Draco kept waiting for a fall-out that never came.

In fact, things seemed to almost get better, if such a thing could be possible. Harry was attentive and kind, doing little things for Draco to make his life easier. He stopped telling Teddy about Hawwy Pottah. He made love to Draco so intimately that Draco could feel the emotion every time, and he wasn't able to hold himself distant from the act. He let himself make love to Harry, and it wasn't really like giving up.

"Daddy!" Teddy cried, looking up from his toys in the middle of the hall. Draco had no idea where Harry got these things, but Teddy never wanted for anything.

"Teddy," he said in his best stern voice. "Where are you supposed to play blocks?"

Teddy frowned and looked at his blocks for the answer. They didn't provide one. "In the living room?"

"That's right. And where are you now?"

Teddy squinted up at Draco. "Not living room?"

"Right again. So why are you playing here and not in the living room?"

Teddy gave a happy shrug and went back to playing. Looking around for Harry, Draco didn't see him. He gathered up the blocks in their bag took them into the living room, knowing Teddy would follow. He did.

Draco watched as Teddy put together a small tower and gleefully destroyed it. He gets that from you, Harry, Draco thought, not unkindly.

"Hungy," Teddy said a few minutes later.

Draco stood and held out his hand, which Teddy took. In the hallway, Draco felt a breeze and picked Teddy up, not wanting the child to get a chill. Then he stopped.

A breeze?

Turning slowly to face the front door, Draco's blood turned to metal at the sight of it. Wide open. He could see the street. A person walked by at a leisurely pace. There was a streetlamp.

Consciously loosening his clenched hands on Teddy's back, Draco walked toward the door. Had Harry left? When would he be coming back? Did he realise the door was open? Was this some sort of test?

At the doorway, Draco paused. Teddy was utterly silent as he looked out for the first time. He held tightly onto Draco's neck, his cold cheek making Draco gather him closer.

Another step.

He was through the door. It was cold out. November, or thereabouts. A young couple passed but did not spare a glance toward the house.

The wards were down. The heavy threat of Harry's magic was conspicuously absent. There was nothing—nothing—stopping him from walking away with his son, freeing them both, leaving Harry to—

Leaving Harry.

Draco took a backward step.

The house seemed warmer now.

He turned and saw Harry a few metres away, a grave expression on his face. Draco put Teddy down with instructions to go play.

Draco closed the door.

"Draco," Harry said, drawing out the word. He didn't move.

Draco closed the space between them and put his hands on Harry's cheeks, pulling him in for a hard kiss. "Did you leave the door open?"

Harry nodded.

"What would have happened if we'd left?"

Harry shook his head. "Nothing."

Draco kissed him again, a slow kiss this time, for it was a first.

"What do you feel when you think of me?" Harry whispered, and the words touched on the tip of Draco's memory.



Sometimes Teddy had green eyes. Harry didn't mind anymore. He did ask Teddy to change his hair to white because he knew Draco liked it, even if he wouldn't say so. Draco always looked at Teddy with adoring eyes. His loved his son so much.

And sometimes Draco looked at Harry with those same eyes. Sometimes he looked at Harry with fear or anger, but not hate anymore. When Harry would hold Teddy, or sing to him, or let Teddy sleep on his chest, Draco would watch him carefully, calculatingly. Like a Slytherin. But then Draco's lips would curve and twist, as if against his will, and before he could stop it, he'd be smiling. Harry so loved to see Draco smile.

He would do anything to make Draco smile.

Well. Almost anything.


Author's Note: I hope everyone enjoyed the fic. It's a little darker than perhaps you were expecting, but I maintain that it is still a happy ending. Some people have wondered about what happens when Teddy starts school, but I'll leave the future up to your imaginations (though I do, of course, have my own ideas on that).

If you would like to discuss (or even complain about) the ending, feeling free to do so via review—if you want a response, make sure there's a way for me to get back to you (make sure you're logged in and/or leave an email). Thank you so much for reading!