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Summary: Post Eclipse, Pre Breaking Dawn. Obsessive and controlling Edward becomes too much for Bella, so she seeks help from Alice. Running away is the only thing she can do, but being Bella of course she gets into some trouble. She gets rescued from death. Living happily with a new family, what happens when a cowboy everybody loves comes for a visit?

Half— Kind of, sort of a Prologue. Yeah, I guess it's the prologue.

I lay in fake contentment while wind brushes through the leaves and causes grass to tickle my limp arm. Half the moon shines not as brightly as it used to across the meadow that seemed to start it all.

Here is where the decision he was making on whether my blood would have been spelt or if our 'love' would last another day.

Everything seems duller now. What was it like to feel? Was there love once?

I don't know.

I'm always just half awake.

His arm presses me even tighter against his side, as if I could move away. As if I have the choice.

I lay still as his lips brush my cheek, as his possessive hands wrap much more of me. Once upon a time my heart would have beat erratically from any small contact, now it always remains steady, barely beating.


He suffocates me. He knows, but I'm his to do as he pleases with.

I am his. Only his.

He reminds me every time I speak that I am my own person. He placed a reminder around my neck; a choker with his initials, E.C., it barely lets me get the oxygen I need.

I still remain human. I used to have hope, still fought against him but I became so tired. A human can only take so much before they give in, become conquered by something greater.

I loved him with my entire being before. After all the controlling, things began to become numb; I've been completely encompassed without feelings.

I was only ever a prize, a pet, to him. But I don't care anymore.

I lay in my captor's arms almost catatonic, but he doesn't care. It gives him better control.

The scene changes abruptly. The sand itches my arms, ocean brushes my feet, and the sun is covered by thin clouds.

Now a forced laugh makes its way out of my mouth. It hurts, and tears threaten to spill but I can't allow them.

His possessive paws wrap around my entire being. The choker is still there, but different initials now, J.B.

He is the same as the other, but now I must force emotions. Things I don't feel, I can no longer feel.

I am theirs, not their love but their prize, pet.

No longer am I with them, but alone in the dark. Unconsciousness seems to be sinking in.

The last things I see are two sets of glowing red eyes that feel like home.

Once my eyes are closed and consciousness ceases, the same dream occurs. I chose not to think about it in the beginning, but after months of the same reoccurring thing and finally having to make the choice between Edward and Jacob, then getting engaged soon after…

Now just seems like the perfect time to consider that this may be a sign. Possibly a type of vision, not the Alice kind but one nonetheless.

I don't actually know what to think about it. I mean it is obvious, all except the red eyes, but what I'm I suppose to do. The ones with the red eyes would probably be my only chance, but I don't even know who they are.

Why can't I ever just have a normal freaking life?

A human really should not know about vampires and werewolves. And yet I could never find myself being away from them, could never actually get away from them.

Edward obviously would not – was not even could not, it's that he will not allow it— just let me go. One of the things about the dream that was a definite perk was that my mind made me actually look at Edward with new eyes, no longer blinded by my infatuation.

Obsessive, possessive, and controlling.

I tried to make it better between us, tried to think maybe he wasn't all those things. That he does actually love me and would do anything for me. By telling him how I could take care of myself, or that I know when I need to eat, or what I think about him treating me as a child. None of it worked, it didn't even seem like he was listening; only a smile that brushed me aside.

He never listened to what I had to say, always what he wanted for me.

If any guy spoke to me harmlessly, Edward would wrap his arms around my shoulders and growl territorially to those around. He even did it to Emmett. It frightened me, that the dream would be completely true.

Would I just become a shell if I stayed with him? Never be me anymore?

I didn't know, but it was definitely looking that way.

Thinking about breaking it off with him now didn't even hurt much. But I was scared of how he would take it; because I had a feeling he would hurt me or someone else. I was only lucky Jacob simply ran away, Edward didn't seem he would do the same.

I would need someone's help, more specifically Alice's help.

Lately she has been hinting that she knows something by always saying things like, 'when the time comes, find me,' or 'I see everything, Bella,' and so many more. So obviously she knows something.

Something that will help me… something that can hopefully save me.

I mean a person can only take so much, and I can guarantee if Edward tells me 'Pop-tarts' are not good for me one more time I promise someone will get hurt and it most definitely will not be me. No one tells me that I can't eat whatever fruity frosted pastry snacks I want and gets away with it.

