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Kagome sighed and rolled the dead plant between her fingers.

"Another crop gone, her friend Ami said sadly. "At this rate..."

"Hush!" Kagome cut her off. "Don't bring bad luck on our heads. We already have quite enough." Her voice was stern but she smiled at her in reassurance.

"Kagome, we could not possibly have more bad luck." Ami cried indicating to the dead field of crops surrounding them. "The well is dry, nothing grows, the animals are all dying of starvation and we will soon follow them if something does not happen soon!"

Kagome got up from her knees and put her hands on her friend's shoulders. "It will all work out. You'll see."

"How?" Ami demanded.

"The gods will see us through." Kagome said her voice firm. "They always have."

"What if we have done something to anger them or..or..." Ami played with her hands nervously.

"Hey, calm down." Kagome said starting to walk back to the village. "We're having a village meeting tonight to decide what should be done. Remember, the gods help those who help themselves." They both looked up to the large mountain which stood guard over their village, that housed a temple to the gods.

"So it's decided then." Kagome called out to the mass of worried villagers who had gathered together. "Keade will pray and fast for the next two days, then speak with the gods as to what we must do."

Everyone nodded and Keade stood up. "Then I better get to work." she said. "I will be in my hut, in two days time, I will return and tell you what the gods have spoken."

"Good luck." Kagome said hugging the elderly woman.

"I pray this works." Keade said. "Our village needs food and water soon."

"We can wait two more days." Kagome said not thinking of her dry throat or her empty belly.

Everyone cheered for Keade and wished her many prayers of good luck and good fortune as the woman made her way to her hut.

"Kagome, will this work?" A young lady asked holding her babe to her breast. "My children will starve soon. I have done everything I can, me and my husband have even stopped eating ourselves..."

"Do not do that." Kagome said hypocritically. She hadn't eaten in days either. "You and your husband need your strength Nala. Your children need a mother and our fields need their father."

Nala nodded slowly but her face was still troubled.

How it had happened, Kagome didn't know, but somehow, she had become a sort of village leader. It wasn't official, she had no title or any power, but everyone looked up to her and asked for her wisdom and guidance. She did the best she could but she was still a young woman. She did her best by trying to keep people's hope and spirits alive.

"And speaking of your children, you should go to them now. And get some sleep, you look tired." Kagome said gently.

"I haven't slept well for a while. I have been very...worried." It seemed like to tame a word to use for the anxiety that plagued her.

"Sleep well tonight. For Keade will speak to the gods for us, and she will bring us back a solution." Kagome said smiling. "Now off to bed. Go."

Though she spoke only directly to Nala, everyone seemed to take that as a cue to go back home and go to sleep.

Kagome stayed behind to cover the fire in dirt to put it out. Wood was too precious to waste now that food and resources were scarce.

She took a deep breath and gazed at the stars. "Please let her have an answer." she begged to any god that would listen. "This is the village's last hope."

She sighed and walked to her own hut.

Inuyasha yawned out of boredom and watched the land as people slept.

"Bored?" His mother asked him.

"A little." he admitted though he was actually almost so bored he would start a war amongst the humans, just to break up the monotony.

"Being a god is never easy." she admited and left him to his thoughts.

"Well, maybe if I could leave this place every once and a while..." he mumbled.

His mother was the goddess of love and beauty. She was a nice enough woman and of course she loved practically everything, but none so much as her only child.

Born between her and the great Dog God(A/N That's just so funny to type, snicker) he was the god of earth. Land and water. And he loved his mother dearly but she was so very suffocating at times.

Inuyasha sighed and continued to watch the land.

She never let him leave Shikon Mountain, the home of the gods. He wanted dearly to be able to walk the earth and swim the waters he governed but...

His mother didn't like him leaving.

She said the mortals were evil and greedy most times and most of them were ugly and they all died extremely fast. He was better off here on the mountain, she said, he would find a nice goddess to marry and have children some day. But not too soon.

It didn't help that the only one she felt she could release her precious child to was a goddess named Kikyo. Inuyasha liked Kikyo, she was a great friend, but that was all. Goddess of children, she had a kind and caring heart but she just wasn't for him. He knew it very well.

His interest was piked as he picked up a dead village. The village people weren't dead, but the land around it was and the streams and wells had dried.

"Oh, look. Naraku is having fun showing the mortals how much power he has over them." he said thinking of the nasty god of the dead. He had no problems with Naraku personally, the dead souls had to go somewhere, but he kind of freaked Inuyasha out, truth be told.

He watched as one human, a woman from her clothing, put out a fire.

Not very interested, Inuyasha picked up an apple from a basket at his side and bite in.

The woman's shoulder's sagged then she looked up.

Inuyasha drew in a quick breath and the apple slipped from his fingers.

He drew closer to the water where her image was shown and willed her face closer.

She had such beautiful eyes, especially with the stars shining in them as they did now and her hair was long and smooth. He held out a hand as if he were to touch it but she was not really there.

Suddenly his heart sank then, as if by some weird magic, it returned to his chest, greater and fuller than before. Full of her, her eyes, her lips, her long raven hair, her very skin.

So absorbed he was in her face, he almost didn't hear the words she spoke with such a heavenly voice.

"Please let her have an answer. This is the village's last hope."

He looked around her at the dead land. Of course, the land was dying so her village was too.

He watched desperately as she turned her eyes from him and he almost wanted to whine pitifully at loosing sight of those amber depths. She strode away into a hut and vanished from his sight.

"Who is her?" he said desperately searching through the village. Anything he could do to help that angel, make her smile....

He saw an aura of spiritual power. An old woman, praying for help, for an answer.

Inuyasha smirked. He would provide one.


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