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"Come now, Hinata, wakey wakey."Ramma strode by the lump's bed, shaking the edges to awake her sleeping beauty. She was rolled up in a ball, covered by her thick governmental blankets, she wanted to bury herself in them so that no one would find her. No wonder her father depended so much on that stupid nanny. She shook the bed once more, bending her old, crooked back over to catch a small ball of hair off the floor at the foot of Hinata's bed.

"Ramma, I feel sick still." she groaned, covering herself even further, it would have been more effective for her to sit there lifelessly, perhaps she would get two hours off of school for a hospital visit-she could certainly pull it off.

"You can't stay here forever, your father says you must go back to school today." Ramma rushed through the room to enter into the left corridor. She had a lot of work to do and no time to reason with the stubborn heiress.

"My head is hurting." she tore the blankets off of herself, throwing them to the side as she more-energetically crawled out of bed with a long, drawn out groan. "Perhaps the doctors were wrong." Hinata choked as she stretched suggestively out on the floor.

"I'm sure they weren't, Hinata. Hurry up, your ride will be here any minute." Ramma poked her head in the door as she carried a basket full of laundry. How the young woman and her even younger sister accumulated so much dirty laundry confused her.

"Oh fine." she whined, jumping up and bolting to the bathroom. She had been sick prior to this. She was pale, weak, and lost five pounds at a time. No doubt she was deathly ill with some type of undiscovered ailment. It didn't matter, her father took care of it. Now she was behind, three or four months. Her father was far too busy to supervise her during this period of time during which she was taken care of by Ramma and several doctors that boarded in the house along side their extensive staff.

"I've ironed your new uniform, it's on your armoire." Ramma shouted from across the hall as she ventured into the dangerous waters of Hanabi's bedroom, Hinata wouldn't even step foot in their. It was impossible to do so without stepping on thousands of crayons which simply crept her out.

To Hinata, the new uniforms always seemed to get shorter and shorter each year but she was sure it had something to do with the grade level, or not. When she first set eyes on it, she assumed Ramma had accidentally confused her uniform with a French maid's costume. It was so cliche, so typical. It was just another reason that she couldn't stand the onslaught she went through each year known as high school. She would be a junior this year, almost their but not quite. It only depressed her more that she would start out her year behind.

Now she came down the main hall of her home, wearing the absurd outfit Ramma had lain on her dresser and searching for the other half of her make-shift family. It was only because she had no clue how the system was working this year, Hanabi was currently the only one other than Neji attending school and she was such a delinquent she barely knew where to go.

She found her in the living room, staring into a flashing box as usual. Hinata, come to think of it, wasn't exactly sure if Hanabi ever even went to school. Ramma couldn't control her, her father could barely keep her in check, the only person who's say matter worth a damn to her was her mother's and she was too far under ground to give commands. Hinata refrained from speaking to her sister normally, she was the odd one, she was silent and dangerous. She didn't enjoy Hinata's company, she would groan whenever she entered the same room as her and she snickered whenever her name was mentioned in conversation. Naturally, Hinata didn't want to be places she wasn't wanted.

"Hanabi, when do we leave for school?" hinata asked as she approached the girl in her seat on the couch.

"Man, I don't even know." Hanabi slumped as she kneeled on her palm, continuing to stare at the TV. "Oh yeah, Dad told me to give you this." Hanabi jumped up, reaching deep into the left pocket of her private school uniform shorts. She pulled out a platinum and gold card, shoving it into Hinata's face. It was greasy and slightly bent but Hinata delicately plucked it out of the girl's hand.

Looking over it, it was indeed a credit card. Her first. She then looked back at her sister who was now entranced in the television, literally three inches away from the flashing screen. "How long have you had this?"

"Yeah, I got it like two weeks ago or something. I was gonna give it to you but I needed it for stuff." she replied, not bothering to turn around and even glance up at her older sister.

"Oh." Hinata shrugged, it was certainly a mediocrely good excuse. She held the card nearly four inches away from her face as she walked away. "Wait a minute." she said before stopping promptly. "Needed it for what?" she asked.

"Stuff." she answered, needless to say, the look she shot Hinata gave her the hint that she didn't really need to know what and what exactly Hanabi was buying on her own time, further more she probably didn't desire to know what sick things her sister was up to in her free time.

