The only thing I get from Reborn, is my disturbing attraction to Mukuro. But sadly, neither him or the manga belong to me.


She had been keeping an eye out for it, between throws and passes, and the evil glares of some of her classmates; it's not like she had wanted to play in the first place. The teacher didn't care that her team would most likely lose and the others would blame the resident loser of the school and force her to do the cleaning by herself. 'It ought to toughen her up a little.' The lazy bastard of a teacher had said; more preoccupied with the school nurse rather than supervising his own students. She thought it wasn't fair, and she berates herself every time she chickens out from telling the disciplinary committee about it.

"Tsuna watch out!"



"Not again!"

"Come on, seriously!"

Sawada Tsunako; first year of middle school class A, could only stare at the blurry image of the girls standing above her. This type of thing happened often enough in her thirteen years of being alive, that nobody was actually worried about her well being. She was surprisingly resilient.

"Would it kill her to hit the ball once in a while?"

"Dammit, we lost again!"

"I'm sorry, I really tried to hit it this time" The mousy hair girl sat down and got to the task of fixing her nose back into place, she was an expert at it.



"God, that is so gross!"

"You are bleeding all over the floor!"

"Whatever, you know the punishment; the losers get to clean the room anyways."

"Yeah right!"

Tsunako ignored the gaggle of girls escaping the gym, more worried about her stained shirt. When she looked up, she found her teammates glaring at her, and she almost shrank back in alarm; waiting for punishment. Instead, they turned their heads, and stared at the two girls standing a couple of meters away.

"We are not gonna help you clean." The leader of the group said, "Deal with it you loser. Let's go."

Tsunako huffed with irritation and tried to ignore the burning in her eyes. Not so long ago, they would have taunt her and called her mean and degrading names; some would even push her in anger or malice. It has been months since it happened last, and Tsunako was still getting used to not being the pariah of the school.

"Tsuna-chan, can you stand up? Here, I have your glasses."

Tsunako tentatively took the glasses and gave the other girl a weak smile. "Don't worry about them Tsuna-chan, is just a game." Kyoko gave her friend one of her biggest smiles.

"I don't know why some of them still get so mad. Me, I already resign myself at being on loser-Tsuna's team for the rest of the year." Kurokawa Hana said with a smirk, holding the offending ball. "Here, wanna hit the ball back?"

"Not funny. My shirt is stained again; my mom is going to kill me."

"They sure left fast didn't they?" Kyoko said while carrying the mops from the closet, Hana right behind her with the bucket.

Kyoko and Hana were probably the most popular girls in the first year. They were both smart and pretty; Hana had the older mature look, while Kyoko looked like a pop idol. Tsunako wasn't ugly per say, she could actually pass as Kyoko's sister. The only problem is that while Tsunako had a pretty face, it didn't make up for all of her failures.

Tsunako is not really good at school, other than history and art; her grades are on the poor side, especially anything that has math in it. She is the shortest girl and often gets confused for a grade schooler. It was almost as if her body was taking its sweet ol' time to grow. Her lack in the boob department was nothing but more ammunition for her bullies.

Growing up friendless, she found solace in video games and manga, and didn't worry much about fashion or popular trends. She was a tomboy; simple clothes and nothing fancy, no matter how much her father tries to change that.

Tsunako may have many bad points, they have been the cause of her many heartaches and headaches and other aches, but she also has a few good ones. Tsunako has a great sense of intuition that would often save her when trouble would come around looking for her. She is also quite fast when it comes to running away.

Now you may be wondering; how did loser-Tsuna manage to befriend the two most popular girls in her class?

As it turned out, Kyoko and Tsunako had something in common. Every third Sunday of the month, they pigged out on cake.

They met each other at the cake store the first month of school, and ever since then they started to hang out together. Hana was Kyoko's friend and while she liked to make fun of Tsunako's failures, it was all in good fun.

While the two girls were around, Tsunako was safe from the bullies and their pranks. They were also helping her with school which made her mother happy. It didn't stop Tsunako from still ditching school and slacking off once in a while. Truthfully, if it wasn't for her new friends, Tsunako would have stopped coming to school altogether and most likely transformed into a full time NEET.


