Ten Months in Which I Most Certainly Did Not Fall in Love

By: Liete

Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia or any of the characters portrayed.

September 20XX

It was his duty as Student Council President to greet the new transfer student. Arthur continued to remind himself of that fact as he marched down the hallway towards the entrance, the other students scattering to clear a path as he walked. He wouldn't have minded much, except that the incoming student was an American, and the only thing that could possibly be worse than an American would be if the new student was French. He shuddered at the thought of another Francis terrorizing (that is, molesting) the student body, and pushed such unpleasant thoughts out of his mind.

There was no new student waiting at the doors when he arrived and he sighed in annoyance. Late to start the term and now late on her first day. He already knew he was going to have a smashing time with this one, and he hadn't even met her yet. He continued to wait several minutes and was just about to give up when a rowdy looking blonde burst through the doors, nearly smashing him in the face.

"Helloooo, everybody! Your hero has arrived!" the girl proclaimed loudly, despite the halls being empty due to classes having already started. She pouted when she realized that there was no one around. "Mm, no one's here to greet me? What a let down."

Arthur took that moment to clear his throat and announce his presence and the girl immediately whipped around to stare at him. He noted with great distaste her complete disregard for the uniform requirements. She wasn't wearing a tie, there was no sweater or blazer to be seen, and the topmost buttons on her blouse were undone. Not that he was staring at her chest. He was just scrutinizing her appearance like anyone would.

He didn't get a chance to give a formal greeting because her eyes widened and she pointed a finger at him, or more specifically at his eyebrows. "Holy hairy caterpillars, Batman! What are those things growing on your forehead?!"

Arthur was too young to have high blood pressure, but he could swear he felt it steadily rising. Oh yes, he was going to have an absolutely smashing time with this one. His eye twitched and he seethed through his teeth, "they're called eyebrows, and I'll thank you not to comment on them."

"Good god! Hang on, I have some tweezers in my purse!" She started rummaging in her bag, but Arthur reached out and grabbed her wrist. She looked up and blinked at him in surprise.

He narrowed his eyes "That won't be necessary, miss. My name is Arthur Kirkland, I'm the Student Council President and I'm here to make sure your first day goes smoothly. I can already tell that 'smooth' is impossible at this point, but let's make this as painless as possible, shall we? What is your name?"

"Abigail F. Jones, at your service, m'lord!" She paused to wink and salute. "But call me Abby!"

"Abigail, then." He ignored her puffing out her cheeks in indignation and turned to leave. "What is your first class? We're already late, so do hurry up." It was probably something like remedial English or cooking, he thought to himself with a satisfied smirk.

"Umm, looks like it's advanced physics!" Abigail announced and bounced into step next to him with a sunny smile.

Arthur froze in his tracks and stared in complete disbelief at the girl. "Advanced physics," he repeated flatly.

"Damn straight!" she chirped proudly and tossed her hair.

Yes, his blood pressure was definitely rising. Someone somewhere must have been having a good laugh at his expense. He was having trouble with physics and that infuriating girl was in the advanced class. Rubbish, absolute rubbish.

"Yes, well…hurry it up, then." He wasn't about to lose face and he held his head up as he marched defiantly towards the science labs.

"Man, you're really a hardass, aren't you, Eyebrows?" Abigail pouted as she followed after him.

He gave her a sharp look at the nickname and slowly clenched and unclenched his fists in an attempt to quell his growing rage. "I'm the president, I can't afford to be soft or this school would fall apart."

He saw her rolling her eyes out of the corner of his eye, but opted not to comment on her childish attitude.

He faintly wondered if he could pawn the task of assisting her the rest of the day on the vice president.

October 20XX

Arthur was going to have a coronary at the age of seventeen.

Someone somewhere was clearly having a ruddy good laugh at his expense and took great pleasure in watching him suffer.

That infuriating Abigail F. Jones had quickly risen in the ranks of popularity, friendly even with the studious types like Eduard and Kiku. He wouldn't have minded in the slightest if she didn't insist on bothering him every chance she got. Starting "freedom riots" in the hallways protesting the tyrannical rule of the class president and generally ruining the careful order he'd worked so hard to obtain in the school, calling him "Eyebrows" and taking bits of his lunch and then insulting his cooking, along with rubbing in his face that she was stronger than him and better at science and math than him. He'd since dropped all pretenses of being polite and a gentleman and just flat out told her that he thought she was the most insufferable person he'd ever had the displeasure of meeting. She hadn't cared and just slapped her palm against his back while declaring, "you're so funny, Eyebrows!"