Maybe Alice will sneak me some, or maybe she could be the person to rip Edwards's arms off the next time he snatches my snacks. Either works for me, maybe she could do both.

Okay, I am going to make the decision to ask her if she will have Pop-tarts and gummy worms. There now when I see her she should have some, well hopefully.

Anyways, back to the matter at hand.

She probably already knows what my next course is going to be. I wonder if she has even told anyone about what might happen, or what I'm about to go to her for.

If anyone, I would think she would have told Jasper. They are best friends, once upon a time husband and wife. If you are wondering what happened there, it's basically that they were never soul mates and Alice said the time finally came for them to separate. That happened about five months ago, just before the Volturi incident.

Jasper should already know something is wrong, because waking up and getting enlightened that my fiancé is not who I always believed him to be can certainly change a person's emotions. I catch his glances some times, still at a distance but he always looks at me with a knowing look. But I don't know what that look could mean, obviously he knows how I feel but it's more. Maybe it's that we just feel similar about how different we are to the perfect Cullen's.

I don't exactly know what it is but…with him, I feel as if I know him; like if we were allowed to speak to one another things would be easy. But we're not allowed, so I don't dwell on the thought.

Maybe someday when Edward no longer tries to control me, I can finally talk to Jasper.


After all the random thoughts, I finally make it to the Cullen mansion finding only Alice on the steps.

She sparkles on the porch, before the clouds throw their curtains around the sun. The feeling of inadequateness bubbles within me, but I push it away easily already used to the feeling.

My ancient truck coughs once after I turn it off, I try not to think about having to get a new vehicle as I make my way towards the porch.

Plopping down next to Alice, I look at her questioning.

She laughed as she reached in her pocket and pulled out what I have been craving for almost a month. I snatch the snacks and mumbled a quick 'thank you,' before diving in.

"So, you've finally come." Alice said, looking disgusted at my yummy food.

"As if you didn't know a long time ago." I replied with a roll of my eyes.

"Of course I did." She said with a light laugh.

"So tell me great one, what am I suppose to do?" I asked, but then remembered something. "No one is here, right?"

"No, no I had everyone get out of the house to go on a hunting trip. When they were all busy, I ran back here and stopped at a gas station on the way." She answered gesturing toward my food. "Anyways, I only see one way that is the best to help you. You will have to do as I say and accept whatever I give you though, alright Bella?" She asked looking at me sternly, which was almost comical from Alice.

"Alright, just tell me what I have to do."

"You'll have to make up some story to your father, say something about being accepted at some school." She started cheerily, and then looked sort of nervous. "I will have to fake your death some time after you leave."

"Yeah, I somehow knew that was going to be needed to be done." I sighed.

"Okay, well then you have to get a new car. Just some rentable car, don't worry about papers and stuff. I already took care of all of it." At my nod, she went on.

"Stay on the northern states, like drive towards New York or Maine or something."

"Why do I need to stay on the northern states?" I asked. I mean why couldn't I go to Texas or Florida, I am the one that is human and doesn't have the umm… super ability to sparkle.

Yep, super.

Anyways, as I was questioning why it is vampires need to sparkle, Alice broke through that.

"That way I can always go to you if I need to." She said, but it sounded like she was keeping something out. Being psychic, she probably already seen that I was going to ask about it and continued on.

"Just so you know, Bella you still become one of us." She said with pat to my back.

"How could that be though?" I asked.

"You have always been destined to be a vampire. That has always been solid."

After a long silence, I decided to ask the question that needed to be answered. "So when am I suppose to leave?"

"Well, how long do you think you can deal with Eddie?" She asked sweetly.

"I'm not sure, probably not long. How about two weeks? That way we have time to do the things that need to be done." I suggested.

"Works for me." She replied bouncing in place. "Now, why don't I take you shopping?"

***Cue time lapse music…bom, bom, bom, dop, dop, lala***

Now I sat in some midget car, that Alice thought was cute and funny and that I would have to drive it, taking a deep shaky breath and I finally started the car to make my way out of Washington.

I never thought that I would ever run from something, especially after all the vampires and near death experiences I have dealt with in the past. Never thought it would be Edward, my protector (no, ex protector) I would try to escape from.

Ironic, neh?

But the only way Alice seen it was that running was the only escape, only way to freedom.

My freedom.

Ah, such a beautiful word. Freedom. I never even knew I was trapped, but at least I figured it out before the marriage instead of way after. Now I can do what I want to in my life, no one else will baby me. I mean I took care of myself before I moved to Forks; I can still do it now.