"Thank you for helping me out, I really appreciated it."

"That's what friends are for." Kyoko replied kindly.

"It's faster with three people isn't it?" Hana said while putting the last bucket away, "we still have some time off to rest, what do you guys wanna do?"

The three girls changed their clothes and made their way outside the gym, "you think we can leave without sensei finding out?" Tsunako asked her two friends. "The other girls didn't give a damn, so why should we." Hana, the tallest of the three said with sarcasm. "But, what if Hibari-san finds out?" Hana laughed, "Like you would mind. You already leave whenever you feel like it." Tsunako pouted, "I haven't done that… lately." Kyoko smiled, while Hana leered at the small girl, "I bet you can't wait to get your punishment."


Kyoko and Tsunako blushed at the girl's innuendo; she just laughed. They both tried to look mad at her, and Hana laughed harder. "What are the two puppies doing? Pouting?" Kyoko huffed "Anyway, I have leadership class so I can't go with you guys; sorry."

"Sorry to keep you waiting Kyoko."

Just as if on cue, Mochida-sempai, the kendo club captain, appeared in front of the girls. It was obvious that he had a crush on Kyoko, Hana had a field day teasing her about it. Tsunako didn't like him that much, it may have something to do with him making fun of her with his friends before he found out she was Kyoko's friend.

"Well we better get going, we don't want to intrude. Come on Tsuna" Hana said with a smirk while pushing Kyoko towards the older boy. "Geez Hana-chan" Hana gave her the thumbs up sign and left; pulling Tsunako away with her.

"We'll see you in class Kyoko-chan."

"Bye Tsuna-chan, Hana-chan."

"I bet you he'll confess soon." Hana said confidently.

"You think so?" The girl look thoughtful, "I don't think Kyoko-chan likes him like that."

"Yeah, that girl can be weird like that."

"How about you Hana-chan, is there someone you like?"

"As if! I like my men older, mature and confident. Sadly, there is no-one like that in this school." She gave the smaller girl a poke on her rib, "But you, you have the weirdest taste. Hibari-san? Really? Are you a masochist?"

That was, one of Tsunako's greatest secrets, her crush on the head prefect; the terror of Namimori-middle and the leader of the delinquents. Hibari Kyoya.

How Tsunako ended up having a crush on one of the most dangerous people in Namimori is a funny story.

Ironically enough, it happened the same day that she met Kyoko. They had been talking so much, that by the time they noticed the time, it was already night. Tsunako had been so happy of having had an actual conversation with another human being that she wasn't paying attention to where she was going.

It wasn't until her hair was roughly pulled that she realized that she was surrounded by a group of thugs; high schoolers by the looks of it. Great timing for her intuition to fail her.

"Hey little girl; Wanna hang out with us?"

All type of scenarios came to her mind, each one worst than the previous one. She could already see it in the newspaper; Namimori-middle girl beat up and raped for not paying attention. For someone that had survived bullies for most of her life, she had never been so scared in her life.

"Waa, she got no boobs. She's plain as a board!" The boy that pulled her grabbed her chest painfully. They all laughed, and Tsunako started crying while praying for somebody to help her. And her Savior did show up.

"So you are the ones causing all the trouble around my school."

Tsunako recognized the deep voice immediately, everybody in Namimori-middle knew who Hibari Kyoya was.

"Well, well. If isn't Hibari; finally show your face. We've been waiting for ya." One random guy said, pulling out a baseball bat.

"You think you're the shit, beating our friends, playing the major leagues. You think you could get away with it? Stupid kid; nothing but a shitty middle school brat."

Just like that, Tsunako was thrown aside and completely ignored. It didn't take long for Hibari to dispatch the high schoolers. Tsunako had heard the rumors. Hibari was strong and showed no mercy to his enemies. It was said that he would bite to death anyone that got in his way, even girls. The last part wasn't actually confirmed, for while he had scared girls to tears with his scary personality and harsh punishments (Tsunako included for being late and skipping class) no girl has ever said anything about being hit by the scary prefect.

