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Summary: Bella Swan is a spunky sports agent with a no bullshit attitude. She is juggling two football players and a baseball player two years into her career. She has her hands full, but her plate gets even fuller when she gets a new cocky controlling client with emerald eyes.

Edward Cullen is a rookie who is starting his second season of his NFL career, he finds a new agent that rocks his world. Her chestnut hair will blow him away along with her witty attitude.

These two are about to go on a wild ride that you don't want to miss.

The Sports Agent

By: Laura Lu

Date: December 6, 2009

Time: 8am/C

Chapter One

Edward Cullen's POV


I stared down at the contract in front of me seething, it was fucking ridiculous. What kind of dumbfuck would make this deal? Oh that's right my fucking agent; he had to be out of his ever loving mind. I was going to wax the floor with Mike Newton; some sports agent he was. He came from a large firm that just liked having big names under them, and I was stupid for signing with them in the first place. I should have walked away as soon as they got me drafted second instead of first like I should have been. I was coming into my second season in the NFL, just weeks before training camp and my agency fucks up my contract. I asked them to negotiate getting me more money and while I went to visit my adoptive parents, Carlisle and Esme, my agent crashed and burned my deal. I had it all fucking worked out and put together for their asses and what do they do, they manage to ruin a perfect deal. Now I was being traded, fucking traded. Not to a bad team or anything, but it wasn't my team. I had been building a football empire of my own in Detroit, I had plans, but now I had to start over on another team. The Seattle Saints, they had a good season last year and had a promising team for the upcoming season, but damn I liked it in Detroit. It was close to my family and I already had a damn good following of fans. My little black book was full with the finest women in Detroit and now I would have to start over in Seattle. Not that football or women was a hard thing for me, but shit who likes starting over.

I slammed the ruined worthless contract down on the table and shoved past the dicks in suits. There was no way I was signing the contract that they negotiated with Seattle; I had no choice about going to Seattle, but there was no way in hell I was going with that contract. I would find someone else to write me one up; hell I could write one up myself better than that.

"Mr. Cullen, where are you going?" Mike yelled after me as I headed for the elevators. I needed to get control of my anger before I spoke with any of them or someone would get hurt. "Edward Cullen." Mike called after me one more time before the elevator doors closed. Once inside and traveling downward to the garage I took deep breaths. My iPhone buzzed in my pocket and I pulled it out not bothering to look at the caller ID and answered it.

"You're fucking fired." I growled into the phone and hung up before Mike could even say anything. Some horrible elevator music rang in my ears and it wasn't helping me, because I wanted to punch a hole in the speakers. Whoever wrote this music should be shot; I practically pulled the elevator doors open when they chimed. I made my way down the rows of cars in parking garage B, letting out a heavy sigh as I clicked the button to unlock my baby, a brand new charcoal colored Bristol Fighter T. I climbed into the leather on leather interior and sighed in relief. Starting her up she purred a melody that soothed me; I hit my iPod and rocked some Limp Bizkit, and the lyrics to "Break Stuff" blared through the state of the art speakers. I backed out of the parking spot and whipped her around; as soon as my tires hit the highway I was off before the reporters and paparazzi could snap a picture. This car topped off at two-hundred and twenty-five, but I hadn't gotten it over one-sixty yet. Thought today might just be the day. I drove through the busy morning traffic trying to calm myself as my baby purred under me and I could feel myself calming.

I sang along with the lyrics drumming my hands on the steering wheel while my foot pressed down on the pedal.

"It's just one of those days

Where you don't want to wake up

Everything is fucked

Everybody sucks

You don't really know why

But you want to justify

Rippin' someone's head off

No human contact

And if you interact

Your life is on contract

Your best bet is to stay away motherfucker…."

I pulled into the parking garage of my condo in record time; I took the back entrance avoiding the reporters and blood hounds, also known as paparazzi. I winked at Carmen the desk clerk as I made my way to the elevator that led up to my floor. One thing was for sure, in Seattle I was getting a fucking house and hopefully a five year contract.

Inside my apartment I was welcomed by my clean, clutter free sanctuary. I put my keys, wallet, and phone into the glass bowl in the foyer, then took my shoes off and placed them in the entry closet. I didn't wear shoes in my apartment and neither the fuck did anyone else. I sat down on my black feathered leather couch and rested my head in my hands. Alright Cullen you need a game plan.

Call assistant.

Find a new agency.

Look for a place in Seattle.



