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She was stunning, that much was for sure.

Edward watched her with misty eyes as she stood there giving her entire heart away. Her white dress was beautiful against her porcelain skin and her hair hung in curls framing the top of the strapless dress; her hair color contrasted with the dress and her creamy skin perfectly.

His heart ached, but jumped for joy at the same time. It was such a conflicting emotion to watch one of the most amazing women in his life give her heart to another man.

His little Lizzie was just shy of twenty and already getting married.

He and Bella had struggled with the idea of her getting married before finishing college, but the girl was a free spirit and knew what she wanted. He claimed she was stubborn like her mother, and her mother claimed she was bullheaded like her father.

Bella held onto Edward's hand tightly not ready to let her baby girl go completely.

The year before they had sent her off to college and that was hard enough.

Edward and Bella were very involved parents in their children's life.

One of them was always there for them until Edward retired from the NFL, then they both were there for nearly every occasion from sporting events to spelling bees, they were always there.

Now, they were at on of the the biggest events of them all, watching their baby girl, their oldest child start her own family. First she would get married and then one day, hopefully after college, she would have her own children. It was beautiful, but they both couldn't help but still see her as that five year old girl that told them they were hers forever….

Fourteen years earlier

"Fairy princesses, what the heck is a fairy princess anyway?" Edward mumbled as he sorted through a bunch of pink dresses with wings attached to them.

"If this is what I have to look forward to, I almost wish we were having another boy," Emmett grunted as he arranged tiara's on a table.

"I heard that," Rose said walking into the room, her belly round with the last few months of her pregnancy. "I think three boys in this family is more than enough."

"Nah, a few more and we could have our own football team," Emmett said showing Rose his dimples.

Emmett wouldn't have minded a house full of boys. They had their first baby just two years ago, a little boy named Bryce, and now they were having a little girl that they would name Lilly. Rose was over the moon with excitement, she loved her boys Riley, Bryce, and Emmett, but she dreamed of a baby girl swaddled in pink.

"How many kids are coming to this party?" Emmett asked glancing over at the thirty plus crowns, costumed dresses, and knight swords.

"I think Lizzie invited everyone in her class, and then there are all the friends with kids, and the business associates with kids," Edward sighed standing up from his position in front of a table full of dresses.

He stretched his back out and looked over his and Emmett's work.

"I think we did a pretty good job for a couple of football stars," he chuckled.

"Yeah, well just don't let the guys in the locker room find out," Emmett added standing up, and heading for the food table.

Just as he was reaching for a princess crown shaped sandwich his hand was slapped back.

"What do you think you are doing?" Bella asked with her hands on her hips.

"I just set up enough crowns and dresses to turn any straight man gay, I am starving," he whined.

"The food is for Elizabeth's birthday party, not for you to finish off before the guests even get here. You can have a grape, but that is it," she said with warning.

"A grape, Bella be reasonable. A grape won't even register to my stomach," he whined again with a pouty face. .

"Not my problem."

"Ugh, your wife is such a dictator," Emmett complained to Edward.

Edward laughed and wrapped his arms around Bella kissing her cheek and cradling her belly.

"Trust me, I know," Edward agreed smiling down at Bella.

"Off with his head," Bella said grabbing a sword and pointing it at Emmett and then turning on Edward.

"Take it back," she teased holding the sword up to his heart. It was a toy sword that had been made of foam and put out for the "knights", or in real people words the little boys, that would attend the party.

"Never," Edward said grabbing the sword and pulling her back into his arms. "You can always be my DICK-tator."

"Little ears," Rose quickly warned as the kids came skipping into the room.

Elizabeth was in the front already decked out in all of the princess fairy gear a girl could dream of, she was followed by Riley in a prince outfit and Bryce in a dragon suit.

"Why is little dude a dragon?" Emmett asked surprised.

"He is my pet," Riley said proudly making everyone laugh.

"And Riley is my prince," Elizabeth added smiling at him.

Riley sighed and rolled his eyes.

"I told her I should be the knight because a knight protects the princess and that is what I am, her protector, but she insisted that I be her prince," Riley explained making everyone smile.