Hinata strode over to the window out of which she saw a large limousine sitting conspicuously on the side of her yard. It was parked and she could faintly see a little man in the front, staring straight ahead and waiting on the young girls. Hinata took the initiative by going outside on her own, she knew Hanabi would either catch a ride from someone or skip school all together. Hinata didn't care as much as she should.

Walking down the terrace, the driver motioned to her to come along as he got out of the front seat to open the back door for her. She smiled and nodded a thank you while sliding her body into the back seat. This was weird. Although she was a child of fortune, she wasn't quite used to getting in and out of limousines, she often walked everywhere so no to stir up a crowd.

Her driver was a young man, he had thick, choppy brown hair that was slightly unkempt but hidden stealthily under his cap. He wasn't handsome but he wasn't undesirable, he was average she supposed. He began driving without a word as she admired the shape of his lips through the rear view mirror. She was very interested in boys, she was simply waiting for her father's approval. She'd been on dates but moreover her father was very fascinated with Neji. He was barely related to her but still they were as similar as dawn and dusk. She had no feelings for him, no romantic feelings After all she got to know him as a cousin.

She still enjoyed the company of other men. She had seen no boys since she was ill, she had only seen Neji three times a week. Her school was only a few minutes away, it seemed larger than it was originally when she pulled up in front. The children and teenagers bustling in and out were all too familiar to her and she grimaced. She couldn't be going back to this.

She opened the door, climbing out.

But she didn't take her eyes off the large building, it looked like a prison. She was now returning to this prison of never-ending judgement. She was rarely judged herself, she was rich, beautiful, intelligent and very sweet. She had flocks of suitors and tons of friends.

"Hinata! You're back!" Sakura ran up to Hinata as she was barely out of the car and threw her skinny arms around the girl's neck. Hinata chuckled uncomfortably, she didn't really like Sakura. She was rude, troublesome, she spread rumors and used people until there was nothing left to benefit from. Unfortunately she was Ino's friend so Hinata accepted the fact that she was probably stuck with her.

"Hi." she responded, trying to sound enthusiastic.

"Oh you sound hoarse. Are you still sick?" Sakura questioned by pushing her face close into Hinata's which made her draw back.

I'd be fine if you'd get out of my face...."Yes, my throat is a little scratchy." Hinata smiled, rubbing her throat to add to the fake sick affect.

"Your butt looks great! Have you been working out?" Sakura smiled, nudging Hinata playfully on the shoulder. It wasn't as amusing to the Hyuuga.

Yes, I was doing crunches while I suffered and vomited blood for three months. "No, not really."

"Oh, I wish I had your body! Just look at your boobs! They're perfect." Sakura yelped unusually loud in excitement, a little too excited. She mustered the nerve to reach out in excitement and wrap her skinny fingers around Hinata's two perfect breasts which made her yelp.

"No! Don't touch them!" Hinata instinctively pushed Sakura away as her face flared up and she painfully clenched her own breasts. She had not meant to yell as loud as she did. even more embarrassing, Naruto, her crush and self proclaimed one true love just happened to stroll by and catch the entire scene.

She caught sight of his face and stared at him like a mad man until he walked away, mirroring her confused and slightly fearful expression. Hinata sighed, letting go of her chest. It would be just another moment that she had completely embarrassed herself in front of the boy that she loved. This was just one reason to despise Sakura with every fiber of her being.

Hinata continued on by walking away in the same direction Naruto did, up the stairs and into the building. Sakura followed like a lost puppy, continuing to ramble and rant about absolutely nothing-atleast nothing Hinata cared about but she'd never say that.

She made her way down the halls in an attempt to somehow escape Sakura but to no avail. She had forgotten that they were in the same History class. So Sakura followed her to her locker and sat behind her in History class and she insisted upon chatting in her ear the entire period. In fact, Hinata did not escape the horrible onslaught that was Sakura Haruno until second lunch.

She gave a sigh of relief when Sakura waved goodbye, entering her fifth period class. Hinata herself was quite unsure about her own classes since she'd been gone and didn't receive the other half of her block sheet. She had no idea what classes she was supposed to be in after fourth.

