A scientist quickly reads over the latest data from the day shift with a small smile. "'The subject had survived a week after being drained of nearly all blood, and has yet to show any signs of subsider changes. The only side effects seen are weakness, lethargy, increased sleep, and slightly altered mental status.' This is remarkable, we'll start with the next leg of the testing." He said to himself and partially to his colleague also working on the project.

The race for a blood source was well past the point it should have been, and then there was the subsider problem. Only two scientists were working on a way to control them, or a way to return some intelligence to them. The specimens they had so far were utter failures, but this one seemed to have an advantage over any vampire they had tried previously. Though when she was brought in there seemed to be something direly wrong, maybe another unforeseen side effect of not getting enough blood as she was comatose when she was found and brought in. The first treatment was to administer eight ounces of blood, and she woke immediately and tried to leave, which lead to unsuccessful questioning and her involuntary admittance to the testing she was currently subject to.

"Shall we proceed with the blood removal?" His colleague asked gesturing to the prepared instruments.

"Yes lets get that out of the way." He assented and walked to the holding room in which two armed guards were waiting. The scientists walked over to the table where the specimen was strapped down tightly enough to contend with her abnormal healthy strength. "You know this would all go much smoother for you if you would just cooperate with us and tell us what you know about your condition." He said in as persuasive a voice as he could, but he was hoping that she would carry on with her silence so that they didn't have to consider her thoughts on the matter.

Bright ice blue eyes opened to stare at him, it wasn't hateful or rabid, just empty like a doll's, a drastic change from the deep dark brown they had been when she was brought in. As they set up the instruments for the blood collection her lips parted in a snarl exposing her elongated eyeteeth, about a half inch longer than when he first inspected he noted. The needle penetrated the flesh of her neck easily, the blue veins standing out against her surprisingly tanned flesh left no guess work.

The doors slid open causing the scientists to turn and smile. "Hello Mr. Bromley, good to see you." He greeted warmly.

"Good to see you too Henderson, Froly." Bromley said with a smile as the soldier accompanying him looked around. "And how is our girl looking today?" He asked as he walked over to see the interesting subject on the table.

Blue eyes stared as if they could burn holes through the man at her side, the snarl became more pronounced, and a deep feral growl vibrated from her chest and throat growing in volume.

"Well I can see you haven't warmed up to me any," Bromley commented with a small smirk. "Won't you please reconsider sharing anything you know? I can promise you that you'll get much better treatment if you do." He brushed her hair away from her face, which brought another growl and the loud snap of her teeth attempting to bite him. "Such a pity, you know. You could look so beautiful if you would only let us take care of you."

The flow of blood from the tubes became a mere dribble and then just drops as the blood flow slowed and stopped. "I'll leave Frankie here to try and convince you," Bromley said as he petted her hair in parting. "He'll be your friend until you come to your senses. Frankie, I'd like you to spend an hour a day with her, try and convince her as best you can."

"Yes sir." Frankie replied with a nod.

"Good man Frankie, good man." Bromley said patting him on the shoulder as he left. "I don't expect you to get very far with her, but try your best son."

The doors closed and Henderson pulled the needles from her neck. Froly pulled an extra chair from the office next door. "You can use this," he said pushing the chair next to the table. "She doesn't answer us, so just talk to keep yourself company."

"Thanks," Frankie said as he sat down. For the first time he took a good look at her. Thin, not anorexic, just a little more thin than normal. He approximated her height to be four to five inches shorter than him. Her skin was a golden brown/tan. Features; high cheekbones, nothing special about her lips, almond eyes open wide and staring at him. He blinked as he noticed she had adopted a neutral face as she stared at him. It was a little unnerving, but strangely calming.

"So… I'm Frankie, if you couldn't tell. Mind telling me your name?" He was met with silence, but he did take note of her pupils widening and contracting as if he was hard to focus on. "Ok, well you must be getting pretty hungry by now, just accept the offer and I'm sure I can get you some blood." Her pupils stayed in a contracted state. "Come on, just say the word and you won't go hungry."

She didn't move any more, just stared. "Come on, you can't just starve yourself like that." He grumbled at her. "Are you even listening?" He waved his hand in front of her face, she only closed her eyes and turned her head. "Now you're going to ignore me? What are you a kid? Say something!"

"That's not going to help you." Froly said from the office.

Frankie just glared at the door for a second. He stopped when she turned her head back to him. "Going to play nice now?" He asked with a smile.

The corner of her lip twitched as if she wanted to smile. He stared at her and her mouth twitched again, but this time it her eyes seemed to take on some life. Like someone who could no longer move was trying to convey amusement to someone who could. It seemed to be between amused and sad.

"You know cooperating can't be that bad, anything has to be better than this." He said looking around at the white walls and the sterile smell that came with it. "Why won't you just go along with it?"

The amusement drained from her eyes. Now she just looked at him with a sense of pleading and a deep sadness he couldn't understand. The look grew to where he could see her eyes water, but the tears in her eyes were bloody. He was shocked as they over filled and a tear from each eye ran sluggishly down her cheeks.

He reached out and brushed them away. She didn't move when he touched her, but stared. The sadness never left her eyes. Her skin felt soft and fragile under his touch. She almost looked as if she wanted to bawl her eyes out.

"Ok, Frankie you can go, your hour's up." Henderson said as he came into the room. "See you tomorrow." He waved and returned to the back rooms.

"Yeah ok." Frankie said as he got up. He looked back down. "I'll see you tomorrow then." He flashed her a smile, and was half way out the door.

"Later Frankie," the whispered words just caught him as the doors shut.

Frankie stared at the doors wondering if he had heard those two words, or if he had imagined them. He shook his head and walked away, he'd have to find out tomorrow.