Alice had left me with a cell, that she said only she had the number too. Of course being the funny person that she is, she also gave me a large box filled with my favorite Pop-tarts and gummy worms to eat to my heart's content.

I now also had new and am now Mary Brandon, obviously not very creative but Alice was happy to have me pretend that some of her true name was mine. And of course she had to give me at least two thousand dollars in cash and a black credit card.

Singing loudly to the radio and snacking on gummies while driving the midget of a car (Mini Cooper, for those that really want to know), I felt as if I was in paradise.


The rain kept coming down even almost sixteen hours later of driving. I think I was in Montana now, but wasn't too sure. After so many hours of driving I knew I needed to stop at a hotel, no need hitting a bunch of random people by sleeping behind the wheel.

It was incredibly dark, except for some slight lights flickering around the streets. Something in my gut told me to just keep going, to stop at the next town. But I didn't think I was going to last awake any longer, so thinking about it quickly I made the decision to grab some coffee then continue on my way.

Finding a still open gas station, I pulled up next to a pump and put gas in the car using the black card. After that was all done, I made my way inside.

There was only two clerks talking and joking around, seeming to try to keep one another awake on the job. Only one other customer was in the store that wasn't really looking at anything. His beady eyes followed me when he realize someone else is in the store. I try to ignore that he is looking at me with a look that makes me shiver and feel sick.

I quickly make my coffee and make my way to pay for it. When I get to the counter, I look around to find the man no longer there and something in my gut tells me things are not looking to good for me.

The car is not that far from the entrance, and I know I can't walk to fast or I will just end up falling on my face while holding a hot cup of coffee. I try not to think too much about the creepy man, since if anything happened the two workers would be right there.

So after paying, I make my way to the doors and head straight for my car. I fumble for the keys in my pockets while desperately trying to keep the coffee in the cup.

Now most would probably say that I was smart to lock up the car, before going into the store. But at the time…well, I thought the complete opposite when that man came from behind one of the gas pump machines and I still didn't have my keys in my hand.

I would have screamed, but for the knife being placed lightly on top of my stomach and the threats he made. He pulled me along using my arm, causing me to drop the cup, and walked us towards a nearby alleyway.

Any chance that the two clerks could save me vanished, because through the glass they were still laughing around while my every being was screaming on the inside. The rain starts to come down at a faster speed, and I can barely see what's around me. All I hear is the pounding of it on the concrete, and know no one will be able to hear me even if I do scream.

Just as I'm about to say screw it and scream anyway he abruptly pushes me roughly in the alley. My body bounces roughly off a wall and crashes to the ground. My arms automatically go out to protect my face, but my landing is in a twisted manner and I can almost hear a rib crack.

I know it's broken when I angle to push my body up and my right side flares wildly. A scream ricochets throughout the alley and I don't even realize its mine until my throat aches and the man pushes his nasty hand against my mouth.

His one hand tangles through my hair, and he pulls me so I am lying on my back. The movements make me scream out again, but his hand muffle the sounds, and tears stream down my face from the pain.

I'm pinned down between his legs. My hands being free began to swing wildly at him and actually land a hit on his face. This causes him to get angry and he takes the hand from my hair and punches me a couple times all over.

My tears fall around my head, as I keep fighting the man and the pain, and the rain becomes one with them.

He must of really been getting tired of my futile hits, because soon my hands are over my head and the hand that was over my mouth is no longer there. But I feel the warm, sticky liquid seeping through my shirt just before a searing pain is felt along my side that puts the cracked rib to shame.

Louder my screams are heard by only me and this grotesque man. His knife is in my face and covered in my blood that is being washed away along with my tears. I breathe through my mouth when I can smell the blood a bit, needing to remain conscious… needing to fight.

He tears my shirt off using the knife, and I try to get free. But my mind starts to feel light and things start to get foggy and dark. The feelings of the cold rain hitting my upper body and face start to make everything numb.

Suddenly I don't feel his weight on me anymore, and through the slits my eyes make I make out another man who snaps the others neck before he is in front of me. His eyes are semi black, but I can make out the red. And they seem so familiar, those red eyes.

The rain almost completely stops, except for some light sprinkles that soothe my aching body. Blood keeps raging out of me, and I know that soon I wouldn't even feel it if this vampire chose to eat me.

Darkness takes over, but those red eyes are the last thing I see knowing I've seen them countless times before.

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