Her classes had gone by smoothly for the most part. History was only her favorite subject because she was tutored mercilessly on the history of Japan and her clan's origin. Her second period was Marin Biology, which she greatly enjoyed other than the fact that she'd fallen behind on every assignment. Her worst class was Geographic Theories, she didn't intend to take the class. Her father insisted upon it. Even with Sakura's constant annoyances, she always found physical education to be practical yet challenging. She was fit, these exercises were simple to her and she enjoyed them. It only made it better that Sakura struggled with anything that didn't involve talking about unicorns and ponies and glitter.

She looked around the cafeteria, attempting to find someone who wouldn't annoy her with idle conversation until she wanted to stab herself in her left ear drum. There was Temari, one of the upperclassmen she respected too much to even consider herself to be on their level. She saw Shikamaru, Ino's boyfriend but not a close enough acquaintance for her to speak to privately, and there was always Neji. She shuddered for a moment, just thinking of how uncomfortable it would be to bare through that. So she began to walk away.

For a moment though, she thought about it. If she had no friends, no options, Neji would be her closest thing to a companion. But this wasn't as desperate of a situation, she had friends. Damn good friends who loved her beyond belief at that. No, I'm not going through that train wreck again.

She did remember her secret spot, it was probably no longer secret since she hadn't resorted to going there since she was a freshman. She really didn't see any point in eating lunch anyhow. She would be eating alone since all of her friends ate at different times. She now questioned why she even went to school. She knew Hanabi was just at home, watching TV and terrorizing the nurses while she demanded odd and disturbing things.

She held her lunch bag to her chest and slowly walked up the stairs so not to point herself out. Her steps were nimble and swift and she even began to giggle slyly at how crafty and naughty she was being. Going out on her own, so it wasn't as edgy and exciting as most were used to but for her, it was a break through.

She reached the top and darted to the elevator where she pressed the button near the side several times more than she should have. It immediately opened to her liking with a soft and assuring ding. She playfully hopped inside and pressed the button, looking up at the blinking lights in the roof. The doors shut around her and she hummed to herself as she went up. Not feeling the motion in itself but somehow knowing that it was happening.

The door reopened on the third floor, it was the only room on the third floor opened to students. The rest was utilities and resources. She knew exactly where to go, making her little shuffle over to a large door. The door was held closed by a pad lock. The secret of the door was that the lock was never actually even locked, in fact it was broken. She discovered her little secret when she was once too intimidated to enjoy lunch with her friends if they were in the presence of the opposite sex, then again that was a while before she became so well endowed.

She pulled the lock in one swift, forceful tug and it came loose. Now she slid the metal doors open to reveal a staircase leading up to the roof. She slid the doors shut behind her and walked up the stairs at a simple pace. She then reached up over her head, grabbed the handle of the roof door above her and pushed upward until the door flung open.

Once her hands were pressed onto the rough terrain of the concrete roof, she pulled herself out and immediately felt the cool, tranquil air as it hit her face in the most gentle way. She took a deep breath, relieved. She wanted to be back home, back with her juvenile younger sister and nurturing doctors where she belonged, yet she was here in this hell trap. Oh well, it's no worse than being trapped in a room with Sakura for an hour, even if it's with thirty other kids.

"What are you doing up here?" the masculine voice erupted from behind her and she nearly jumped out of her skin. She turned about like an icicle. She had not known someone shared a few brief seconds with her on the roof. She had assumed she was alone, she was wrong. There in front of her, was a tall man. His face much more mature than that of the boys she'd grown to know and associate with regularly. She only noticed his hair, it was black. Real black, not like the generic stuff teenage boys intentionally planted in sections of their head. His eyes were second, they had no color at all. She had never seen a man with what looked like just pupils and she was entranced-no-afraid of them.

Oh no, its happening again. I have no idea what to say...well you have to say something.....say it! "What?" No, not that! It was an accident, she wanted to cover her mouth immediately after she said it, she could have said something more attractive, more sensible, more intelligent but she didn't. She knew she must have looked incredibly stupid, staring at him having said the ultimate unintelligent statement.

"I said, why are you up on the roof?" he restated the question and Hinata froze even more.

"I...I...just." Hinata stuttered, shaking and quivering in her little artificial shell.