Fucking resort to my little black book for a little stress relief.

As I landed in the Seattle airport there were flashes and people screaming my name. I tried to ignore them and make my way through the crowd, my bodyguards yelling and pushing them out of the way. I did not mind signing autographs and talking to kids and shit, but I hated the paparazzi and reporters. They acted as if they were the reason I had a career and I had news for them, I was the fucking reason why I am who I am today. I was the one who ran six miles every day, played catch with my dad for three hours after school, and I am the one who fucking won the Heisman my sophomore and junior year of college. I was the reason I was MVP last year, not the fucking reporters and drama hungry paparazzi.

The owner of the team Eric Yorkie waited just inside the airport along with the head coach, Phil Dwyer.

"Edward, welcome to Seattle." Mr. Yorkie said shaking my hand.

"Thank you." I said smiling, then turning to the Coach.

"It is an honor to have you, let's get to work." Coach Dwyer said patting me on the back.

I followed them out to a limo that waited for us to take me to my place. I had my car sent ahead of me so it should already be at the house that I recently leased. I was currently renting it until I was sure that I got a good contract with Seattle. There was room for adjustments in my contract until the season opener. I chatted with the men on the short ride to my new million-dollar home; it was modern contemporary, or at least that is what the realtor told me, most of the walls were made of glass, most of the floors had hardwood finishes, and a real clean line setting. I did not get the luxury of taking it all in, because I had to turn around and head to a team meeting, because jet lagged or not, work never ends. I wish I could just play fucking football, but it did not work like that. There was so much more to it, and when you are traded, all of your shit gets fucked up. Being traded from the East coast to the West meant many changes. For one my assistant was not up for the move so now I have to get a new one, I would have to start a new little black book, I still needed an agent, and to top it all off I had to bond with a new team. Not to mention the whole fuckery of having to move all of your shit or having to buy every fucking thing all over again. Yes, being traded fucked everything up.

As I stepped out of the limo to enter the field house where the team meeting would be held, there were tons of reporters begging for an exclusive, but I just walked past without a word. I learned back in college that you did not speak to those fuckers unless you were in a neutral setting with a contract, or else they would twist your fucking words. Mr. Yorkie gave me a quick tour of the stadium, locker room, and all that good stuff. They did have a very nice establishment here and I was interested in meeting the team. I knew most of the big name players and even respected a few of them. Emmett McCartney was a badass lineman that was always saying the craziest shit on television. He was also known for his many women, but when it came to football, he could play. He was also fast as hell for a guy so big; he could run with the receivers and running backs blocking for their asses. Jasper Whitlock was the quarterback and I had actually played against him in college; he went to UT and I went to Florida. Our team beat his every time we faced them, but not because of him. He had a hell of an arm and I couldn't wait to be catching his touchdown passes.

The meeting room was packed with the team players, and Yorkie took me around making introductions, and before I knew it I had worked the room, McCartney and Whitlock didn't seem to be anywhere in the room. Coach Dwyer headed to the front of the room and everyone started taking a seat. I sat towards the front where there wasn't a ton of other players; I preferred sitting alone so I could pay attention. I heard a booming voice from behind me just before someone kicked my chair.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" I turned to see all seven foot, two hundred and eighty pounds of Emmett McCartney with Whitlock standing next to him, both of them smiling at me.

"Welcome to Seattle Cullen." Jasper said in a deep southern accent taking the seat next to me. Emmett hopped over and plopped down on my other side and I thought the chair was going to crumble to dust.

"Yeah number seventeen welcome to Winnersville." Emmett bellowed in a deep playful voice. I glanced over to see Jasper rolling his eyes at Emmett.

Coach started going over team stuff, like expectations, publicity, team guidelines, and all that boring mumbo jumbo. When he finally finished I was starving and ready to get something to eat.

"How do you like Seattle so far?" Jasper's southern voice asked.

"Well I have been here all of about five hours, so try asking me again after I get some sleep and something to eat." I told him chuckling.

"Well Emmett and I usually grab a bite to eat after meetings if you want to join us." Jasper said smiling and I figured why not. I didn't know anyone here and these guys were pretty cool.

"Why-the-fuck-not." I said shrugging indifferently.

We started walking towards the door; Emmett was next to the door talking to one of the special team players.

"Em you going to grab a bite with us?" Jasper asked him as we started to head out the door.

"Hell yeah, how about we hit Licorous?" He asked putting one hand on my shoulder and the other on Jasper's.

