" Kiara " Simba cried, the two lionesses hit a leg and broke apart, Kovu ran to the edge

" Kiara" he creid, Nuka and Dotti stood next to him, Simba leaped into the gorge, he used his claws to grip the wall

" Hold on Kiara" Nala called then she saw the dam break the a giant river crashed threw the gorge " Simba" she called " Simba the river"

"Kiara" he kept calling leaping from rack to rock.

Zira and Kiara kept Tumbling down the gorge, Kiara manage to slow down her falling while Zira couldn't, Zira was gripping the wall for dear life

" Zira" Kiara called from above she reached with her paw " give me your paw" Zira just slashed at her, thinking it was a trick, but then she realized her grip was slipping time was running out

" Zira come on" Kiara tried again " I'll help you". Zira's desperate look turned into a wicked smile, she looked at Kiara

" no" she said " never" and to kiara's surprised Zira flung her self from the ledge and fell to her death. Kiara watched as Zira's body was tossed in the river hitting the logs until the river died down. Zira was dead.

up above the gorge, Kovu gave a heavy sigh, his mother was gone, and it felt like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders

" she's gone" Nuka spoke, Dotti nuzzled him in comfort, Nuka took the moment to grieve

just from the ledge tow figured came out from the gorge

" Kiara" Nala cried hugging her daughter, every one came to her a reveil she's alive. Kovu and Kiara embraced eachother

" Kovu" Simba called, Kovu walked over to Simba " I was wrong you belong here" Kiara came up to Kovu and nuzzled him. Simba smiled " let's go home" three outlanders walked up to him like if they're were going to ask a question, Simba looked at them with a friendly face

" all of us" he said.

The journey to pride rock wasn't too long, the Sun cast it's light as both Pridelanders and outlanders climbed the rock to become one family, Rafiki dangled two fruits from his stick in front of Kiara and Kovu, Simba felt Nala nuzzling him, Nuka watched his brother and for the first time a different feeling came over him, instead of jealousy he felt proud of his little brother, Dotti nuzzled him with affection,

Simba and Nala started to walk towards the edge of Pride rock, then kiar and Kovu followed as they reached the edge Simba Let out a great mighty roar, Kovu followed, the Kiara and Nala joined as the four roared.

"well done my son" a voice boomed from the Sky only Simba and Rafiki know who it is. " we are one"


Days later Nuka was sleeping in the shade, Kovu walked up to him, he felt that this would be the chance to start over the brother relationship

" hey Nuka?" Kovu spoke from behind him, Nuka didn't say anything, he just felt sad, Kovu tried again " whats wrong?. Nuka sat up

" I miss her" Nuka said Scraching his side with his leg

" Zira?" he asked, Kovu stopped referring Zira as his mother.

" no" Nuka said " Vitani". both brothers felt silent, Vitani felt more like the mother figure then a sister to them, they both gave a moment of silence to honnor their sister

" our own Sister gone" Nuka spoke again

" Nuka" Kovu said " I miss her to and where ever she is the great kings will watch over her" the tow brothers looked to the sky ans if you look closely at one cloud it almost looks like a Lioness running free.


END finaly hope you enjoied this what if Scenario.