"Exactly, now go to class." he replied strictly.

"I'm in lunch." she managed to push the words out of her mouth before clamming up again.

"You should be eating with your friends, this is a dangerous place to be for a child." he spoke before turning around and walking along to edges of the building.

Dangerous for a child? You're the idiot walking one the edge of a three story building. "I'm...nrrt r chrrrld." she murmured to him, unsure if she actually wanted him to hear or not.

"What did you say?" He turned around and shot a poisonous glare at her.

"I said....I'm not a child." she spoke in the same soft tone but slightly clearer, she decided that she didn't want him to hear but it was too late now and she had no other words in her mind that didn't involve begging for mercy.

"Funny, you look like a child." he said, his words were so bland and straight forward they barely existed.

Hinata didn't respond to that because she knew that was exactly what she wanted, she learned how to pick her battles and she'd rather avoid this one. This was obviously a person that wouldn't be defeated, no matter what he would reply with some disturbingly thought out come back. She was too meek to fight him. She figured if she remained silent, he would forget her presence and she could eat lunch in silence.

Time was reduced to the moments that passed between them and she made the mistake of sighing, she just couldn't hold it anymore.

"I haven't seen you around here." he said, it was hardly even conversational material. He was stating the obvious.

"I've been sick." she said, not speaking to him directly but continuing to stare off into the cloudy sky just as he did.

"Are you the Hyuuga?" He turned to her, just barely peering in her direction and she nodded humbly.

The Hyuuga? I'm not the only one you know...."Yes. Me and my second cousin." she verified his theory.

"My cousin and I." he corrected her and she gave him a look that reflected annoyance and questioning.

"You're a teacher." she spoke breathlessly, completely unaware that she'd said that aloud.

"Yes." he nodded as well. Hinata was melting, only because this conversation was so dry, it was due to strike fire at any moment. "But I was asking about you." and just like that, steam erupted from her cheeks. Not by the statement but by the way he said it. He could not have made it sound more physical, she never even believed a mere utterance could ever be that sexual just by saying it in a lighter or heavier tone.

She blushed, holding her cheeks and completely disregarding the brown bag lunch she had in her hands. This was a flushing emergency. She made no sound but felt as though she could literally hear the blood rushing to her face as it happened.

"You're sensitive, I can tell." he mouthed in a way that she saw his lips in slow motion as they moved. She didn't know why he was saying that, did it really matter? This conversation was all too personal for a teacher to have with a student at any rate.

"Why would you say that?" she poked curiously, moving around the gravel under her feet with the tip of her shoe.

"I can tell."he began. "It's not a bad thing."

She didn't bother to reply to that either, of course it was of some significance to him or he wouldn't bother saying it.

"What's your name?"

She still didn't reply, she turned on her heal, knelt down and opened the small flat door. She began walking back down the stairs, away from this person who she was displeased to make an acquaintanceship with. She didn't have very much longer until lunch was over and she wasn't happy to say she'd spent it with a complete stranger. She would have rather suffered through Neji's bombard of personal questions than have sat there awkwardly being broken apart by a man she didn't even know.

So she sat in the dark corridor that existed between the Psychological evaluation room and the community sweat trap she knew as the girl's bathroom and the locker room. She was peaceful there, no one to mess with her or berate her. Even better, No Sakura, no Neji, and no handsome strangers. He was handsome. She blushed to herself just thinking about it.

She screamed into herself as Naruto approached her with the most sincere expression. She wanted to disappear into the background so that he could not observe her imperfections. But here he was, she quickly tried to fix her hair although there wasn't a strand out of place. Before she could think to move he was right in front of her, smiling like a fool. She beamed up at him in a dysfunctional way which deterred his natural smile into one of confusion and distrust.

"Hinata, you look great for a sick person." Naruto chuckled to himself at his own less than clever joke.

Hinata nodded with the same excitement. Her face began to burn up in humiliation, he said she looked great. Not good but great.

"Anyways, I got your classes so...if you want I could show you to them." Naruto shrugged politely, showing her a short strip of paper with a list of Hinata's courses on it.

She jumped to her feet almost instantly. "If...if you could.....I'd love that." she smiled the greatest smile she could muster.