It may have been the adrenaline rush, or the cliché manga setting or both. But ever since that day, Tsunako had a terrible crush on the scary boy.

Even when she tried to thank him and was rudely ignored, she couldn't stop the funny feeling in her stomach.

Talk about hopeless.


"Tsunako, I got a call from school, you ditch classes again! What do you plan to do in the future? Seriously, even with Kyoko-chan and Hana-chan as friends you still slack off."

Tsunako's mom, Nana Sawada entered her daughter's room screaming. This was a recurrent situation in the Sawada household. Thank fully, ever since Tsunako got friends, it has been happening less often.

"Dunno." The girl said ignoring her mother, "Hey! Don't just barge into my room." Tsunako, who had been reading Jump said annoyed.

"I'm not saying you have to go to a good High school or college you know, but you can at least live your life happily. Come on say it with me 'I'm so glad to be alive!"

Tsunako just stared at her mom; she could be so weird sometimes. "Please don't say that in front of other people or I'll deny that we are related."

"Oh my. What an un-cute daughter I have."

"Maybe is the way I was raise. Ouch. Hey you don't have to hit me!"

"Anyways, I been thinking of your future and I decided to get you a tutor. Kyoko-chan and Hana-chan are great, but they are too soft, and you need some serious studying if you want to catch up with them. Don't you want to go to the same High school as them?"

Tsunako had actually thought about it. But it was hard to get interested in school after so many years of slacking off.

"Tsu-chan. A home tutor is coming today."

"Eh. Home tutor?"

"There was an interesting flyer in the mail box today. Look at this" Tsunako took the piece of paper her mother was holding:

'I would raise your kid to be the new leader of the next generation. Grade and subject doesn't matter. Reborn.'

"Isn't it great! What great marketing." Tsunako's eyebrow twitched. "You are kidding right? It smells like a total scam! And what a stupid flyer!" Of course her mother ignored her, "It's probably a tutor from a professional school or university. I always wanted a tutor like that for you!"

"Now you are just exaggerating. I don't need some lame tutor, I been doing better thanks to Kyoko-chan and Hana-chan. I know my limitations, so don't push it."


Nana and Tsunako looked for the source of the voice, and stared confused at the new presence in the room. A baby stood in front of them, a baby wearing a suit.

"I arrived three hours early, but as a service I'll evaluate you now."

"Eh, whose kid are you?" Nana asked the baby.

"I am the home tutor, Reborn."

"…Ok" Said Nana hesitantly.

"Pfff. HAHAHA! Are you kidding me? I was wondering what kind of person would make such a ridiculous flyer and it turned out to be a baby. What the hell am I going to learn from him" Tsunako was laughing so hard that her stomach was hurting and tears of laughter were coming out of her eyes. Tears, that suddenly turned to tears of pain. For while one second she was laughing her ass off, the next she was laying on the floor holding her stomach in pain.

'What the heck?'

"So you are Tsunako. For a girl you don't have good manners, oh well, I'll pound them into you."

"Oh my" Said Nana surprised.

"You have got to be kidding me" Said Tsunako incredulously.

"I don't kid, I'm a professional."

"Well Reborn-kun isn't? It's a pleasure meeting you; please take care of my daughter. She is a bit unruly but she is not a bad person."

"Do not worry Mama, I'll make sure to turn Tsuna into a great leader."

"Aren't you happy Tsu-chan! This is going to be great! Oh, it is time for dinner already, Reborn-kun please join us."

A loud rumble was heard coming from the tiny baby.

"I guess I have no choice."

"Hey wait. I don't need a tutor, mom!"


Tsunako didn't know how it was possible for a baby to smack her on the back of her head.

"Now loser-Tsuna, stop winning and get ready for dinner, we have a lot to discuss."

So it was like that, against Tsunako's wishes, that the Sawadas acquired a new addition to their home.

A tiny baby named Reborn.