"What about daddy? If you are the princess does that make me the King?" Edward asked scooping his little girl up.

"Yep, daddy is the king and mommy is the queen!" Elizabeth exclaimed.

"Great, just what Bella needs more power," Emmett said picking up Bryce and putting him on his hip.

"Kids why don't you go try out the bounce house while we wait on everyone to get here," Bella suggested sending the kids running in the direction of the bounce houses just as Jasper and Alice arrived.

Jasper stepped protectively in front of Alice as the kids barreled past them, only pausing momentarily to say hi to them. Jasper was wearing his usual attire of jeans and a t-shirt, but Alice had on a petite skirt and a shirt with wings attached. She resembled a true pixy, well a very pregnant pixy.

"Man, they are already running wild and the party hasn't even started yet," Jasper said as they joined Edward, Bella, Rose, Bryce, and Emmett in the party room.

They exchanged pleasantries and then Bella set out to aggravate Emmett further with her apparent power.

"Rose, Alice would you two like to try out these sandwiches with me?" she asked looking at Emmett instead.

"What? If you three are eating a sandwich, by golly I am getting one too," he insisted.

However, Bella had other plans as she blocked the table and smiled sweetly at him.

"I don't think so Emm, you see us women need the nutrition since we are carrying around an extra person inside of us. So, we will have a sandwich and you will go man the children so we can rest our feet before the real fun begins."

"I think a tiny baby hardly qualifies as carrying around an extra person. They are tiny and my ass needs more food than you pregnant or not," Emmett said as he stalked away with Bryce in tow mumbling something about women milking their pregnancy before they ever get around to milking babies. Everyone laughed at his expense, but Jasper and Edward quickly followed after Emmett leaving the three pregnant women alone.

Once Bella, Rose, and Alice had a sandwich and a water they took a seat to catch up and rest a little before things got crazy.

"So, Alice did you and Jasper pick a name yet?" Rose asked taking a bite out of her sandwich.

"I really like Jasper Paul, but Jasper doesn't want to name him after himself. So, we are leaning towards Jason Paul. What about you Bella?" Alice said.

"Oh, you know Edward, he is so picky. One day he wants to name the baby one thing then the next day another. I think we are leaning more towards Chase Jacob and calling him CJ."

The three girl's eyes grew misty as they thought of Jacob. He had been killed in a car accident just three years earlier, and only a week after Bella and Edward's wedding. It was a hit and run by a drunk driver that was caught a few months after, but it affected them all. Bella missed Jacob everyday and her father had spent a lot of time trying to pull Billy out of his depression. The story had been televised worldwide and the country's football fans had all mourned the loss of a great man and a great athlete.

"Why doesn't Edward want to name him CJ for sure?" Rose asked.

"Well, he is worried that we are messing with some sort of fate or something," Bella answered.

"How does he figure that?" Alice asked.

"Because Elizabeth is named after Edward's mother who was murdered and if we name the baby after Jacob then that is another child that is named after someone close to us that was killed. I find it as a way to always have a piece of them, to remember them, but Edward worries that it could be a bit too much."

The girls grew silent thinking it over and all three could see both sides of it and understand it, but the sentimental value, the remembrance value won out for all of them. Guest started to arrive soon after creating a welcomed distraction from sad thoughts of Jacob. The party was a fairy princess dream; they all enjoyed their time together and the kids had a blast.

When Elizabeth made a wish she looked at both of her parents and blew out her candles quickly. When the party was over, cleaned up, and everyone safely at home Bella and Edward tucked Elizabeth into bed together.

"Did you like your party?" Edward asked her.

"I loved it, thank you," she said sleepily.

"You're welcome sweetie," Bella said kissing her cheek.

"Do you want us to read you a book?" Edward asked.

"No, but can you tell me a story?" she asked yawning.

"What kind of story do you want to hear?"

"One about the day mommy married her prince," she suggested causing Bella and Edward to chuckle and smile at each other.

