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It had been two week and Sasori still hasn't home yet.

Deidara was in the kitchen looking through the fridge. There was nothing to eat that looked good to the blond.

He reached to take out a package of sliced meat. He opened it and regretted it immediately.

He dropped the package on the floor and went straight to the sink. He vomited, which made that the third time today. He sighed, and washed his mouth out. He picked up the package if meat and put it back in the fridge.

He left the kitchen to take a shower. Once upstairs, and in the bathroom he took off his shirt and was about to go in, but he noticed a small bump on his stomach.

He looked at the reflection in the mirror. He placed a hand on the bump, and a memory came out of no where.

-Four years ago-

"Okay class since we just learned about the male, and female reproductive system, it's time to talk about pregnancy, and the stages." Deidara never paid attention in health, but this seemed interesting.

The teacher, Mrs. Canning, put up slides, to let everyone read off the screen.

"Symptoms of pregnancy." there was a whole lot, but he just read it in his head.

'Morning sickness, nausea, unusual food cravings, mood swings (In other words hormone levels go off the chart), unusual dreams.

-Present day-

For some reason the memory stopped there and Deidara knew exactly what was wrong with him.

He was pregnant.

Tears started forming in his eyes and in no time they spilled over. He quickly put his shirt back on and went to his and Sasori's bedroom. He froze. How was he going to tell Sasori.

He sat down on the bed, trying not to hyperventilate. The tears came, but no sound.

He walked towards the window and sat on the little seat it had.

He saw red and white come from the trees, but didn't react till he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned his head to see a grinning Sasori, but the grin quickly fell when he saw Deidaras' face.

"Dei, what's wrong?" worry filled his voice, it was like heaven hearing it again. It was silent for a little while, till Deidara spoke up.

"I'm pregnant, un." and with that everything went black.

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