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Hinata walked silently to the Yamanaka Flower shop which was also her best friend, Ino's house. Though people surrounded her by the hundreds, she felt as if there were no space and time between her and the green painted door. She was intent, what had just happened moments ago was simply insane. It could possibly be life changing. She was too innocent, too naive to figure this out on her own. She needed a friend, Ino was irrational, self righteous and slightly jaded but she had a certain talent with the male gender; one talent Hinata lacked.

As she approached the door, shouts and a small crash could be heard from upstairs. She hesitated in opening it, first thinking that something treacherous may be happening. As suddenly as the breath she was about to breathe arose in her lungs, Shikamaru came bursting through the door, the essence of fury painted on his well defined features.

"I don't need this." He spat into the house as he left, the stairs which were in line with the door housed Ino's slouched body. Her face was swollen with anger.

"Well I don't need you!" She screamed in response, voice cracking with every letter expressed. "I hate you." She shouted at last, running up the stairs in fury.

Hinata, and everyone else in the area having just seen the scenario, stared at each other in question of what had just happened and whether or not it should affect them. Most shrugged eventually and carried on about themselves. Hinata rather slowly and cautiously entered the home, frightened of what displeasure her presence might bring.

She found Ino upstairs in her room, like normal. However she wasn't crying. She was stomping about the room, tearing every remnant of Shikamaru's existence from her periphery (again). "Damn him, damn him, damn him!" She cried, irate as she ripped down a photo of them together at the New Years festival.

Hinata knocked on the threshold of the door, since Ino wasn't yet aware that she had entered. "Ino." she spoke her name sweetly and as softly as possible.

"Hinata!" Ino shouted as if she had not been there that entire time. She ran over to her, embracing her deeply and dropping her head on Hinata's shoulder. Hinata herself struggled to breathe but that was a situation that was less significant than the bird's eye view of it all.

"So..." Hinata trailed off. "You're shredding all your memories of Shikamaru again." She spoke blatantly, feeling slightly uncomfortable.

"Can you believe him?" Ino seemed to throw Hinata out of her arms to pace around the room and recall the incident that had caused her hysteria.

"No I cannot." Hinata whispered sarcastically.

"I call him to come over after school to discuss what color tie clip he's going to wear to twirp, he says he can't because he's busy." She shrieked, Hinata was about to completely end their relationship as friends had that been the only reason for their altercation. "Come to find out, he is out at the library with Temari Sabaku." She protested as if that were the worst thing that could possibly happen to her. Hinata raised a brow in confusion.

"So, what's important about Shikamaru hanging out with Temari?" Hinata asked, sitting down on Ino's bed to further examine this "crisis".

"Only everything!" She whined as she paced around the room. "This is, like, the third time they've hung out this week. Finally when he gets here, like, an hour late he tells me they were just studying. Sure, just studying? Right, that happens." She blurted sarcastically. "And now they're just friends! Just friends? Really? Like that isn't the single solitary most used vindication in this situation!" Ino growled repetitively. "And suddenly this is my fault! I'm overreacting! How am I supposed to react when I know my boyfriend is running around with some other girl? So I told him, I'd rather have no boyfriend whatsoever than a boyfriend who I have to keep tabs on! That's when he tried to walk away but I said 'Oh no! You're not walking out on me!'; that's when I grabbed his arm and he said-" She indeed sounded like another one of those teenage dramas. Hinata was so filled to the brim with the angst radiating from her friend, but she was indeed a friend. The type of friend to kindly, and calmly respond to her own friend when she is in pain, or otherwise. When she was finally, finally through with her ramble, Hinata spoke.

"Well, Ino. You've been dating Shikamaru for a long time." Hinata said.

"Three years." Ino interjected. "Two years and four months if you count that one time we broke up...and that other time..." she trailed off.

"Exactly, two years is such a long time, you really care about him." Hinata smiled, sentimenting with her friend. "So it's normal for you to feel fear when that bond is threatened."

Ino nodded in somewhat of agreement. "So what should I do?" For a moment, Hinata felt a burst of pride. Ino was asking her for relationship advice, if there was anything Hinata had trouble understanding, it was the opposite sex. Here Ino was, actually taking a chance with Hinata's opinion. This was revolutionary.

"Well, if Shikamaru were my boyfriend...for a very long time," Hinata spoke, her eyes to the ceiling and her heart seeming to lose it's fullness and weight as she thought of her personal desires, hopes, impossibilities. "I would want to spend all my time with him." she sighed deeply, tracing the pink circles on Ino's bedspread with her finger.