"I think I know that one," Edward said kissing Bella's hand that he held in his. "It was just at sunset when I stood at the end of a white carpet runner, under a gazebo covered in twinkling lights. A pond sat near by and in front of me around the white long carpet walkway sat all of our friends and family. First Uncle Emmett and Aunt Rose walked out, then Uncle Jasper and Aunt Alice, and then a beautiful little bronze haired princess skipped her way shyly down the carpet randomly throwing white and blue petals along the way."

"Was I the princess, daddy?" Elizabeth asked interrupting.

"Yes you were," Edward said kissing the tip of her nose. "You were so cute and so clumsy, like your mother," Edward chuckled winking at Bella, who rolled her eyes at him. "When you made it to the end you hugged my leg and tried to hide behind me. It was so cute, and then you went to sit with grandpa Carlisle and grandma Esme. Then finally after everyone was standing and looking towards the carriage that you had climbed out of your grandpa Charlie got out followed by the most beautiful woman in the world, well only next to you my little princess fairy. However, your mommy was dressed in a simple, but really pretty white dress. She had her hair curled and a white flower tucked behind her ear. She smiled at me and you yelled "mommy" out while she walked towards me. Everyone smiled and laughed because you were loud and adorable and it made your mommy tear up. When she finally got to me I took her hand as Grandpa Charlie gave her to me to be my wife. After we were announced husband and wife, you, me, and your mommy all had our first dance together. That day we showed the world we were a family and we would be forever."

Elizabeth watched as her father looked at her mother lovingly and thought about what they were saying.

"So, after you have my brother are you going to have another wedding?"

Edward and Bella looked at her and then back at each other trying to figure out how to explain it, Bella took the lead.

"No sweetie, your daddy and I will only get married once. We did it when you were two, but you only do it once, usually. We will have a baby shower for your brother, which is kind of like a birthday party, but it happens before he is born."

"So, I am the only one that gets to be in your wedding?" she asked hopefully.

"Yep, just you princess," Edward said smiling.

"Cool, we all got married, you're mine forever," she said happily opening her arms to hug them.

"Yes, baby girl, we are yours forever and you're ours."

"When I marry my prince, I am going to wear a big white princess dress," Elizabeth mumbled falling asleep.

"Married? I thought she was ours forever?" Edward asked looking a little panicked.

Bella laughed lightly and pulled him out of the room.

"I think we have twenty plus years before we have to worry about that," Bella said kissing Edward sweetly.

"Twenty plus, try thirty or more. My baby girl is going to have a hell of a time finding a guy I approve of…"

"I can't believe my lizard is married."

"Ugh, CJ you are fourteen, I am pretty sure you can say my name right now," Elizabeth said rolling her eyes at her little brother.

"Maybe, but it is more fun to annoy you."


"Mom, can I have a pet lizard?" Ellie asked.

Ellie was twelve and Bella and Edward's third child. She was the baby of the family and a major pet collector. Bella had only ever allowed them to have Eddie as a pet until he had to be put down, but when Ellie was about eight she started bringing home stray animals and their house had been full of them ever since. It drove Bella insane, but Ellie loved her pets.

"Absolutely not," Bella said quickly shaking her head.

"Oh come on Bells, it is just a little old lizard," Emmett teased.

Bella narrowed her eyes at him and then turned back to her youngest daughter.

"You can have a lizard, but you have to live with Uncle Emmett."

"Hmm, I like my room and my pets, so, maybe I could just have the lizard live there and I will go over there to feed it and play with it. Lilly would you let it stay in your room?" Ellie asked, a plot forming in her head.

"Eww, no!" Lilly exclaimed causing them all to laugh.

"Okay, well I have to finish saying hi to everyone," Elizabeth said kissing her parents and waving bye to her family as she joined her new husband nearby.

After she was out of ear shot the other teens in the family made their way to their own table leaving their parents, Riley, and grandparents alone.

"I can't believe she is married," Bella sighed watching her daughter wonder around the room with her new husband.

Edward held Bella's hand tightly in his.

"Me neither," Riley said causing them all to glance at him.

