Kiss Me
Characters: SasukexNaruto
Description: "Kiss me, dammit." "Sasuke... Weren't you going to kill me?" "No. Now shut up. and kiss. me."
Disclaimer: You really think this is mine? Seriously? Wow. I'm touched. Let's go have Sasuke-salad with Danzo-dressing and Sai Syrup on Neji Waffles.
Warning: Lime, shonen ai, vague spoilers, if you squint
Rating: T


Sasuke slammed his blond one-time friend against the wall, kunai in hand. Naruto tensed, but after meeting the Uchiha's eyes he relaxed again, no longer resisting. He smiled, eyes shimmering with tears so that even Sasuke paused. "This is it?" the blond asked him. He tried to laugh, but choked on it. "I guess it'd happen eventually, huh?"

For a moment, Sasuke contemplated just staying quiet. All he had to do was swipe the kunai's blade against Naruto's throat and it'd all be over. No more chases, no more fighting. They could end it right here. Once and for all. But there were other ways he could end it too. Ways he'd definitely considered; Naruto was his best friend, after all. "Should I spare your pathetic life?" he asked softly, eyes narrowing mock-thoughtfully.

"Would it matter to you if I said 'I don't care anymore'?" the jinchurriki retorted half-heartedly. "I'm not going to stop you, Sasuke. Just... Get it over with."

"Finally realized that you'd have to kill me to bring me back, huh?" the Uchiha mocked, smirking and ignoring the melancholy statements. "I guess that's something you can't do."

Blue eyes saddened a bit. "No. I can't."

The matter of fact way he'd said it left Sasuke speechless for a moment. He'd expected his old friend to come back with 'can you?' or something equally biting. But he hadn't. Why? And why was Sasuke hesitating, anyway? He just felt... he felt it'd be a waste to kill the other. Yeah, that was it. It'd be a waste. Even as he thought this, though, he knew he was just kidding himself. He couldn't kill Naruto, anymore than Naruto could kill him. It was just a fact of life he'd have to accept.

"Dobe," he growled, eyes narrowing. Naruto opened his mouth - likely to say something else, though considering his last statement, Sasuke wasn't sure what - and Sasuke, not wanting to hear it, crushed his lips to the blond's. Shock made Naruto stand still until Sasuke pulled back, irritated. "Kiss me, dammit," he growled, refusing to acknowledge the twisting sensation in his chest that said he was afraid of rejection. He was Uchiha. Uchiha did not fear, dammit.

Blue eyes staring wide at him, Naruto gaped for a few seconds more before finally managing to find his voice. "Sasuke... Weren't you going to kill me?" He looked very, very confused.

Even more annoyed, Sasuke rolled his eyes and shook his head, shifting his hand and letting the kunai slip into the pouch he kept up his sleeve. "No. Now shut up. and kiss. me," he ordered and pressed his mouth to Naruto's once again, fed up with the whole thing. Naruto reciprocated this time, after hesitating briefly, and when Sasuke introduced the novel of tongue, he could feel the blond practically melt. Heh. Score one for him.

When Sasuke recognised the tight feeling in his chest, finally, as the need for air, he pulled back, gasping despite the tiny breaths he'd tried taking while kissing the blond. Dammit. He had to work on that. Naruto looked a cross between asphyxiated and dizzy, though the latter could be a product of the former, he guessed.

"Um..." Naruto lifted a hand and cradled his head as Sasuke pulled fully away from him. "I... My head hurts."

"Good." Sasuke grabbed the blond's wrist and tugged him down the hall of his current hide-out. "I'm kidnapping you, just so you know."

"Okay..." Pause. "Wait, what?"


I love this pairing. And Sasuke, the damn prick, has somehow managed to worm his way back into my black heart. Amazing. R&R!