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Summary: After a traumatic experience and a new man in Naomi's mum's life. She takes a turn for the worst. Unable to tell anyone about what is going on. Naomi must leave her life behind, to try and help herself, before she hurts anyone. Including her beloved Emily.

After living in Cornwall for 3 years, can Naomi return to Bristol and regain her old life back?

Can you keep a secret?

Chapter 1.

The room was filled with the smell of alcohol, tobacco, sweat and vomit. Naomi's nose screwed up in disgust. She often wondered why on earth she came to these parties; it was hardly her kind of scene.

But this was before any intoxication was in her blood stream, and before she saw a beautiful red head dancing happily in amongst others. The corners of her lips pulled up into a smile as Naomi watched the girl sway along to the music, her eyes closed and a bottle of vodka in her hand. A satisfied smile revealing she was comfortable in her current state, almost unaware of the people around her.

Naomi pushed her way through the crowd of bodies, her head slightly buzzing from the alcohol she had consumed, but she didn't care, she just wanted to be near the dancing girl. Naomi stopped once she was behind her, but the girl hadn't noticed her as she was still dancing to the music. Naomi watched the way her hips moved, it was out of rhythm, but it still caused Naomi to bite down on her lip and push her fingers through her peroxide blonde hair. She began to feel hot, and lost for breath. But she knew it wasn't from the other sweaty bodies that were in the room. She reached out, encircling her arms around the other girl's waist and pushing up against her back. Naomi's mouth instantly found her neck, kissing up towards the red heads ear.

"Hey baby" she whispered softly,

Emily giggled and turned to face her, her content smile formed into a beautiful, happy grin as she curled her arms around her girlfriend's neck. She pushed up on her tip toes and Naomi leaned in to meet her lips. Emily's lips were soft and sweet, even if they did taste like alcohol and cigarettes', Naomi was drawn to them. Her mouth opened as she felt Emily's tongue force its way to hers, their tongues battled as they kissed deeply, at first the kiss was passionate, but it was soon filled with want and desire. Naomi pulled Emily closer so that their bodies were tightly pressed together; she broke away for air but instantly began kissing her girlfriend's neck and up towards her ear. She sucked the skin beneath Emily's earlobe before biting it gently, and then biting it again but harder. She felt her lover's neck arch and a small moan rumbled in her throat; Naomi couldn't help but grin as she kissed her way along Emily's jaw, back towards her small, red lips.

"Whoa whoa ladies. Share some of the love with the cookie monster. How about it Naomikins? Threesome? "

Naomi pulled herself away from Emily's lips, which formed into a small pout. She laughed before turning to glare at her best friend who always seemed to turn up at the most inconvenient times.

Cook cheekily grinned at her whilst wiggling his eyebrows, Naomi couldn't help but laugh at how sleazy Cook could be, she knew he was harmless. But she often wondered how much of it was wishful thinking.

"Fuck off, Cook. I'm in the middle of something. "Naomi says as she turns back to her pouting girlfriend, but Cook just laughed excitedly.

"Fuck yeah, fancy giving us a show babes?"

Naomi wasn't listening; Emily was biting her lip and looking her up and down with a very sexy look in her eye. Naomi's mouth was instantly dry and her body began to tingle. Emily grabbed her hand before quickly turning to face the eager looking Cook.

"Not tonight Cook. At least one of us are gonna get laid." And then Emily was dragging Naomi through the crowd, she heard Cook bellow out a laugh and shout something like "horny lezza's" but neither of them cared. They pushed past people who were stumbling around drunk. They passed plenty of people that were getting their face sucked off by others, so they knew they wouldn't get noticed as they slipped into the empty bathroom. Naomi quickly shut and locked the door just as Emily slammed her back into it. They kissed violently as Emily pressed herself tighter against Naomi's body, grinding her hips into the blonde's who let out a moan which Emily thought was incredibly sexy. Naomi bit Emily's lip and tugged on it lightly, opening her eyes to find a deep brown pair looking straight back at her; they were darker than usual, deep with desire. Naomi noticed that this happened every time Emily was horny, which was quite often. Their mouths crashed together again and Naomi tangled her fingers through her bright red hair as she felt Emily's hand slip underneath her top and clawed her nails down her stomach which quavered at the touch. Naomi couldn't help but moan into Emily's mouth, but knowing well enough that Emily loved to hear it.

They kissed harder, and Naomi dug her nails into the red heads back when Emily's other hand went to her thighs, her fingers were smooth against Naomi's bare skin, she gasped as they travelled further, leaving her skin burning after her touch. A finger brushed against her hot centre, it was against the material of her knickers. But Naomi knew Emily could feel how hot she was, and how desperately she needed her. Her knees felt weak and she wasn't sure if she could stand any longer

"Fucking hell Naomi, you're so..."

Emily's sentence was cut short due to a violent thumping on the other side of the bathroom door. They both froze, unsure whether to just ignore whoever it was, thinking it was probably someone who was desperate for a piss. Until the heard Katie's angry voice behind them followed by another thump to the door.

"For fuck's sake, Emily, I saw you go in there. Stop shagging Naomi and get out. Someone called the police! "

The two girls' instantly sprang apart and were out of the door in a flash. Emily grabbed her twins hand on the way down the stairs. Only for Katie to suddenly snap it out of her grasp.

"Ew don't touch me. Don't know where that hands been." Emily glared at her sisters' disgusted face and sighed. Katie was still a pain in the ass even when she was drunk.