Riley was never seen as anything other than a big brother to Elizabeth, their personalities and ages getting in the way. After years and years of looking after Elizabeth, Riley had grown to have more than sibling like feelings for her, but she didn't have a clue about it. He never pressed it both because she was still in high school and too young for him, but he thought he had time. He was sure that she would go to college and that then in time their age differences wouldn't matter anymore. However, he didn't expect her to meet a guy her first week at college and marry him barely a year later. Alec was a nice guy, but Riley didn't think he was the guy for Lizzie, mostly because he thought he was the one for her.

"Chin up, son. There is a girl out there for you," Emmett said clamping his hand down on his son's shoulder.

They were all aware of the feelings Riley had for Elizabeth, only a fool wouldn't notice. Bella had liked the idea and thought they would be good together, but felt like Elizabeth needed a few more years of maturing before she would be on the same level as Riley. Edward thought it was a horrible idea, but then again he thought any guy with his daughter was a horrible idea. However, at the end of the day Elizabeth knew what she wanted and she went after it. They couldn't stop it, they couldn't hold her back, and most of them gave their opinion to her once and then held their tongue from that point on. They supported her even if they didn't agree with her, it was what family did.

"I see a friend of mine, I will leave you old people alone," Riley said finding an escape from the table. Rose watched Riley go with a concerned expression on her face that only a mother that loved her child dearly could express.

"He will be okay," Emmett assured her.

"Lizzie is happy, we should all be happy," Alice said holding up her glass. "To our families being happy and whole, because at the end of the day that is what matters."

"Cheers," they all agreed.

"I can go along with that as long as I am not a grandma anytime soon," Bella said glancing over at her daughter smiling happily with her husband's arms wrapped around her.

"Yea, I agree, I am too young to be a great grandma," Esme said smoothing the slight wrinkles on her face.

"She always wanted to be a princess, we should have locked her in a tower when we had the chance," Edward said casting a longing glance at his baby girl.

"Hey, we still have Lilly and Ellie, let's build them a tower," Emmett suggested.

"I am down for that," Edward agreed.

"Oh man, I am so glad we didn't have a girl," Jasper chuckled kissing Alice's cheek.

"Me too, one boy is enough for us."

"Good Lord, this family has come a long way," Charlie said smiling and looking around the table.

It had been a long journey they had experienced; there had been ups and downs. There had been births and deaths; there had been success and failure, but every step of the way they had all stuck together.

Jasper and Alice had only had one child. Jasper had retired after their son was born wanting to be home for him and Alice. He finished his education and started a career in mentoring and counseling teens. Alice's fashion business was very successful in the Seattle area. She had opened a store in Seattle, Forks, and had a chance to expand into other states, but decided that her and her family had had enough time in the spot light. She just wanted to live a normal life, so, she settled on sewing and selling her designs to those in her area. They lived comfortably and happily in Forks.

Emmett continued to play until he was thirty-six and then retired; he still did a sport broadcasting show in Seattle and did some announcing at the games. Rose settled into being a housewife and stay at home mom easily. She enjoyed it and it was her calling, their two sons and daughter were very happy and healthy.

Carlisle and Esme moved to Forks permanently to watch their grandchildren grow up. Carlisle was still working at the hospital and Esme spent most of her time gardening and spending time with the grandkids.

Charlie retired after having some heart problems and spent a lot of time fishing with Billy until Billy passed away quietly in his sleep a year beforehand.

Edward played in the NFL until he was thirty-three and then retired to take a job in Bella's ever growing agency. She still kept it smaller than the bigger agencies, but she had expanded even more than she had previously. She opted to have separate agents for separate sports; she still over saw a lot of the clients and made sure everyone was being treated right. Bella and Edward had three children, two girls and a boy.

They still had their struggles along the way, as nothing was ever exactly perfect, but overall they were happy and healthy. They were always there for each other, even when they didn't agree. They made mistakes, lots of them sometimes, but at the end of the day their hearts were in the right place.

The boys never got a second championship ring, but the one they shared was the highlight of their careers and something they cherished, but still it came after their families. Their careers had been successful, but succeeding with their families had been the greatest gift they had been given.