"So then, your fifth class is mathematics." Naruto read enthusiastically off the paper, jumping up in delight and running a mini race against himself down the hall. Hinata followed close behind with a playful smile, this was only her dream to be so close to Naruto.

He did a cute, play airplane spin before making a turn and stopping in front of the first door. "There you have it, advanced mathematics with Mr. Uchiha." Naruto tapped the door, probably feeling very clever. "Class is gonna start soon." he motioned by looking at his arm. Hinata giggled as he pantomimed. He didn't even have a watch.

He then turned to her and they smiled back and forth. "Gotta go, seeya." Naruto jumped up from his relaxed state and began running the other way, still with a happy smile.

Her heart fluttered, the way he went around with such a happy disposition. He waved at her as the halls began to fill up with students making the transition from class to class. She stumbled when she was pushed out of the doorway by students flooding out of the room she was meant to be in, she had completely forgotten she was standing in the middle of the hall. She'd assumed she was standing in heaven.

She let go of her fantasy, smiling and shaking her head gently. It would never be true, but that was the point of high school, dreaming. It just made her happy to be in his presence and thinking about him so much made her inwardly hysterical. So she walked into the room, dropping her books on the first particular table she saw and sitting down without a word but still smiling like an idiot.

Naruto was sweet, perfect in every way. He brightened her life and he didn't even know it. Sadly, she was not the type of girl Naruto usually dated. He wanted the perfect, superficial, rejecting girls that never wanted to have anything to do with him. She however, was too sweet to ever be that girl.

She drew miniature hearts on the desk with her finger as her left palm cupped her cheek. This was truly her world. "Hinata Hyuuga." her name lingered out by a voice she dreaded, it echoed through her ears and she could even smell them as they were formed. She looked up in a shaking fear and there he was. The handsome stranger, a clipboard in his hand and an arrogant smirk upon his lips. "Means Sunny." he checked her name off the board and she watched him walk back up to his desk which was mere inches away. "Atleast now I know what to call you."

Her brows furrowed. She didn't know.....how was this possible? Not only was the man a pain in her perfect bum, he was her teacher! She was going to have to put up with this guy for seven more months. Her jaw dropped, dumbfounded and desperate for some type of relief.

"You look surprised." he smirked even wider, dropping the board on his desk and stretching his arm.

She didn't say anything, this was all too pointless. She decided she wouldn't argue, she was here to teach and he was here to learn. Neither of them had any business doing something other than those two things.

So she sat and cooperated. He taught, she couldn't keep up, she forgot everything she'd learned, he went too fast, she crumpled her notes-she wouldn't get them anyway. Sakura continued to pass notes to her from the back of the room, he smiled every time he noticed her frustration and instead of helping, moved on with a playful expression as if it were a joke. She snarled, staring at her paper as if to threaten it into doing what she wanted, then deciding that it wouldn't work out. She stuffed the sheets into her binder and thanked the Lord above for the final end of her long, grueling hour of torture. She reclined back in her seat, it was finally over. Now all she depended on was the ringing of the bell, the bell that would set her free. That very moment the admins would open the front doors so that the children could flood out and run around in excitement and talk of what they would do after school. Dates were made, people were broken up, others were just relieved to be out of school.

Finally, the only signal Hinata needed was the short wisp of air leaking out of the intercom system for her to know she was finally free. Moments after, the bell chimed and the silence of the class was broken. People picked up their books and darted for the exit. She followed suit. And she was almost out the door.

"Hinata, can I see you?" She turned her head and her hair spanked the back of her neck. Sasuke peered up from a stack of papers he had on his desk and motioned for her to approach him. She sighed, letting go of all her intentions of leaving this dreadful place. She hot him the 'This better be good.' look and he raised a brow.

He didn't seem to be saying anything. "Is there something you need?" Hinata asked politely although it was more sarcastic than she'd intended it to be.

"You forgot your lunch." He pulled a bag out from his desk, holding it up in all it's expired, semi-edible glory. It smelled horrid, why would she want that. she stared at the bag like it was the worst thing in the world, then accepted it by holding out her hand which he then dropped the bag into with a wink. She groaned on the inside, eying his classical expression. And she could already tell, the rest of this year was going to be a bitch.