getting home from work. I found him naked, on our bed with another girl – one who was shorter, fatter, and dare I say, uglier than I am. It was a girl who'd been in our grade in high school. She had been a cheerleader and it was obvious she'd liked Ryan but…I never thought he'd betray me like that. I ran out, throwing my ring down and crying – the first people I went to were Carly and Morgan. They were the ones who helped.

Now, I'm 24. It's been two years. And I still haven't gotten over that asshole.

The worst thing is that he acted all insecure, but when he called me the day after I caught him cheating, he said, "Of course this would happen, Katie, I'm the incredible Ryan. You should've expected this." He was vain.

Now, as I looked over at Carly, I realized that maybe, just maybe, now she understood.

"Katie?" I heard Morgan ask. I'm sure she was pondering about my sanity.

I turned and looked at her. "Yeah?"

"It's almost two A.M. Want us to leave?"

I looked over at Carly's slumped figure. She was obviously asleep.

"Nah, it's fine," I sighed. "You can stay."

Morgan yawned, and lay down on the floor. "Thanks, Katie…I know I can always count on you." In seconds, she was asleep.

I sighed again. "If only I had someone to count on."


In the morning, Carly started screaming. I groggily lifted my eyelids to see…

Justin Bieber on the TV screen.

"Carly?" I asked. "Are you insane?"

"Only for Justin!" she squealed.

I didn't know what to say. I looked at Morgan, and then realized that she wasn't anywhere to be found.

"Where's Morgan?" I asked. Carly was mesmerized by Justin.

I looked around, and slammed my toe into the coffee table. I waited for it to hurt, and it didn't…that's when I opened my eyes for real.

Carly was still slumped over, snoring – which only happened when she was drunk. Morgan was lying on the floor, her face screwing up in pain every few minutes. I yawned, and got off of the couch, stretching. I trudged into my bathroom, washed my face, then headed to my room. I grabbed some short athletic shorts, a tank top, tennis shoes, and my iPod. I put my shoes on quickly, put my headphones in, and took off.

Ever since I was a kid, I loved running. I never really was for track, but usually I'd go run around when I needed an outlet. Play some screamo or metal, and I was set.

The scenery was amazing. I loved running past those trees, and seeing God's own creations for all to see.

I got back and Carly and Morgan were up, and making breakfast…or something like it.

Eggs were all over the place, bacon sizzling on the oven, no pan, no pot, no nothing. I screamed when I saw the kitchen.


Carly emerged from the bathroom, wiping her face with a washcloth. One look at my expression and her eyes widened.

"Hey there, Katie…Have I ever mentioned how gorgeous you look?"

I growled.

"Morgan?" Carly called. I heard pounding feet coming down my stairs, and Morgan appeared at the bottom of the staircase…

…And ran straight back up.

"Oh no you don't!" I yelled. I ran up the stairs after Morgan.

I saw Morgan and ran into her, and then Carly tripped over us, and we became a big, giggling group of girls, like the 14 year olds at heart that we were.

These were the days that I realized maybe life was worth living.


AN: I'm a dork, I know. I was listening to 7 Things one night (ah, the joys of remembering an ex) and realized, what a great story this would make! So here's a go. Feedback? Thank you! (: