in a world filled with darkness one kid must change his life from zero to hero
chapter one:the beginning (remeber ill have to put page by page)
alarm clock:beep beep
hero:oh just the alarm clock *alarm stops*
hero:9:00 ima be late for school
hero:wheres my uniforme wheres my backpack
hero:oh i have them in my hand
*at school*
hero:wheres tim
???:wheres tim
hero:kenny i dont know
kenny:whats that screaming?
tim:help me please!
both:what do you mean?
bullie:your gonna pay you little brat and your friends too
h and k (hero and kenny):why us?help!
*later on*
h and k:what the hell did you do
tim:i called him fat
???:why where you running
hero:director drake
director drake:you all got detencion (director with evil face)
h k and t (hero kenny and tim):no and yes!
hero and kenny:youll pay tim
*in detencion*
hero:looks like only us are here cant we just sneak out?
tim:your right
kenny:then lets go
*after running a hour*
hero:we are finnaly safe
kenny:well see ya
h and t:bye
*at heroes house*
hero:finaly home,i should sleep
hero:who are you
pearl:help me please
hero;where are you
pearl:in your neclace
*hero breaks his neclace*
*hero catchs her*
???:can i borrow your
ulises:ima go
pearl:i need you to read something
pearl:the book of chosen ones
hero:whats that
pearl:its a book filled with kids who must stop dark
hero:where is it
pearl:in the tree of life
pearl:we should go,but we need for people
hero:i know ill go get kenny,tim and ulises
pearl:you do that
pearl: what should i do i know pracitice on those training tools hero has
*later on*
hero:im back

hero:im back
hero:what did you do?!
hero:you recked my room
pearl:it wasent a practice room?
pearl:im sorry
hero:its okay
hero:anyways should we tell them?
pearl:we need your help to sop dark from destroying the world are you in
tim and ken:okay
hero:but how well we get there
hero:skys a ship
sky:also i can talk
hero:whats are first stop
pearl:mexico,it has a dark knight there
hero:but we need wepons
pearl:lest stop in texas for them okay?
are heroes took days to get to texas
sky:whe are here
pearl:thanks sky
hero weres the weapon shop?
???:well be takeing the girl now
tim:take this
kenny:tak this
heroes mind:i have no weapon
tim:are you okay
pearl:yes,but whats wrong with hero?
kenny:he wanted to help but he doesent have a weapon
pearl:its okay hero
hero:lets kust go get weapons
store guy:i have a weapon that no one can controll
hero:ill take it
store guy:its one of the best bows
hero:ill take it already
store man:here
hero:it feels good
hero:demon bow!
store guy:wow you realy are the choesen one
pearl:lets go
hero:now where?
pearl:rocky mountains
pearl:there are more chosen ones
pearl:but probly dark found them
hero:then what happens
pearl:he trains you
pearl:and makes you find other ones and kill light knights
hero:lets just hope there just kids
kenny:lets go already
after many hours of travleing our heroes reach rocky mountain to find the tree of life
guarded by some of the chosen ones
pearl:hero you go!
hero:why me?
pearl:your the first choesen one
hero:here we go
unk:my names unk
elite:my my names elite
dezz:the names dezz
hero:guys come over here
everyone:nice to meet you
pearl:we have to take the book of the chosen ones
tim:we got to save the other chosen ones
u,d,e(unk,dezz,elite):your right
kenny:what are we waiting for
ulises:lets go already
hero:but where?
pearl:fire kingdom
hero:wheres that?
unk:wait,but a dark knights there!
pearl:your right but,we have to stop the knight
dezz:shes right
elite:lets go already
end of chapter 1