Of course someone was taking pleasure in his pain. She was.

With Halloween fast approaching, she'd apparently taken it upon herself the task of scaring him so much he'd wet his pants in fear. Foolish Abigail had no idea what she was up against, and Arthur knew that was his chance to get back at her for all the grief she'd given him.

When the day arrived, he commandeered the student council room for himself and, dressed in dark robes, set to work with chalk and herbs and ancient incantations. Soon he had a group of the most terrifying ghosts ready and willing to strike fear into the heart of an arrogant teenage girl.

Her screams were music to his ears, and he didn't even feel guilty when she started crying.

November 20XX

"Do you care to repeat that, Abigail?" Arthur asked through clenched teeth in the most calm voice he could manage when it came to that girl.

"I'm going to host a Thanksgiving dinner! Besides Christmas the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving is the most awesome holiday ever! What's not to like about eating the best damn food you'll ever have? You can't cook, though. You'll just ruin it," she added with playful smirk.

Arthur, however, was not amused. He rested his elbows on his desk and folded his hands as he closed his eyes. "Absolutely not. All student events require approval from the student council, and I most certainly will not approve such a ridiculous idea."

Abigail's eyes widened and she slammed her hands on the desk. "What?! Why not? This really is tyranny! I'll start another freedom riot for this, you know!"

Arthur twitched and opened his eyes. "Don't be foolish, Abigail. You do realize that a large number of students aren't even American and don't celebrate that holiday, don't you?"

"All the more reason for me to host a dinner! So everyone can see the awesomeness they're missing out on! Come on, Eyebrows, you know you want to join in!" She whined and leaned over the desk, trying to use those big, blue eyes and that chest of hers to her advantage. Arthur coughed into his fist and looked away.

"I still refuse to approve such an idea. That's quite enough, Abigail. I have other, much more pressing issues to attend to, thank you," he said with an air of finality and stood to walk over to the door, which he opened and motioned for her to leave.

"You'll regret this, Eyebrows! Mark my words!" Abigail shouted as she ran through the door and down the hall.

He didn't think much of her threat at first, but then came the demonstrations. Abigail managed to gather a sizeable group of students in the main hall, where they sat down everyday and refused to move. The crowd slowly grew and grew as the days went by, but Arthur refused to relent. It was after they started singing "Give Peace a Chance" (or maybe it was "peas" he couldn't quite tell), and principal Rome insisted that he approve the idea that he finally gave up and let the thrice damned girl have her Thanksgiving dinner.

He attended, of course, but he didn't have a good time. Really.

December 20XX

"Merry Christmas, Eyebrows!" Abigail chirped brightly and held out a poorly wrapped package towards him.

He raised a skeptical (huge) eyebrow at her as he closed the student council room door behind him. "What is this now?"

"What does it look like? A Christmas present!" She scoffed and rolled her eyes. She shoved the package into his hands and folded her arms behind her back as she bounced back and forth from her heels to her toes with an expectant smile.

Arthur looked down at the package and then incredulously at the girl in front of him. "And just why would you give me this?"

"Why wouldn't I? We're friends, aren't we?" She tilted her head to the side with a hurt look.

Arthur felt like he'd been punched in the stomach. "Friends" was the last word he'd ever use to describe their relationship, and yet, here she was, giving him a present like a friend would. Just where had that silly girl gotten it into her head that they were friends?

"Open it! Open it!" Abigail squeaked excitedly, breaking his thoughts.

"Ah…right," he said and tore the paper off, revealing what looked like a piece of fabric underneath. Unfolding it revealed it to be a scarf. Not just a scarf, but a poorly made one. Had she really made it for him? He'd never really had friends before, and had never been given a present like that before. His cheeks flushed of their own accord. "It's…wonderful, Abigail. Thank you."