Bella rarely thought of the traumatic events she went through, as all the good things over shadowed them, but from time to time they would enter her mind. Edward thought about his parents Edward and Elizabeth often, but with his family surrounding him he knew they were in a better place and looking down on them.

Edward shared a dance with his daughters, his mother, and his wife. Bella shared a dance with her son, father, and husband. It was a beautiful wedding and even though their daughter was young Edward and Bella hoped that she had a love like they did; that she had a love that could make it through anything because at the end of the day love is what helped you through the good and the bad times.

They had been on a hell of a journey that was nowhere near over. They knew it wouldn't always be perfect, but they knew that they would have each other.

"To family," Elizabeth's husband, Alec cheered, "To family" they all toasted.

The guest thinned out and they all saw the groom and bride off on their romantic honeymoon. Bella shed a few tears and Edward kissed them away telling her that Elizabeth would be okay, that things would workout for her. Bella hoped so, but she knew that young marriages usually didn't last, but she tried to be positive about it.

"Family dinner tomorrow?" Emmett asked as everyone gathered their things.

"Yep, your house this time?" Edward said smiling.

Once a month all of the families got together and had a large family dinner, they all brought a dish and sat together enjoying each other's company and catching up on life.

"I guess, but Bella has to make me double fudge brownies or you two aren't allowed to enter," Emmett teased and Bella rolled her eyes.

"I will make you brownies, but I can't promise they will have fudge in them," Bella said arching an eyebrow.

"Eww, that is so gross Bells," Charlie chimed pulling on his jacket.

"What I didn't say anything, but that they might not have fudge in them?" Bella said innocently.

"Sure, sure. See you tomorrow kid," Charlie grunted and kissed her forehead, waving bye to everyone.

"Mom, can Paul spend the night, please," CJ begged with Jasper Paul behind him smiling sheepishly.

"Sure, but you boys have to keep the volume down on those video games, and if it is okay with your mom," Bella answered glancing at Alice who just shrugged and slipped her arm in Jasper's.

"A kid free night sounds good to me."

"Okay, then."

"Score," CJ said taking off with Paul towards the cars already talking about a new video game he had.

"He got the new Renegade game?" Emmett asked Edward, which launched them and Jasper into a conversation about the new video game.

Bella, Rose, and Alice mumbled something about boys and made their way towards the parking lot together.

"It was a beautiful wedding," Alice said pulling her jacket closer.

"Yes, it was," Bella sighed getting misty eyed again.

"Aww, it is okay, Bella," Rose said as her and Alice wrapped their arms around her.

"She is young, but she is brilliant. You and Edward raised her right, she wouldn't have gotten married if she wasn't certain it was for the best," Alice assured her best friend.

"I know, I am just trying to figure out where the time went. I can't even imagine her as that little baby anymore, but that five year old girl is all I see all the time. I miss her being little, I miss her needing me, but most of all I just feel like I blinked and she was all grown up."

"We all feel that way, our kids are grown up too, sweetie," Rose said assuring her it was okay.

"Plus Ellie is only twelve and CJ fourteen, you have more time with them at home. Even so, everything is an adventure, just because they are growing up doesn't mean they aren't our babies anymore. They will always be our babies," Alice said smiling as the three women glanced up at their children that were all gathered around the cars laughing and talking.

Riley was much older than them, but he smiled and talked with them all the same. That childlike expression he got from his father plastered on his face even as a man. Lilly and Ellie were laughing loudly at whatever Paul, Bryce, and CJ were coming up with and just the sight of them made their mothers smile even bigger.

"I guess you're right," Bella sighed nudging Alice's hip with hers and then doing the same to Rose.

Edward, Emmett, and Jasper had caught up with their wives by the time that they made it to the cars and the children.

"What is so funny?" Edward asked the kids as he unlocked his car, Jasper and Emmett doing the same with theirs.

"Nothing," all six kids said at the same time causing their parents to glance at each of them and then at each other, knowing something was up.

"Okay then, get in the car let's get home," Edward said watching them with a knowing eye.

