Why Don't The Girls Notice Me?

A Bye Bye Birdie Fan Fiction in the voice of Harvey Johnson inspired by the song The Telephone Hour

I feel like a fly on the wall the whole idea of being in a relationship. I look at all the guys at school like Hugo Peabody and wish I could be like them and that the popular girls or any girls for that matter found me attractive.

Sweet Apple is all abuzz with the news Hugo pinning Kim Macafee. I don't see it as big deal. Kim is definitely pretty but I honestly think that she can do a lot better than him. He can tend to be a jerk sometimes but apparently the girls really seem to swoon over him.

As for me I have been trying to ask Kim's best friend Ursula to the upcoming Sadie Hawkins's dance. She doesn't seem to want to give me the time of day though. Not surprising.

I just wish the girls would put aside the stereotype of geek and notice me for the kind of person I am. I am really a nice guy and I deserve to date a nice girl. Hopefully the girls at school will stop putting me in a category.

Also I can't really see the big deal about Conrad Birdie either. To me his music is really not that great.

Perhaps at the moment I'm just bitter. Yeah that's a good word. I think given the right amount of time someone will eventually notice me and put the dumb stereotype of geek aside.