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Very close but we can see who the winner is and either way it doesn't matter because this is my story. My story, my rules. :D And the only reason I asked was because if I didn't add badies and clifies, this would be the last chapter. :P!!!:)


Kagome sat at the top of the waterfall and looked around. The beauty of the mountain stretched out before her.

The party had gone on long into the night and it was just now, at mid-day, that the other gods were waking up and going about their business.

Kagome drew her knees to her chest and watched in fascination.

Life as a god was not all partying and lazying around. They had jobs they had to do, functions to perform. Every now and then, a god or goddess would erupt in a bright light which would fly through the large golden gates at the end of the courtyard and down into the mortal realm. A prayer would summon them or a sacrifice in their name and they would leave. They returned, some times almost immediatly, other times they were gone for hours.

The God of Summer had been gone for several weeks now as he worked the transition of seasons. Kagome had woken up, once again, on her own as Inuyasha went to assist the Summer God.

Inutaisho had told her not to worry, as soon as the transition finished, which would be any day now, he would stay home more often. He had also assured her, that when the mortals found out about her, she would recieve her own temples and prayers and shrines and would, like the others, dissappear to go to answer them.

"It's really too easy." Inutaisho had told her. "So we usually end up creating schemes and plans and tricks that the mortals have to figure out. They say it makes us vague and mystical, but it's just more fun that way."

At that moment, he had been whisked away in his own ball of light to go answer a mortal's call. Kagome had never had reason to call upon the Great Dog God, but he was probably just as busy as the others.

So she had sought out Miroku to finish her questions.

"It's easy." He told her when she asked how would she know what to do. "In the begining, few people know you or your preferences so they are hesitant to call you. It gives you an easy start. For example, mortals avoid even thinking Tsubaki's name. Goddess of Revenge. Can you imagine what would happen if you called her by accident but had no need of her?"

Kagome had laughed as he shivered.

"Anyway, you'll know what to do when they call." He picked up a scroll of the shelf of the library. "It's natural. A part of who you are."

Kagome sighed but it couldn't be heard over the roar of the waterfall.

A big future was suddenly opening up before her. It had been there since Kagome had first touched Inuyasha's lips, she had just not thought about it. She wasn't sure how she would face it but she knew her new friends would be there for her.

She and Izayoi had made up and returned to the castle together that. Kagome had her hand in Izayoi's and the woman looked slightly ashamed and even more embarressed.

Both of their faces had gone red when they had stepped into the party room and a hush had fallen over every one. Izayoi's dislike for Kagome was known very well and the sight of them, together, holding one anothers hand was a bit too much to take.

Inutiasho had broken the silence when he walked over to Izayoi and folded her small body in his arms. "I told you she was a good girl, love." he had whispered to her.

That triggered the murmuring from the crowd to begin and the Goddess of Music took that opportunity to break into a fast and triumphant song.

Inuyasha ran to his mother and lifted her off her feet in his joy. Then he had turned his eyes to Kagome.

"Thank you." He whispered to her and he kissed her gently.

Kagome unfolded her body and lay back on the grass which was so bright and soft that Kagome could have slept there and would have been just as comfortable as if she had been on her bed.

"Kagome!" A voice called from the bottom of the waterfall.

Kagome ast up and crawled to the edge.

"There you are!" Sango cried when she saw her. She had to yell to be heard over the waterfall.

"What is it?" Kagome called back.

"I wanted to...."

She was cut off mid sentence because she turned into a bright orb of pink light which flew out of the gates.

Kagome laughed.

Miroku had told her that normally gods could choose when they wanted to answer a mortals call or not. "But some times," he smiled, "they summon you using magic learned from oracles and the like and you're forced down. It usually is only that strong with animal sacrifices though."

Then she smiled wide as a red orb flew through the gates and over to her.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome threw her hands around him even as he materialized.

"Hello." he smiled. "Guess what? I'm done with summer."

"Really?" Kagome smiled up at him. "That's wonderful!"

"Yeah, because now, I have all this time to spend with you." he nuzzled her neck much like a puppy would.

Kagome hugged him tighly as the pink orb came back and reformed to make Sango.

"I told him not to go to battle but no-o-o." Sango grumbled dusting off her armor. "Then all of his soldeirs start getting their asses kicked and praying to me. I can't ignore a call like that!" The last she yelled at the gate as if the offensive man could hear. "Oh, hey, Inuyasha. You're back."

"Hi, Sango."

"What did you want to ask me earlier?" Kagome said leaning happily against Inuyasha.

Sango shrugged. "I just wanted to know if you wanted to talk or visit. But since your man is back, I'm going to tactfully take my leave." She smiled and waved and walked off.

"You lose the tact if you tellthem that you're tactfully leaving." Inuyasha called to her retreating back.

Sango just waved without looking back.

"Oh, leave her alone. She's giving me more time with you." Kagome said looking up at him.

Inuyasha stroked her cheek and his eyes went soft. "How have you been?" he asked.

Kagome shrugged and smiled softly. "I'm happy here. When the mortals find out I'm here they'll start praying to me and I can't wait to fell useful again."

Inuyasha smirked. "You'll regret those words when you can't sleep for two days because some stupid mortals are constantly calling you."

Kagome stood on her toes and gave him a quick kiss. "It'll be worth it. As long as I'm here with you."

Inuyasha pulled her close then and burried his face in her hair.

"I love you, you know that right?" he said.

Kagome smiled. "Not nearly as much as I love you."

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