"What is Licorous?" I asked walking with my two new teammates hoping whatever the fuck this place was they had fast service and good food. I mean good clean food, I hated food with added hormones and shit.

"It is a lounge with delicious food and…" Emmett cut Jasper off.

"And fine ass waitresses." Emmett chuckled rubbing his large hands together in anticipation.

"Well I was going to say a great selection of drinks." Jasper finished and I laughed at the irritated look on his face. We all piled into Emmett's huge jacked up Avalanche and headed to Licorous.

That was only the first time I hung out with Jasper and Emmett.

A week passed and everything seemed to be falling into place. I still didn't have an agent and it seemed like I would never find someone with enough brains to please me. Emmett and Jasper had introduced me to the city and I had a lot of fun with the two of them. After stressful interviews with agents and assistants it was good to cut loose with the guys. Emmett was a comedian and fucking made me laugh my ass off. Jasper was really mellow and down to earth; he seemed to go with anything. I fit just right in with the two of them, in fact I was headed over to Emmett's for a dinner with a couple of girls and I didn't plan on coming home alone. I showered in my crisp clean bathroom, and then dressed in a pair of perfectly faded jeans and an Ed Hardy T shirt, then topped the outfit off with a pair of brand new sneakers; a perk of the job was never wearing a pair of sneaks more than once. I tried to do something with my hair, but it was pointless; it always looked like I just fucking woke up. The ladies seemed to love it so who was I to question a good thing. Emmett lived in a little town outside of Seattle called Forks, it was his home town and I liked driving through it, because I could top my car off on the empty small town streets.

As I pulled up to his house there were already two cars there, Jasper's Lambo and a fire red mustang, obviously a girl's car. Emmett opened the door before I made it halfway up the steps.

"Get in here dickweed." He yelled opening the door wide. Music was going inside and I caught the lyrics to the song "Party in the USA". What I am in touch with the ladies, I know my shit. As we rounded the corner into a living room three girls were swaying their hips with drinks in hand.

"Ladies this is Edward-fuck-me-Cullen." The ladies blushed and giggled as Emmett introduced me. "Seventeen this is Tanya, Jessica, and Lauren." He said pointing out a sexy strawberry blonde as Tanya, then a dirty blonde that was kind of sleazy looking as Jessica, then a snobby looking platinum blonde as Lauren.

"Ladies." I greeted them with the signature crooked smile, my eyes on Tanya as she flipped her hair behind her shoulder and licked her lips. Yes you can put those lips on my cock. I knew the look in her eye and I knew I wouldn't go home alone.

Emmett got me a drink and we headed into the dining room for dinner. A server came out and served our three course meal and I had to admit I was a little surprised at the dinner Emmett had set up. It was a lot nicer than I had been expecting, but Emmett had game so I was sure this was a part of it. During dinner Tanya sat across from me and I felt her foot slid up my leg and I arched my eyebrows at her taunting her. I winked at her a few times as her foot grazed the inside of my thigh and I think she nearly had a big O there at the table. Dinner passed nicely and we returned to the living room for drinks and to socialize. Emmett was talking about some crazy shit and had us all laughing our asses off. Tanya was now halfway into my lap and whispering naughty things into my ear. I could tell she was going to be a feisty fun fuck, not the same old boring shit. Naughty girl for sure. We all had started to drift around the room in groups of two in our own little conversations, when suddenly the door banged loudly over the soft music playing and all our heads snapped in that direction. A forceful beautiful voice came yelling out into the quiet room over the soft music.

"Emmett mother fucking McCartney."

"Oh shit." Emmett said pushing Lauren off his lap.

"What the fuck is it your girlfriend or something?" I asked suddenly alert as fuck that something was about to go down. Whoever she was, she sounded pissed off.

"Worse." Emmett said looking scared. How someone that big could be scared was beyond me.

"Who?" I asked as a short girl entered the room. She had long chestnut hair that cascaded down her body in ringlets; she was so innocent looking, even though she was obviously furious. She had this perfectly adorable little heart shaped face with deep chocolate eyes set in it. Adorable?

She looked around the room startled for a moment, then her eyes landed on me and for a moment she didn't look so furious. Her brown endless eyes stared into mine and I was lost in them. Then she looked to Tanya in my lap and the fury was back, she slung her head to Emmett, hands on hips-so cute-, tapping her tiny little foot on the wood floor. I looked over to see a very terrified Emmett and it was almost comical. Why was he afraid of this beautiful little woman?

