Chapter Three: You're Insecure

Carly's POV

He broke up with me.

Luke broke up with me.

I wouldn't sleep with him, that was his reason. That I was smart and didn't let him take advantage of me.

But he still dumped me.

That was the last thought I thought before blacking out on Katie's couch.

After Morgan and I's breakfast fiasco, we got a call from David.

But no one got to pick up the phone except Katie. She put it on speaker though.

"Hello, this is the US Government, please press on to speak to the President, two to speak to the Missus…" she answered. Morgan smacked her.

"Um…I guess I must have gotten a wrong number…I'm looking for a Morgan?"

Was this really David?

"Morgan? She isn't available. I'm sure she might be a senator somewhere but…"

"Give me the phone!" Morgan screamed.

"Here you go!" Katie said, dropping her phone into Morgan's hands.

"Hey, David?" Morgan smiled.

"Yeah, that's right," he answered. "Listen, you wanna meet me at Starbucks? You can bring your friends with you…my friends and I were planning to head out anyway, so I can just bring your phone."

"Sure. Thanks, a lot. Some people would've just kept the phone."

"But I didn't," he pointed out. "I'll see you when?"

"Um…I'm sure 2 would be fine."

"All right. Bye then, Morgan."

And he was gone.

"Okay troops! We have three hours to look perfect for one gorgeous man and his hopefully gorgeous friends! Ready, set, go!" Morgan said, clapping her hands.

Katie flew to her bathroom. Morgan and I looked at each other as we heard her scream, "THAT WATER IS COLD!"

Needless to say, we laughed.

After everyone was primped and pretty, we headed to Starbucks.

On our way there, we played a nose goes. Who would get our orders?

Katie was off in her own world, as per usual. When I screamed "NOSE GOES!" she looked up at me with her dark brown eyes.


I smiled. "You, young lady, are getting our usual. You are paying for it too."

Her eyes saddened. "But…but…"

"No buts!" Morgan screamed. She skipped off.

Katie and I just looked at each other, shrugged, and followed our insane friend to Starbucks.

When we walked into Starbucks, I recognized David immediately. But, however, I didn't recognize his very scrumptious friend.

He had black hair, and light green eyes. He looked Morgan up and down (of course) and then looked at me.

"Hi, I'm Carly," I said quietly.

Surprisingly enough, his jaw dropped. But he snapped it shut quickly and said, "I'm Adam."

Morgan gasped. I turned to see what she saw and I saw Katie, face bright red like it was whenever she was embarrassed, with a guy, who had blondish hair and bright greeny-blue eyes. He was holding not only their orders but our orders too.

"Katie?" Morgan said.

"Justin?" David said.

"You know them?" they said at the same time in amazement. I rolled my eyes, and caught Adam doing the same. We smiled at each other.

David and Morgan had some sort of exchange, and then I heard, "Hey Katie… Your cheeks are as red as a penis."

I burst out laughing.

Coffee was amazing. Katie talked to Justin, Morgan talked to David, and I…well I talked to Adam. AND got his number.

On our way home, I asked Katie what she thought of Adam, since Morgan and David had scurried off to someplace. I guess they were in love.

"Adam?" She bit her lip, thinking. It was her second worst habit. "He seemed cool. Not too creepy, not too quiet or loud, not too ugly either, for that matter." She paused. "I think he likes you. For real this time. And I have a good feeling about him, as compared to Luke and whoever else you went out with."

I smiled. "Thanks, Katie."

"So, um…what did you think of Justin?"

"He doesn't seem like all he wants to do is grab some ass, that's the first thing I noticed. That's a definite plus. He's not obnoxiously loud and he's pretty nice." I sighed. "That good?"

She nodded. "I'm glad you actually… Approve?"

"For once. Yes."

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