A New Place

Running. Pant, Pant, Pant.

'I need to get to the Akatsuki…'

'Been running for… three days, four? Maybe longer.'

'So tired…I hope Sasuke is okay.'

These are what Itachi's thoughts consisted of as he ran to the grass village to meet up with Madara. From there he would run to Amegakeru where Pain/Leader-sama, would approach Itachi with the offer to join Akatsuki. Madara, the true leader of Akatsuki, would not formally join until they recruited more members. Madara would bring up the fact of Itachi's defection from Konohagakeru and convince Pain to bring him in. The only problem was how Itachi would get away from these ANBU.

'About to collapse… I need to rest… badly. Damn ANBU. I almost wish that Hokage-sama would call them off. Oh Kami no its going black Ineedtorestn-' And then the world disappeared with a whoosh for the thirteen-year old murderer.

Now, ever since he had been first introduced into the wizarding world (100+ years ago), Albus had gotten used to odd things… very odd things. But… a blood-stained boy with multiple weapons was not something to be expected… especially when he appeared out of absolutely nowhere as he was returning to his bed with a cup of hot chocolate.

"AHHHRRG!!!" Albus yelled. Now you might think this is a surprising thing for the man in tie for the most powerful wizard might do, but if you had known, or seen him before, you would know that Albus Dumbledore was a light-hearted man, and was not afraid of flinching… at least, not where other people could see.

Immediately the almost-one-hundred-fifty-year-old-man began to tend to the bleeding youth.

Once that was taken care of (Raven-haired child bandaged and in his bed) Dumbledore went to do some errands… at 5am.

He went to the owlry and began writing some letters to send to Snape, Sprout, McGonagall, Pomfrey, and Flitwick. The next thing he had to do he felt bad about for having to wake one of the elves, but he needed to make sure the child was unharmed. Also, they seemed to enjoy errands. The one selected would go to Hagrids.

"Shit." Madara cursed. He had been going to take out those ANBU, and his absorbing attack hit Itachi when the fool collapsed. Well, he couldn't blame the boy, Itachi had low stamina and had been running for 5, going on 6, days strait. The major problem was that Itachi was not inside his mind. Apparently, something powerful was activated at the exact same millisecond.

"Shit. What in the name of hell am I going to tell Pein?"

'Ugh, why on earth do I feel so ill? Where am I?' Itachi asked himself, struggling to make the words form on his tounge, but failing. 'Where is Sasuke. Sasuke!' With his otouto's name he remembered everything that had gone on in the past month.

'I'm in a bed, so either I'm in an inn courtesy to a nice civilian, or Konoha caught me. Shit.' Itachi did his best to spring out of his bed, but at the chakra-depleted state he was in, he could only manage to roll off of his bed and land on the floor with a thunk. Then he realized he was starving and dehydrated. "Damn."

Footsteps quieted then increased toward his direction.

'Damn, what kind of ninja would let himself make that much noise?!' He forced himself off the ground and toward the window. 'These steps sound like civilians, but they might recognize me, as I've been in almost every inn surrounding Konoha… but I was days away from there, so I might have a chance. Either way, too late now.' He reasoned as the steps grew closer. They were outside the door. He had best be prepared to defend himself, even if there was no threat.