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"We'll both have to fit in the stall."

"That's disgusting, L! As well as unsanitary!"

"There is no hole for the chain to pass through the door, so-"

"Then take the chain off, for God's sake!"

"Light-kun," I snapped, "I have already told you that-"

"You cannot free a Kira suspect," Light finished, crossing his arms in a huffy expression of defiant rellentment. I resigned myself to the fact that even after consenting, I would have to drag Light into the small airplane bathroom kicking and screaming... metaphorically, of course... I hope.

"After you," I smirked, waving my hand in a grandiose gesture of faux chivalry. Light merely stiffened his posture. "Fine then." I grasped the obstinate teen by the forearm and all but threw him into the facilities. "Step further back."

"I can't."


"I'm not touching the toilet."

"Then sit on the counter."

"My pants will get wet!"

"Sit. On. The. Counter."

"You do it."

"How can I relieve myself from the counter?"

"You're a genius. You'll find a way."

"I have." And amidst Light's now regrettably literal kicking and screaming, I lifted him onto the counter, whirled around and locked the door.

Much to my shock and bewilderment, the tiny enclosed cubicle remained silent. I allowed my eyes to drift to Light's thin, pursed, delicious lips, only to find that I had not, in fact, suddenly gone death. Light, for once, did not feel the incessant need to pester, nag, whine, nor complain.

"Well go on." These tardy words held neither the irritation nor the condescending defiance I had come to expect. He sounded almost... defeated. "Relieve yourself, if you must."

Suddenly, thoughts that had spurred me to make this seemingly logistically impossible excursion did not seem as valid as they once had. My thoughts drifted to my admittedly comfortably empty bladder. Perhaps I could pretend that I had wanted to use the restroom for it's intended purpose, but no... Light would surmise by the short length of my urination that I had original ulterior motives.

"L... this is uncomfortable."

But at the same time, taking advantage of Light's body as I had planned to seemed in a way... an unjustified act when performed on such a deflated and sincere teen. Perhaps I could... tell the truth? Such a thing would in other situations be unheard of, but in light of his current misfortunes... the truth appeared to be the right thing to do.

"Light-kun, I do not require the use of the facilities."

He sent me a glare that was probably meant to be scathing, or perhaps menacing, but came across as exasperated and tired. "Then why on Earth are we here?"

"I was planning on using your confined and compromising position to my advantage," I stated bluntly.

His eyes widened comically and his cheeks flashed red. "Y-you," he sputtered.

"If you wish to return to our seats I will not object."

"Well..." Light mumbled, drooping his head to study his entwining and fumbling fingers. "I don't want my pants to be ruined for nothing..."

My lips twisted into a soft smile, far less predatory than I had hoped for. Perhaps it merely reflected the similarly soft fluttering of my heart. My body's reaction slightly befuddled me. It was not as if I hadn't tasted his gorgeous lips before... I had no idea that I had craved his utter compliance. But what was it that his open willingness symbolized? Lust? Acceptance? Trust? Or perhaps something more...

"Or if you don't want to any more, we don't have to..."

I held back a chortle, well aware how easily Light's temper flared. But a self-conscious Light, perhaps feeling acute rejection? I would torment him with his own words at another time, but for now...

Although he should have been expecting it, Light emitted a startled squeak of surprise when I crushed my lips to his own.

It began innocently enough, with soft, tender touches, my hands never straying from where they were entangled in Light's silken chestnut hair, and his hands lightly planted on my curved upper back. Only when he deepened the kiss did my hands venture lower. Only when our tongues began to caress and tousle in silent warfare did I allow my hands to roam over his body. Down his sides and up under his shirt, he shivered when my I slithered my hands over his abs. His hard, defined abs, rolling and clenching in time with his erratic breath.

In a sudden spark of inspiration, I grazed my teeth over his tongue, and smirked into his lips, swallowing his returning moan. He grasped the back of my shirt, twisting the fabric in his fists before slamming me into him, pinning my wandering hands between us. And with our bodies pressed up against each other in such sweaty and raw seduction, something snapped in my mind. All at once I simply couldn't get enough of him. I pulled back for a frenzied gasp of a breath before diving back in to ravage his mouth. Pulling him closer... closer... wanting... needing... more!

His sweet musky scent tinged with designer shampoo and a touch of tasteful cologne, his smooth tawny skin, his hot firm rolling muscles, his silken hair, now matted to his forehead... I wanted Light, needed Light. I fumbled with his shirt buttons for a moment before giving up and tearing off the offensive clothing.

Light pushed me away, though he still keeping his arms locked around my neck. "You'll... need... to pay... for... that," he gasped.

Despite his angry words, he wound his legs around my hips, an easy accomplishment from where he was perched on the tiny, sodden counter. I nearly gasped when the evident bulge in his "ruined" pants pressed up against my own, but I covered it well, latching my mouth onto his neck instead. Light, on the other hand, was unable to completely stifle his moans as I nipped and sucked on his sweet neck. Yes, his neck was sweet. It was miraculous really Perhaps it was just a trick of the mind, but I could have sworn that through the salty sheen of sweat, his neck tasted exactly like angel-food cake. Soft, tender, fluffy, and so delectably sugary...

"Light..." I groaned when his hips bucked against mine. And all of a sudden, the growing need in my pants was too much to bear. I looked up to Light for a sign of confirmation, only to find that his eyes had slipped shut in bliss. With or without consent... I grasped his belt.

"Ryuuzaki, stop!" I ignored his cry, head clouded by lust, until he forcibly wrenched my hands off his pants.


"We are not having sex in here! Really, Ryuuzaki! Have some class!"

"But I..." I glanced down forlornly at my nether regions. However much even the mere touch of his hands against my clothed chest and the soft breath emitted from his red and swollen lips were diving me mad, and however much I simply wanted to take him, with or without his approval... I found I couldn't. Not because I necessarily had a problem with rape. Though I'd preach against it in a heartbeat, my morals were actually comparable to that of a rat's in practice. It was because it was him. Light Yagami. Although he would most definitely enjoy the twisted fantasies whirring in my mind, he would come to regret it, and this would cause him emotional pain. On second thought... it would cause him physical pain as well...

"L," Light's whispered voice broke my mental rambling. "You're hurting my arms..."

I looked to my hands and found with shock that they were curled in a forceful and tight grip around Light's forearm. I silently dropped my hands, and unthinkingly grasped his folded hands instead.

"Ryuuzaki, stop looking so pathetic! I didn't mean I didn't want... That I wouldn't... That we won't..."

My ears pricked. "Does Light-kun mean to say that he will consent to sexual intercourse in the future?"

He threw my hands away and attempted to slide further away from me, only to find he was already pressed to the wall. "I didn't say... I mean not that I... But I... I wouldn't not want to..."

"I'm glad," I said simply, sealing the deal with a soft, chaste kiss. "Let us return to our seats."

"Um... Ryuuzaki?" Light gestured to his torn shirt.

"Hm... it appears we are in quite the predicament Light-kun."

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