"Fucking hell Katie, they haven't been down Naomi's fucking knickers yet. I just don't want us to get fucking separated. "Luckily, Katie didn't say another word; instead she let Emily take her hand as they ran out of the back door, pushing through all the drunken, panicking people. They got out through the gate but it wasn't until they were safely away from the house that the finally stopped to catch their breath. Naomi couldn't help but stumble and burst into a fit of giggles which was soon followed by the twins.

"Well, that was...eventful." Naomi managed to say through her giggles.

"Yeah" Emily breathed out, "But you have to go back that way to get home. "

"Nah fuck it. I'll go the long way, gives me an excuse to walk you home. "Naomi threw her girlfriend a wink and started down the road before she could protest.

It didn't take long for them to reach the Fitch's house, but Naomi kept a safe distance to avoid another run in with their mum. She pulled her girlfriend into a tight embrace before reaching her lips; they kissed lovingly for a few minutes before Emily pulled away with a bright smile on her face. Naomi noticed how she was shockingly beautiful even in the orange glow of the streetlights. She smiled back and took Emily's tiny hands into her own.

"Be safe walking home. Text me as soon as you're in, okay? "Naomi nodded and gave the red head one last kiss, they murmured their "I love yous" before she turned to leave.

The walk home seemed longer than usual, and Naomi cursed herself for not taking a jacket as she began to feel the bitter cold once she started to sober. She crossed her arms over her chest and rubbed them, trying to get back some of the warmth. It worked, but only for a split second.

It was horribly quiet considering people were probably still running away from the police, she wouldn't have minded if it wasn't so damn dark. But she continued walking down one of the roads, not paying attention to the sudden glare of headlights or the low rumbling of a car engine that was behind her.

The car pulled up beside her and a man leaned out of the window.

"Alright sexy, what's a pretty young thing like you wandering around at this time, aye? " His voice was deep and his words slightly slurred, most likely from drinking. He looked about 30 but Naomi couldn't tell for sure. She almost smirked, almost. Instead she put her head down and decided to ignore him. Hoping he'd give up and drive away. But he didn't.

"How about I give you a ride? And I don't just mean in my car if ya catch my drift. "His laugh made Naomi cringe and feel sick.

"Look, there's probably plenty of other girls' out there that would be willing to shag you. But I'm not one of them. "

She had to bite her tongue to stop herself from telling him to fuck off. But he stopped following. She quickened her pace as the car stopped, but her heartbeat increased as she heard the car door open and then slam shut. The real panic didn't hit her until a rough hand grabbed the back of her top and pulled her backwards. She almost screamed until another rough hand pressed against her mouth to prevent her from making any noise. She panicked, tried to fight her way out of his grip but he held onto her tightly. He shoved her against the side of car, she gasped as the cold metal slammed into her back. He pressed his hand tighter to her mouth, so hard she thought her jaw might break.

She could feel her eyes were wide and tears started to form and her body began to tremble. She was terrified, more terrified than she had ever felt in her life. She was terrified for her life.

A whimper formed in Naomi's throat as the man leaned in towards her; she tried not to breathe in the strong scent of whisky and aftershave. But it was all around her, making her feel sick. She scrunched her eyes together, causing tears to slip down her cheeks. Damn, Campbell! Don't be so weak! The thoughts screamed in her head, but she couldn't help it. She knew what was going to happen, this sick cunt was going to have his fun with her and she'd be surprised if he let her live to tell anyone. Instantly her thoughts went to Emily. Her sweet Emily. But it only made the tears fall faster, and she didn't want to show this sick fucker that she was afraid.

She pushed herself into him with all her weight, but it didn't make much difference. He was much heavier than she was, he barely even moved. But she struggled against him, snapping her face away from his hand and trying to move her body away from him, just enough so that she could run.

But it didn't work; he just got angrier and gripped her tighter. She felt him move for something and heard the door pop open, he instantly shoved her against it, pushing her into the backseat. She struggled again and again and screamed as he fought his way on top of her. She shoved and smacked him. But he didn't seem fazed. A strangled cry of frustration ripped through her throat as she dug her nails into his face, leaving a deep slash across his cheek. He touched his bloody cheek in shock, and instantly smashed his fist down into the side of her face. Naomi's head snapped to the side from the force and a sob slipped her lips. The man leaned over and slammed the door shut.

Naomi quickly struggled to move, hoping to make an escape out of the other side but he quickly pinned her back down. She cried, struggled and screamed but he was too strong. His big, rough hand ripped her top as he groped her breasts. His hands gripped her tight, his body crushed hers, and she could already feel bruises start to form. Naomi let out another cry as she heard the clinking of metal as he worked to undo his jeans. And then his hands were up her skirt, squeezing her thighs so hard that it made her cry more. She begged him, Naomi Campbell actually begged this man to stop. She was screaming in frustration, panicking as his dirty hands pulled down her knickers, but it only lead to another thump to the side of her head. She was fighting, but she knew she couldn't, she wouldn't win. He ignored her pleas. And then she felt him brush against her. Her scream tore through her lungs but he clamped his hand to her mouth. She screamed, she struggled and it hurt. Hurt so much, she cried every time he thrust against her.

She cried, cried so hard, she was too weak, too dazed to struggle.

A few minutes seemed to last for hours, hours of pain and tears and fear. And then he was pulling away, but leaning in.

"If you tell anyone, I will find you and I will kill you, you stupid slut. "

The next thing she knew, she was being pulled by her throat, and then she fell into something cold and hard. She watched through her blur of tears as the car drove away at full speed.

Naomi weakly pulled up her underwear and slowly got to her feet. Tears streamed down her cheeks. A lump formed in her throat as she burst into an endless fit of tears. She hurt all over. It even hurt to walk as she slowly began to walk home.

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