A what if Scenario. some Charters might be out of Charter but don't criticize that

in the dusty gorge, a large body came tumbling down, The lion king Simba got to his feet quickly

" yes we got him" a voice from the top cried, a few lionesses carefully slid down to the gorge, Simba ran from the attacking females. he ran all the way to a dam piled with logs, Simba was trapped, the fall wounded him looking back he watched the outsiders closing in on him. Quickly for a desperate escape he begin to climb the logs, each step would cause some to fall. the lions at the bottom jumped out of the way, there leader Zira growled with anger.

"Simba" a young lion called from the top of the gorge

" Get him Kovu" Zira screamed " Do it now". another young male jumped from Zira's side

" I'll do it for you mother" he cried, before he got his chance a female blocked his was

" no Nuka let me" she said, she leaped up onto the log pile, each step she took brought her closer and closer, finally she reached her prey, with her paw she dug her claws into Simba's leg, Simba winced in pain

"long live Scar" she cried, after she said that one of the longs that supported her foot snapped in half, the other log that supported her body begin to roll backwards

" oh no" she cried, she slipped under the log, the it stopped on top of her

" no" Zira cried "Vitani". Vitani tried to free her self but as she looked up another log rolled her way, all Vitani could do was duck but the log landed on top of her. dust cleared from the pile. the young lion Kovu raced to the pile. he tried to dig his sister out, Zira shoved him out of the way, desperately searching for her daughter, she lifted another log over untill she found her, Vitani coughed

" Vitani" Zira spoke her name. Vitani opened her eyes

" Mother..." she tried her best to breath " I failed you", Zira ran a paw under her daughters chin

" I failed you..." Vitani spoke her last words then her body became limp, Zira took back her paw she couldn't belive her only daughter was dead. her son Nuka looked down at his little sister then he comfort his mother.

so what if Vitani was the one who got killed insted of Nuka?

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