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Truly Madly Deeply

Chapter VI

Draco Malfoy blinked as he opened his eyes blearily. Where was he? The last thing he remembered was that he was on the Quidditch Pitch and Potter caught the Snitch before him then the git kissed his father! Urgh! He grimaced at the memory! The shock of seeing that had caused him to faint. Where was he anyway? He looked at his surroundings. It was his bedroom at Malfoy Manor. But what was he doing here? Shouldn't he be in the infirmary? He tried to get up but his body felt weak. It was then he noticed something strange. His hands…They were longer and looked older too. What the hell?

"Master Draco?" A house elf popped in, eyes widening in disbelief.

"You!" he snarled at the house elf. "Get me a mirror! Now!"

The elf hurried to give Dracoo the mirror like he was ordered. "AAAAAAAAHHHHH!" Draco screamed in horror as he saw his reflection there. He was old! He looked like he was thirty years something old for Merlin's sake! "What the hell has happened to me?"

"Master Draco is asleep for a long, long time," the elf answered. "Now Master Draco is awake. Tobby is to tell Master!" with loud crack, the elf disappeared.

"Wait!" the blasted elf was gone, leaving Draco alone.

After a few minutes, that felt like a century for him, the door to his room opened and someone entered. It was his father! Lucius Malfoy's appearance hadn't change much because wizard aged slower than muggle did.

"Draco!" Lucius ran to his son and engulfed him in a hug.

"Father!" Thanks Merlin his father was there now. Lucius could explain everything to him.

"I'm glad that you finally woke up. We thought that you're going to stay in coma forever." Lucius said.

"Coma?" he echoed.

"Yes," his father nodded. "When you fell, your head hit the rock on the ground and you had been in a coma since."

"How…how many years have passed?" he asked, trembling in shock.

"Twenty years," Lucius said quietly.

A house elf popped in. "Master, Healer Grey is here," she announced.

"Let her in," Lucius ordered.

"Yes, Master."

The healer was a beautiful middle aged woman named Meredith Grey. After checking him and declaring that he was fine, she left. But, before that, she gave a lot of potion for Draco to drink. Those medicines made him sleepy so soon he fell asleep once more.

"So, sleeping beauty, awake huh?" Unfamiliar voice penetrated Draco's mind. Was it morning already?

"He looks ugly for me." Another unfamiliar voice replied.

What? He opened his eyes and screamed as he saw two young men standing next to his bed. One of them was Harry bloody Potter!

"Potter!" he snapped. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm not Harry Potter," the young man replied.

Further inspection told him that the young man was right. Sure, he had Potter bird nest hair and green eyes but no, he wasn't Potter. The other young man had mischievous grey eyes and neat black hair.

"I'm Alphard Sirius Black. Just call me Al." The Potter look alike said.

"I'm James Potter the second," the grey eyed man said.

Draco gaped at them. Black? Potter?

There was a knock on the door and Lucius entered the room. The man paused at the scene before him.

"Good morning, Father," Alphard and James said in unison.

"Draco," Lucius began. "Meet your stepbrothers, James and Al."

Merlin beard! That could only mean one thing. His father had married Potter and had two sons from the git! How could it possible?

"They're both in seventh year. Al is a Slytherin and James is Gryffindor."

James grinned at the revelation.

Draco didn't know how much he could take.

"Well, well, well, look at who is this."

Draco almost fell into coma again seeing the newcomer! It was Potter! The one and only! The bastard was dressed in black uniform that Draco knew was an Auror uniform. But the silver stripes told him that Potter wasn't a mere Auror but Head of Auror. Dear Merlin! What sins had he committed in the past that he deserved this kind of punishment? Behind Potter, stepped out a young man with blond hair and green eyes. Draco choked.

"And this is Nicolaus." Lucius finished.

"We're triplets," Al explained.

Potter chose the moment to interrupt. "Lucius, the ambassador of Germany needs your reply as soon as possible."

Lucius looked like he was reluctant to leave but finally he gave up and bid Draco farewell, leaving him alone with Potter and his devil spawns.

"Lucius is the Minister of Magic now," Potter said conversationally. "So, he is quite busy these days." Potter looked at him. "So, you finally wake up after all these years. Listen here, Malfoy, you have gone for years so I'm going to tell you that things have changed. Whether you like it or not. This is my home now and therefore you'll obey the rules I set."

"You can't do that!"

"Watch me." Potter replied.

Something shiny caught his attention. There, on Nicolaus' finger was the Malfoy ring that once belonged to him.

"That's my ring!" he shrieked.

"Well, you're in coma so Lucius made Nico his heir." Potter said casually. "James is the Potter heir and Al is Black heir, so it would be fair that Nico is a Malfoy heir."

"You got to be kidding!"

At that something moved out of James's sleeve. It was a snake. A highly poisonous one, in fact. The young man hissed and the snake disappeared into the shirt.

"A Parselmouth?" he asked weakly.

"Yeah," James answered cheekily.

"Three of us were born with the ability," Al said, shrugging.

"Father is ecstatic." Nico added.

Draco was speechless.

"I'm glad that we come to agreement, Malfoy."

Agreement? What agreement?

"As long as you live, here then you have follow my rules." Potter smirked suddenly and it scared Draco. "I knew I'm going to get you back for everything you have done to me at school. I can't wait to tell Ron and Hermione."

"NOOOOOO!" Where was his father when he needed the man the most? In his haste to get away from Potter and his devil spawns he tripped over the bedcover and hit his head. Everything went black.


Draco opened his eyes and came face to face with Madam Pomphrey. "ARGHHHH!"

"Do calm down Mr. Malfoy." The mediwitch said.

Ignoring her, he jumped from the bed and ran to the nearest mirror. It showed a seventeen year old teenage boy. Draco almost cried in relief. Thank Merlin, it was only a nightmare! However, he was so traumatized by it. For the next few weeks he would pale or bolt at the mere mention of Potter's name.

When curious students asked Harry what he had done to cause Malfoy to behave so strangely, the Boy Who Lived only shrugged and said that maybe Malfoy had hit his head too hard during Quidditch game. Besides that, why would people ask him about Malfoy? Who was he to know what was the ferret was thinking?

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