Ellie, CJ, and Paul pilled into the backseat of the car while Bella and Edward sat up front holding hands the whole way.

"Hey Ellie, since your sister got married at nineteen does that mean you are getting married in like seven years?" Paul asked and a glance in rearview mirror immediately told Edward that he would have to watch that boy because he was smiling shyly at Ellie.

"Eww, NO! I am not getting married; I am going to travel the world taking pictures of animals and doing underwater dives. Plus, I would have to wear a dress, I don't like dresses," Ellie said glancing out the window. Bella and Edward smiled to themselves hoping that she did all of those things that she said she was going to do.

"Yeah, me neither, I want to play football like my dad," Paul said shrugging his shoulders.

"Me too," CJ said smiling proudly and patting his dad on his shoulder. "Do you think Jasper Paul and I can be as good as you and Jasper?"

"Of course if you keep practicing," Edward assured his son. "Probably even better."

"Maybe we should practice some tonight instead of playing video games," CJ suggested to Paul, who agreed.

"I think it can wait until tomorrow boys, it is late," Bella suggested.

The boys disagreed, but didn't argue with her.

The car came to a stop in the Cullen's driveway, but Bella didn't get out and she asked Ellie to stay behind a moment. Edward gave her a curious look, but she nodded for him to head on in with the boys.

Bella turned in her seat and looked at Ellie. Her baby girl looked so much like her with dark chestnut hair and deep brown eyes.

"It is okay that your sister got married, you know that right?" Bella asked.


"Okay, just making sure because I want you to do all of the things you dream about, but if you fall in love when you are older and want to get married, it is okay because I want that for you. I spent a lot of time thinking I would never get married, not caring if I ever did, but when I met your daddy I loved him so much, but I was scared because I always had it in my head that I wasn't going to get married. I wasn't going to let a guy or love rule me, but love isn't like that. It is all consuming, but it doesn't take away from life it adds to it. If I never married your father I would have never had you, your sister, or your brother. I wouldn't trade that for the world. Your sister is young and I know I was scared for her, but I am certain that Alec will only add to her life and ours. He will become a part of our family, not take her away. We just have to remember that."

Ellie nodded and gave her mom a weak smile.

"I was sad when she went to college because we would only get to see her on the weekends, but now I am worried she will go see his family or just want to be with him," Ellie admitted and Bella had suspected as much.

"She will; but she loves you and even though she loves Alec now, she will still miss us and want to see us," Bella assured her daughter.

"Okay," Ellie smiled a little bigger.

"I love you, mom."

"I love you, too, sweetie."

They got out of the car and hugged each other tightly, and when they turned towards the house Edward was standing there waiting for them.

"Everything okay?" he asked looking over his girls.

"Everything is great," Bella assured him as she leaned down and kissed Ellie on the top of her head.

Edward threw an arm over each of their shoulders and they entered the house together.

Once the kids were in their room settled in for the night, Edward and Bella retired to their room. Bella stood at the double sinked counter brushing her teeth and thinking back on the day, back on her past. Edward's arms wound around her and she felt light kisses on the side of her neck.

"You looked beautiful tonight," he said against her skin.

"Why Mr. Cullen are you trying to seduce me?" Bella asked after she rinsed her mouth out.

"Maybe, is it working," he asked turning her around to face him.

"Maybe", she said lining her body up against his.

His lips meet hers and they kissed with passion. After being married for so long they didn't always have heat and passion. The truth was that no married couple always had heat and passion. They all went through dry spells, they went through moments were life became too content or too busy, but they always made their way back to that passion, that all consuming love. That was what made their marriage work, the way they intertwined together, the way they loved, the way they needed each other more than they needed to breathe. Edward's hands ran along the parts of Bella's bodies that he knew worked like magic, he knew her body like the back of his hand, just as she knew his. They fell into their bed in a tangled mess laughing lightly, but never breaking their kiss. Hands and lips moved along each other building them up for a moment of passion that would encompass all of the emotions that they had felt throughout the day. They were one, they would always be one, and through it all they would always have each other.

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