The next day Frankie visited he was in an even worse mood than before. Edward had gone off with a few humans, they had exposed him to the sun for a few seconds and knocked him out. He was pissed at his brother, and at the same time a little scared. Things weren't supposed to be like this, they weren't supposed to be so hard. He took a deep breath and entered the room. He'd have to steel himself for the coming visit.

Jen was there just like any other day. Staring up at the ceiling. When he took his seat she looked over at him. The doll's eyes stayed for a moment before the life came back into them reflecting curiosity. Apparently she could see through what he thought was a blank face.

Jen blinked twice and quirked an eyebrow slightly at him. He looked serious for the most part, but his eyes told her he was almost ready to cry.

"What's with the face?" Frankie asked trying to make it look like he was joking around. "I swear they should put a TV on in here, maybe a comedy channel. That might get you to smile at least."

"I should be asking you that." She said, sounding just a little better than last time. She could thank the scientists for only monitoring her healing that day, but she just wanted to see them dead. She brushed it aside and waited for Frankie to tell her what was going on. She wasn't going to pry, he seemed to want someone to listen.

"Well… My brother took off this afternoon." Frankie finally broke the silence. He was looking around the room, trying to avoid her gaze. He was still struggling with it himself, but just talking about things to Jenny seemed to help get things off his shoulders, if only for a little. "I can't visit as much right now, I've got a new assignment. Gotta keep those subsider freaks under control. Sorry, but you'll just have to but up with the lab geeks." He gave her a wide smirk. "Shouldn't be too hard, you got under their skin before I came along, I'm sure you'll be fine. I'll visit when I can." He got up and brushed her hair back, she was staring blankly now. "So next time I come by think you can at least say 'hi' or something?" He rubbed a thumb over her forehead. "Don't get all clingy on me now that I've got more things to do. I'll still stop by."

She sighed softly. "I'll miss you then Frankie," she said resigned to the fact that she would be going back to the endless testing again. "Bye, miss you already."

Frankie forced himself to laugh. "Ok, see ya later." He said before turning and walking out of the stark white room.

Jen sighed so lightly her chest didn't seem to move. She knew the feeling of foreboding well, so when it came over her this time she tried to ready herself. She took a deep breath and tried to relax into the same sleeping state that the new majority population new vampires, to her anyway, found her in that started all this off. She was very dimly aware of the goings on around her, but it dimmed the sensations as well.

Henderson and Froly walked in carrying several sets of instruments. Henerson smirked down at Jen. "Well lets get started with today's tests shall we?" He asked setting up a few tools.

Jen didn't react when she saw the surgical equipment, at least not outwardly. 'Oh crap, this is gonna hurt.' She thought before her thoughts faded slightly trying to make the up coming horrors a little less than they promised to be. She stared up at the ceiling dimly aware of Henderson and Froly talking in the distance. She felt the saw make a line down the middle of her chest, then pressure.

As she came out of the lightheaded feeling she quickly registered the intense pain in her chest making her wince. "Nice to know you're still in there somewhere." Henderson said happily. Apparently The Sleep didn't help when damage was actively being done to her body.

Jen took note of a little more strength, but when she glanced down she was met with the horror of all horrors. Her chest had been opened, and the silver clamps holding her chest open were glinting in the light. She was frozen as she looked at her own heart, the sac that she knew encased it was open giving her a surgeon or mortician's view of her heart. The distinct cold feeling of dread swelled to all new proportions, as she knew nothing good would come of this. Soon darkness greeted her with most welcome arms as it guided her into an abyss.

As more feeling came back to her Jen couldn't stop the bloody tears from sliding down her cheeks, refreshing the dried tracks that had been made during the initial sawing. Pure agony greeted her senses as she tried to comprehend what was done to her. They had cracked open her chest cavity, probably yesterday, and kept it open as they poked around her heart and major blood vessels. After they were done with that they gave her a little more blood straight into her heart, very painful when given via a twenty-gauge needle.

The next thing she remembered was a flash of sun, burning hot pain, and the smell of burning flesh. When she had recovered enough from the shock she tried to assess the damage. When she saw the damage it was worse than she had imagined. They had exposed her heart to the sun! Oh, a third degree sunburn on a normal day was a cakewalk compared to this. This was pure agony…

Jen estimated the damage to be equal to a fourth degree or unstageable burn; the tissue damage she felt could only be around that severity. She was surprised to even be alive at this point. After another painful injection of blood they were watching the healing process. They seemed even more excited at the fact that she didn't burst into flames. Oh goodie, more tests.

'What's next? Taking an organ out, burning it, then giving it back? Or maybe a live dissection? Like they aren't doing that already. What fun would they have with that.' Jen thought trying to focus on anything but the pain. 'Just let me die already.'

"Well let's get you all covered up," Froly said walking out with a sheet. "Can't have you drying out on us now can we?" He set the sheet down and looked at the device still holding her ribcage open. "I guess this will have to go. Though, we'll only have to open you up again." He released the pin holding the clamp open, her ribcage closed only slightly. Froly put a hand on ether side of the opening and pushed down and in; forcing the cavity closed in one loud and painful crunch.

Jen's eyes and mouth snapped open in a silent cry. The burning pain renewed and in addition to that the pain of her ribs being forced back to their original position. More bloody tears ran down her face.

Froly took a tissue from his pocket and wiped all traces of the tears from her face before spreading the sheet over her now limp body. "I suppose we'll see you tomorrow seeing as we worked over time today." He said looking down at her with indifference as if he were speaking to an animal.