"I worked damn hard on it, so it better be!" Abigail said with that arrogant toss of her hair. She quickly melted into a bubbly pile of girlish excitement and clutched at his sleeve with bright eyes. "So whadya get me?"

Arthur pulled his arm away as if shocked, but then lowered it slowly. He didn't have the heart to tell her the truth, and just smiled sheepishly. "Happy Christmas, Abigail."

January 20XX

It was with only the slightest bit of jealousy that Arthur watched the other students enjoying the snowfall from the window of the student council room. He didn't have time for such frivolous activities, not when there were always problems around the school like complaints of sexual harassment from Francis, or Gilbert blowing up the girl's restroom on the first floor, or that young boy Peter trying to sneak into the school for the umpteenth time. Not to mention Abigail's near daily shenanigans in her quest to be the school's hero. His hands were always full, and the vice president was so air headed that he couldn't depend on his help. Sometimes he was even part of the problem, as he was prone to streaking naked through the halls after his siestas and causing Vash to open fire.

So no, he wasn't that jealous of the other students enjoying the snow day that had been called by the principal (who he noticed was also outside playing in the snow), when the day off school meant he could catch up on the backlog of work that had piled on in peace.

The peace didn't last long as the door burst open and Abigail rushed in. Arthur sighed and lowered the stack of event requests. He could already feel the headache coming on, but turned to regard the American. He noticed, with his face steadily warming up, that Abigail really could be quite the attractive girl if she'd just cover up more, especially with those cold flushed cheeks. He quickly looked away again.

"May I help you, Abigail?" he asked the window.

"Nope, but I can help you! Get your coat on, you're coming outside!" Abigail stated and skipped in front of him.

He turned his head away from her again and pulled the event requests back into his hands. "I am not. I plan to use this free day productively, thank you."

"Oh, yes you are!" Abigail stamped her foot and started tugging on his arm. "You need to loosen up more, Eyebrows, or you're going to die at the ripe old age of twenty!"

"Let go of me, Abigail," Arthur warned sharply and tried to force his arm out of her strong grip.

"Just for an hour, Eyebrows! Pleeeease?"

Of course she went and used that doe-eyed look of hers that almost always made suckers of the other male students in the school. For once, it seemed, it was working on him, too. Or maybe it was just because he wanted to spend a little time outside anyway. Yes, that was it. It had nothing to do with Abigail.

"An hour only, and then I'm coming right back in," Arthur stated firmly and successfully wrenched his arm out of Abigail's grasp.

Abigail threw her arms in the air. "Yay! I'll meet you out there then!"

Arthur watched her skip out the door before he finally left to retrieve his winter gear from his dorm room, which included the scarf that Abigail made for him. He only wore it because he didn't have any other scarf, of course.

It would take a good deal of torture to get him to admit that he enjoyed that hour he spent outside in the snow with Abigail and the other students, who were surprised to see their uptight president actually having a good time. It would be a secret that he would take to his grave that he had felt an odd twinge in his heart when Abigail had fallen backwards in the snow with him, laughing merrily and looking prettier than he remembered her being. The redness on his cheeks could be blamed on the cold.

February 20XX

"I expect flowers and chocolates, you know! And not some half-assed, last minute stuff like at Christmas! This has to be a dozen roses and Swiss or Belgian chocolates of the finest quality!"

"What are you on about now?" Arthur asked with badly masked irritation. That girl had the uncanny ability to bother him when he least needed a distraction, and always with the most ridiculous ideas.

"For Valentine's Day! Don't tell me you forgot that, too!" She was sitting across from him, scribbling on some of his papers despite his protests.

His cheeks started burning, and he quickly ducked them behind a paper. How could she be so casual about such a thing? "I don't think I have any obligations to give you anything, Abigail. Unless you're planning to give me something, too." He cursed how hopeful he sounded with that last statement.

She wrinkled her nose. "No way! I'm not giving any guy anything! Well, except for Kiku, but only because he'll apparently pay me back in spades on his White Day next month."

He sighed, not out of disappointment, but frustration. "Well, there you have it. I'm not giving you anything, either. Now, if you would please let me work for once, Abigail."

She huffed and slung her bag over her shoulder. "You really suck sometimes, Eyebrows."

He watched her leave and wondered if sending an anonymous rose would be too obvious.