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It had been a week since the Jellicle Ball. A week since Grizabella, the aptly-named "Disheveled Beauty", went up to the Heaviside Layer to be reborn. A week since the mysteriously wicked feline Macavity catnapped Old Deuteronomy. Things were just starting to get back to normal within the tribe. Bombalurina, the sassy scarlet queen, was still flaunting herself around the Rum Tum Tugger. And the hard-to-please tom was up to par, humorously rejecting her when she thought she finally had him. The excitable kittens, Etcetera and Electra, were loyally following him, laughing and whispering hurriedly to each other every time the tom brushed the crimson beauty off.

On the other side of the Junkyard, Tugger's older brother Munkustrap sat proudly and protectively beside his beloved mate, Demeter. The golden queen had earlier revealed to the silver tabby that he would be a father of a litter very soon. Beside them the jokesters and amateur cat-burglars Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer were playing silly pranks on the other set of identical twins, Tantomile and Coricopat. The bi-colored tom, Alonzo, was lounging languidly with his queen, Cassandra. And just beside them the magic cat Mr. Mistoffelees was busy entertaining Jemima and his new mate, the snow white queen Victoria with a show of sleight of hand.

Yes, even though Plato had been with Victoria at the Ball's mating dance, Mistofelees still professed his desire for her to be his mate. What happened between her and the tall ginger and white tom was just a heat-of-the-moment occurrence. Actually Plato, who was sitting with his friends Pouncival and Tumblebrutus, although hurt at first, soon thought nothing of the event. In fact someone else had stolen his heart. It all started just after the mating dance…

~Victoria had freed herself from Plato's grasp and wandered off to Mistofelees' side. Mistofelees had a look of total and utter triumph upon his visage. The two sweetly nuzzled together within the pile of frisky felines. Plato's heart dropped. Had he done something wrong? Did their dance mean absolutely nothing to her? Before he had a chance to physically react, the outcast Grizabella had once again invited herself to the festivities. The whole tribe watched as the once proud queen tried in vain to include herself in their activities once more. Of course, the kittens were strangely fascinated with her but were held back every time they tried to show her some kindness.

Plato didn't actually dislike the shabby outsider like most of the other cats did. In all honesty, he felt bad for her and he felt even worse that he did nothing to help her when Pouncival beckoned her over only to take a swipe at her with his claws when she came near. After being humiliated yet again, Grizabella pitifully sauntered away. The cats then settled down over the Junkyard floor. Plato stared off into space, feeling guilty about not helping Grizabella and heartbroken and a little angry over Victoria's clear betrayal. He barely noticed that someone to his left was standing, but then by surprise, the sweetest sound he had ever heard in his life rang out in a lyrical plea on behalf of the old outcast feline:

"Moonlight, turn your face to the moonlight

Let your memory lead you

Open up enter in

If you find there the meaning of what happiness is

Then a new life will begin…"

He turned his head to seek out the lovely voice and found that it belonged to none other than the Calico kitten Jemima, who was one of Victoria's best friends. And by the Jellicle moon, she looked heavenly. Her beautiful brown eyes were wide with wonder. She stood in an elegant pose, her hand grasped within Tantomile's whose hand, in turn, was held by Coricopat. She dropped back down to the floor so gracefully that, to Plato at least, she looked like an angel landing from the heavens.

His heart began to pound, much like it had when he was with Victoria, but that moment was cheapened with the queen's defection to Mistofelees. What he was feeling was so strong that he barely suppressed the overwhelming urge to approach the ethereal beauty and embrace her. For the rest of the night, he could barely take his eyes off of the innocent kitten. It was only when Macavity attacked the tribe that he let his himself go. The criminal cat sprung at Jemima and tried to strike at her. With all his might, he jumped in-between the two and threw the villain back towards the center of the Junkyard where Munkustrap took over.

After the Ball Jemima's mother, Jennyanydots, and father, Skimbleshanks, approached the young tom. "Thank you so much, Plato," Jenny said with tears in her eyes, "If we ever lost our little Jemima, I don't know what I would do."

Skimbleshanks heartily clapped the tom on his back, "We owe you the world, lad."

"Oh, it was nothing," Plato answered humbly, "She didn't deserve anything that Macavity intended to do."

Jenny pulled the tom into a hug, "Still, we owe you a great debt for defending her. You could have been hurt!"

"She- Well, she was worth it," Plato confessed sheepishly.

A look of understanding came onto Skimbleshanks' face and he smiled knowingly as his mate pulled away from the young tom, so overjoyed that she did not entirely catch the full extent of his confession. Jenny and Skimbleshanks said their lasts goodbyes for the night and went over to their young daughter. As they were leaving the Junkyard for their human home, Jemima looked over at Plato and give him a thankful smile. An exquisite smile that made Plato melt on the spot.

'Oh yes, thought the lovestruck tom, she's definitely worth it.'~

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