"Yes Bella dear." He said in a sweet and innocent voice. Bella. That name fit her perfectly, because it was just as beautiful as her. Damn Cullen what the fuck. Beautiful?

She glared at him and didn't say a word; she just walked over to the coffee table and grabbed the remote off of it. She flipped on the television and then turned it to the ESPN channels and flipped through them until she found the one she wanted. She stopped on the "Breaking News in Sports" show and turned it up. The sports newscaster voice rang through the tense room.

"A waitress at a local restaurant in Seattle is claiming that she saw offensive lineman Emmett McCartney pick up an underage prostitute just outside of the downtown restaurant, Licorous. McCartney was unreachable to confirm or deny allegations." As the sportscaster went onto the next topic Bella flipped off the television and turned to glare at Emmett.

"Come on Bells you know that isn't true." He stated in a pleading tone, then he added with a jokingly tone. "Why would I pay for sex?" Bella let out a frustrated breath and then folded her hands together and looked up at Emmett with a very professional face.

"Emmett did anyone call you or try to contact you about this?" She asked calmly gesturing to the television screen.

"No." He answered quickly.

"Did you pick up a girl outside of a restaurant lately that could have been underage?" She asked calmly again and I found myself watching her intently, she had this demeanor about her that oozed sex and dominance. I was getting a hard on just listening to her talk, which didn't make any fucking sense to me, but my body apparently saw something I didn't.

"I…uh… possibly to the outside of the restaurant part, but big fucking no to the underage part." Emmett said letting out a heavy breath.

Bella took a deep breath and then she pointed a finger at him as she spoke.

"You listen here I am going to clean this fucking shit up and while I am doing so, do you think you could keep Emmy junior there in your fucking paints?" She asked gesturing to his dick; I couldn't help, but laugh. It was so fucking funny, but I stopped short when her glare landed on me. She was ferocious like a mountain lion, a baby mountain lion mind you, but a lion all the same. I squirmed under her gaze and was a little relieved when her focus was back on Emmett.

"Sure thing Bells." He sighed slumping down on the couch.

"What?" Lauren asked shocked at Emmett's agreement, she obviously wasn't happy about not getting any. I had kind of forgotten that anyone else was in the room besides the furious Bella and the cowardly Emmett. Once I was brought back to reality I remembered Tanya and made a mental note that if Lauren wanted to join us she could. She looked like a bitch, but what did that matter in the sack?

Bella stared at Emmett waiting; he sighed and spoke sounding defeated.

"I think maybe you should go Lauren." I think my jaw dropped to the floor in surprise and shock. Who was this woman that could control him like that? Bella was now a fucking Goddess in my eyes. She could bring a grown ass man to his knees with her words, it was incredible.

"What?" Lauren asked again, and then she turned her glare on Bella. I automatically wanted to step in and protect Bella from her. You want to what? "Who the hell are you to tell him what to do?" She asked venom in her voice. Bella didn't back down, she smirked at Lauren.

"I am the wicked witch of the west and Emmett is my puppet." She said with humor.

"More like bitch, rather than witch." Lauren sneered crossing her arms. Emmett got between Bella and Lauren in a protective nature for Bella. It bugged me, but I had no fucking idea why.

"You need to leave now." He told Lauren with a strict voice. Bella smirked as Lauren huffed and grabbed her things. Jessica grabbed her stuff also, and they both looked at Tanya expectantly. I suddenly was so intrigued with Bella that I didn't care if she stayed or went.

"I will take a cab." Tanya told the girls and they angrily headed for the door.

"It was nice meeting you, have a good night." Bella said waving at them with a beautiful smile on her face.

There you go with the beautiful shit again.

"Well you boys enjoy the rest of your evening, I have work to do." Bella said leaving with her hair swaying behind her; the scent of strawberries hit me as she passed.

"Who was that women?" I asked once I heard the door close.

"Our agent." Emmett and Jasper said at the same time.

I know that the Seattle Saints do not exist, but I made them up for the purpose of my story.

I didn't want to play favorites, but if you are wondering my team is the Colts. Go Peyton! Also some of the statistics and other mumbo jumbo may not be right, but hey this is fiction. Sorry I am not a genius in all things, I am also not a sports guru, but I do know a thing or two. So please do not correct me on things that I didn't get right, this is all in fun. Thanks.