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Chapter 1: The New Harry

Harry sat in his room at number 4 Privet Drive nursing his wounds from another of his uncle's beatings. He had not finished dinner in time, so his uncle got a whip and beat him with it. He finished wrapping his wounds and looked up at the clock to see it was 11:55, five minutes till his birthday. Harry wondered if he would get any letters and presents from his so-called friends on his birthday. It was on the train ride home that he overheard them talking about how they were paid to be his friend and how they didn't like his stuck up attitude,all of this mostly came from Ron,when he was coming back from the restroom. Sirius had gone through through the veil this year, and though he was gone Harry knew that Sirius wouldn't want him to be depressed. He was brought out of his thoughts when he heard the sound of owls screeching in the distance. He looked at the clock and saw that it was now 11:59, he opened the windows so the owls could come through. He barely stepped away from the window when the pain hit. It felt like he was being hit with a hundred crucio'she felt pain in his legs and muscles as well his chest. His eyes were burning and his head feilt liek it was spliting in two. The pain soon became to much for him and he became unconcious.

When he woke up he was a little disoriented. He sat up and saw that the room was blurry, he reached around for his glasses but whaen he couldn't find them he checked his face. He was slightly shocked to find that he had his glasses on. He took them and saw that the room was now clear, he shrugged his shoulders and threw his glasses away. He turned and saw that there were seven owls sitting on his desk. When he relieved them of their burden, some flew away while others went to rest at Hedwigs empty cage. Uncle Vernon had killed Hedwig when she was to loud one night. Harry turned his attention to see who the letters where from: he had one from the twins and the rest of the Weasley's, one from Hermione, one from Hagrid, one from Dumbledore, one from Hogwarts, and surprisingly one from Gringotts. Harry opened that one first.

Dear Harry James Potter,

It was stated in the will and testament that you are to attend the reading of Sirius Orion Black on August 22 at 3:00 p.m.

Also, your account manager would like to talk to you about your inheritance and as such wishes to see you two hours before said time.

Just sign your name in blood at the bottom and a portkey will come in its place that will leave at 12:00 p.m.



Harry signed his name and the paper disappeared and in its place was a feather. He hid it in his secret floorboard until the time when he would need it.

Next he opened his gift from Fred and George and saw a pile of Weasley Wizard Wheezes that had yet to be released into stores. He smiled before opening his gift from the rest of the Weasley's. He got some fudge and a cake from Mr. and Mrs. Weasley's, a love letter from Ginny which he just threw in the trash can, and a note from Ron.

Dear Harry,

Hey mate, what are you up to? Sorry I didn't send you a letter earlier, but Dumbledore said we could only send you a letter for your birthday, so here it is. Did you read your letter from Hermione, she's already worrying about what her O.W.L's are and if I did my homework alrready, man, it was starting to get little annoying. Anyway, Hermione's coming over to Grimmuald Place in two weeks and I'm just a little excited for her to be here. That's all I have time for, bye mate.



P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I got you a sneakoscope!(we'll pretend he didn't already give him one) Hope you enjoy.

P.P.S. Sorry Dumbledore said you couldn't leave your aunt's and uncle's this summer.

Harry just threw the letter away and opened the letter from Hermione.

Dear Harry,

Hey Harry, have you done all your homework? Well if you haven't I'll let you slide since it's your birthday. I brought you a planner so you could organize and give yourself time to do more things. What do you think you got on your O.W.L's, I think I got number 15 wrong I charms. I don't think I explained all its uses. Urgh, i have to go study see you at school.



Harry snorted at her before throwing the letter away, also. He looked at Dumbledore's letter before opening it.

Dear Harry,

How are you my boy? I know you wanted to end the summer with the Weasley's, ut its imperative that you stay with your relatives for the summer so that Voldermort can't find you. Remember, don't go anywhere or sign anything, if you need something send Hedwig and I'll get it for you. Now on to recent things, Happy 16th Birthday!



Harry just threw the letter away knowing he was going to ignore anything Dumbledore had said. He then took out his Hogwarts letter and read through this years list of books for the new year. when he finished he worked up the nerve to look at his O.W.L scores.

Harry James Potter, the scores for the exams proceed in the following order:



E-Exceeds Expectations






Mr. Potter your grades are as following:


History of Magic-A

Care of Magical Creatures-O



Defense Against the Dark Arts-O





Congratulations! You passed all you O.W.L's. Also congrats on getting the highest score in Defense and Potions.

Harry took a breather before wondering how he got the highest score in potions. He decided not to think on but just be thankful that he passed. Harry got up to take a shower before his uncle got up.

When Harry looked in the mirror in the bathroom he nearly had a heart attack. Where he was once 5'4" from several years malnutrition, he was now 6'2". His green eyes were now a bright emerald green and his hair was at his shoulders and actually tamed. his frame had a slight build to it with muscles, that weren't obnoxious. He had a nice looking six pack, too. He smiled to himself that this might actually be a good year.

--------------------------------- Short Time Skip ------------------------------------

It had been three weeks since his birthday and Harry had changed drastically. He got seven piercings, one in his tongue and three in each ear; one at the top and two at the bottom. He also got three tattoos: giant wings on his back, on his upper arm a phoenix rising from the flames, and a saying, "Vicis vigoratus totus vulnus.", which meant "Time heals all wounds." When it came to his so-called family he ignored them and they ignored him after some serious accidental magic that all most had them killed. Tomorrow was the day of the will reading and he was actually excitied to go. He was also hoping that if he had enough time he could some shopping done. Harry went to bed that night looking forward to tomorrow.

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