Matt POV

I was sitting cross-legged on the carpet, spending a peaceful saturday morning contentedly playing my X-Box when I heard the door slam. 'Oh well,' I thought as I begrudgingly divided my attention between my video game and my roommate, 'it's a wonder I made it to 9:27 AM without a Mello Meltdown.' With Mello as a roommate, I would be terribly afraid if I made it to lunch without hearing doors slamming, things crashing, or yelling.

"Hey, Mels," I said carefully.

"Shut up Matt!" CRASH! Hmm... I wonder what that was..."You wouldn't believe what Near did!" Mello continued.

"What'd he do?" I asked.

"Shut up Matt! The little albino bastard baked L a cake!"

O yah. I forgot L was visiting today. He said he needed to observe Near, Mello, and I before deciding who his successor would be. I tried to sympathize "Near is always sucking up."

"And that's not all!" Mello bellowed. There was a pause. "Well, dontcha wanna know what it was?"

"Well, usually when I talk you tell me to shut up."

"Shut you fucking face Matt! Not only did he make L a cake, but it was a chocolate cake!"

I could practically hear Mello salivating. I paused my game so I could reach under his bed and pull our a bar from his chocolate stash, which I promptly tossed at him. He snorted a thanks and I beamed. Only I could make Mello come anywhere near to saying 'thank you'. Well, me and L, that is.

I snorted, "I bet you couldn't help yourself and stole a piece of chocolate from the cake." I peered out of the corner of my eye to see him gaping in horror. I knew him way too well. I smiled. It was fun catching Mello off guard. When he wasn't acting all angry, he was downright cute. Not that there wasn't a certain charm to the pissed off Mello we all know and love. Well, I like it when he's angry anyway. Of course, that may be because I'm the only one he'd never hurt no matter how mad he is. Well, me and L, that is. I bristled at the thought. Mello still hadn't moved. I grinned "That was probably all part of Near's diabolical plan, huh?" I said with only a hint of sarcasm. Near really could be a little bitch sometimes.

Mello finally recovered, "Yah! And now L's gonna hate me! It's his cake! He's choose cake over anything! Hell, I bet if some serial killer offered him cake, he'd let him off the hook!"

I started to laugh, but it died in my throat. What would L do in such a scenario? I honestly couldn't picture L turning down cake in any situation. Oh CRAP! A zombie just broke down my barrier! I decided to put a little more of my divided attention into the video game. Damn! I'm usually a master at multi-tasking!

"It'll be alright, Mello. It's not like you stole his whole cake. And I bet he'll offer us some anyway!"

"I know! But I just- GAH! You should have seen his face, Matt! He just sits there twirling his fucking albino hair in his stupid finger- smiling. Near doesn't smile, Matt! It was really creepy! Then he whispers 'L won't like that.' What am I supposed to do, Matt? MATT!"

Mello was practically having a panic attack now. I shut off my game with a reluctant sigh and turned to face him. Now he was really adorable. Mello was franticly pacing our small room. His hands were tightly gripping his glistening, blonde hair. Even tousled up, it still managed to frame his face. And with his arms stretched up, I got a perfect view of his leather-clad body. His midriff top revealed perfectly sculpted abs, clenching in rhythm with his Near-induced frenzy. And I could see so much of his skin. So pale... and it looked so soft... Mello abruptly stopped and snapped his head towards me. His lips were contorted into a lopsided expression somewhere between a grimace and a tooth-barring snarl. And his eyes were positively blue fire..

"MATT!" he barked.


"Did you even hear me?"

"Uhhh... Yahuh?" I responded rather incoherently.

Mello rolled his eyes and popped out his hip, going into what I like to call his 'sassy girl mode,' "I was saying that we have to get back at Near somehow! We could just shove him in a drawer or something like always, but L wouldn't like that!"

"We'll come up with something," I soothed.

Knock Knock

I rose to answer the door.

"L has arrived. He requested you meet him in Recreation Room 3," Roger reported sharply before briskly walking away.

"Asshole," Mello muttered.

"Come on, Mello!" I encouraged.

"He's gonna be mad!" he whined.

I let out an exasperated sigh before gripping my best friend's hand and tugging him down the hall.