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Deidara didn't think visiting his friend Hidan would take up so much of his time. Now he did.

He's been looking for a decent place to crash since he didn't have a home, been kicked out at the age of fourteen. Now he was seventeen, and was living on his own.

'Perfect, just perfect.' he thought glumly. He decided to sleep in an alley since there was nowhere else. But failed to notice hungry eyes looking from the dark.

-Two minutes ago-

Sasori was walking around the city looking for something to eat. He passed the grocery store, restaurants, and about everywhere else you would go to to try to find food.

Oh no, he wasn't looking for that kind of food, he was looking for blood.

He just so happened to notice a blond walk into an alley. 'Perfect, just perfect.' he thought happily, 'Time to eat!' and with that that he snuck into the alley.


Deidara sat down leaning onto the alley wall trying to get comfy, but stopped when he felt like he was being watched. Cautiously he picked up a pole he found lying on the ground and prepared to be attacked, since it happened once in a while. Out of nowhere the man lunged, Deidara didn't miss a beat, and in a flash he was on his feet, and struck the man

Sasori couldn't believe it. The brat the nerve to hit him! Good thing he only hit his forearm.

Deidara stared in the moonlight, the attacker had blood red hair, and had eyes that were brown, but held a grayish tint to them.

He could see apparent anger and annoyance in his attacker's eyes.

The next thing Deidara knew he was pinned to the alley wall looking into the eyes of his attacker.

Sasori had planned to savior this since he hadn't eaten in two days.

Deidara looked at the man calmly. "What's your name, un?" he asked curiosity in his voice.

Sasori was took a back, but then smirked. "Sasori." he answered truthfully. Deidara just nodded looking away for a moment then looked back at Sasori.

"Deidara, un." he answered the unasked question.

"Hmm?" Sasori said which made it sound like he was thinking for a second about what to do next.

"Can you let me go now, un?" Deidara asked.

An evil smirk appeared on Sasoris' face, and he brought his lips to Deidara's ear.

"Now that I can't do." he answered.

"Wh-!" Deidara was cut off by Sasori digging his cuspeds into his neck, enjoying every drop off of blood, every whimper the blond tried to hold back.

The blood was heaven in his mouth. Like the sweet Nectar of the gods.

The pain was unbearable to Deidara, he tried to scream, but couldn't find his voice. He tried to get free from the grasp, but failed when he felt like he was slipping.

Once Sasori knew the blond was dead, he took his teeth out and let the blonds body fall stone dead on the alley floor. He was full and he would probably last a day and a half before he had to eat again.

He left the body on the floor dead. Or so he thought.

-Next day-

Deidara stirred on the hard ground a few hours later, wondering what had happened the night before. He lifted his hand to his neck only to find puncture wounds, and dried up blood.

Did the vampire let him live, or did he just think he was dead. Only one way to find out.

Sasori was going out for a stroll in the middle of the day, but noticed a familiar presence.

He turned around, and looked down at the blond. (A/N:Sasori is like two inches taller then Deidara or so.)

"What the hell was that last night, un!" his blue eyes wide with anger.

At first Sasori didn't recognize the blond, since he never got a good look at him, being only hungry. But he noticed that this was Deidara from last night.

He noticed Deidara had about waist length blond hair, some of it in a ponytail, and some covering his left eye in a fringe. A long sleeve shirt that was brown, some jeans, and some sneakers.

Then it finally came to him, and fear set in. 'He's alive!'

Deidara saw Sasori's eyes widen in fear, like he made the biggest mistake of his life.

"What, un?" the blond asked confused.

Sasori knew if something like this happened it would be a pain in the neck. Literally.

All vampires knew that if they didn't kill their prey after done feeding that it would automatically Linked them to one another. So in other words he had to protect the blond to protect himself, because if the blond dies so does he. It was like being human again.

And the only way the blond doesn't die is is to turn him immortal, but they would still be linked. So still if Deidara was killed then he would die too, and vice versa.

"Perfect, just perfect." he thought out loud.

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