Just so those who might actually care don't fear I have died (or suddenly developed a life), I decided to start posting this unfinished story. I haven't posted it before because to be frank, I don't expect it to be very well received. This is one of two other stories I began about the same time as Hogwarts, though I haven't done much with the others since first posting my Potter crossover.

I don't know if I'll ever finish this story, it is only about 50,000 words long and I've yet to finish even setting the stage. I'm a little uncomfortable with the direction it is taking. This is a Ranma-Chan story, with a good dose of angst (Ranma-Chan = angst, at least in my mind). This is also a Ranma x Akane pairing. I don't expect I'll ever write any other.

Setting the record straight, this story is a rip-off of someone else's idea.

Long ago I was randomly skipping through the fan fiction archive, looking for anything interesting to read (ie; I was bored), when I stumbled upon a story by Everybeast entitled; Okami. Apparently it is a crossover with the video game of the same name. I have never played the game, know next to nothing about it actually. The idea struck me as interesting and since Everybeast hasn't touched it since 2007, I don't expect they will ever finish.

Like everyone else on this site, I started thinking about how I would do it different, and here is my attempt.

I hope Everybeast doesn't mind, nor anyone else be too offended.

My focus is still on Hogwarts and Kal'Ex, so I won't be spending much time on this one but will post what I have to fill time between updates.

Feed back is welcome, even flames.