Ino looked around the room for a moment, confused by Emily's statement. "And?" She asked, motioning for to continue.

"And maybe you shouldn't let something so small stop you from doing that." She concluded.

"So, I should get back together with Shikamaru?" Ino asked, attempting to sum up what Hinata just said in a fashion that she could understand.

"Yes, I think you should." Hinata smiled.

"You're right, Hinata." Ino finally stood up with a beaming expression and said. Hinata was only thankful that she didn't ask once again for a more simplified explanation. "Now instead of thinking about how to erase Shikamaru from my life, I can think about twirp." Ino clapped her hands, grabbing the waste bin she'd used to eliminate everything Shikamaru had ever given her and pouring it's contents onto the foot of her bed as if to remind herself later to return them to their original places. She then ran over to her armoire, picking up two items. "Now, I was thinking that I should wear a tiara. Is that too much?" She asked, placing the tiara on top of her head as an example.

Judging by Hinata's dismayed, disappointed and drained expression, Ino halted. "Too much?" She asked curious of Hinata's sudden disposition.

"No, it looks beautiful on you, Ino." Hinata sighed with somewhat of a painted on smile.

"Then what's wrong?" Ino sat next to Hinata, combing her fingers through the girls thick, black tresses.

"Nothing." she replied. In truth, thinking so much about the happiness that Shikamaru had brought Ino for so long made her wonder what life would be like if she had someone to adore aimlessly; if she had someone to covet and someone to which she could channel every percentage of affection she was capable of producing.

"Is it Neji again?" Ino bumped Hinata's arm with her elbow.

"No." She seemed to spit that out like a spot of fire.

"Then what is it?" Ino said to herself. After a moment of silence she finally gasped. "Ohh, has no one asked you to twirp yet?" She asked in a sympathetic tone.

"Well..." Hinata sighed reluctantly.

"Well what?" Ino scooted closer in her desire to know information that wasn't relevant to her.

"Naruto may have asked me after class today." She spoke as if it didn't matter which was what she wanted things to appear like, but a small smiled began to pronounce itself without her giving any permission.

"Oh my God!" Ino shouted. Now Hinata couldn't hold back her dreary joy so she smiled subtly as Ino shook her shoulder. "This is awesome." She clapped and applauded. "We have to get you a dress now!" Ino jumped up, grabbing Hinata's wrist. Hinata resisted her grasp and Ino glared at her for her difficulty.

"Well...I didn't exactly say yes." She mentioned.

"You didn't say yes?" Ino's eyes grew wide. "Why the hell not?" She continued to slap her shoulder.

"Well, I didn't say no either...I was just unsure..." Hinata always seemed to stare at the floor whenever she was feeling less confident which was often.

"About what? What is there to be unsure about? You've had a crush on Naruto since you guys were, like, four!" Ino ranted on in her own way.

"Why would he want to go with...me? He's never seemed interested in me before." She muttered, eyes glued to the floor.

"Naruto is a bit dense, Hinata." Look who's calling the kettle black. "So, yeah it took him a while to realize that you're great. You're so nice and patient and you're beautiful. What's not to love?" Ino laughed, patting Hinata's shoulder lovingly. Hinata blushed, questioning whether or not what she said was honest or based on their friendship.

"We have to call him." Ino shouted. "or else he'll think you don't like him and he'll ask someone else." She ran over to her dresser and moved the entire phone receiver, trailing the cord behind her. She also found her address book among the pile of items she temporarily despised. She opened the book and found his name, shaking in excitement of Hinata's newest affair.

As she dialed, Hinata's blood raced through her. This could very well be the most life-changing moment of her life. If she agreed to go to the dance with Naruto, maybe he would want to go out again, then maybe he would ask her to be his girlfriend, then maybe they would date for a long time, then maybe he would ask her to marry him, then maybe they would get married and have children...as she'd imagined.

The sound of a dial tone caught every ounce of attention from Hinata's ears. She stared deeply into the receiver, praying to God-to any God who would answer really- that he would pick up.

After several moments of ice-cold sweat and ambition, the muffled sound of a grasped receiver chimed so sweetly over the phone. The room as so silent that a breath could be heard from outside the door.

"Hello?" the exhausted and mellow voice of Naruto Uzumaki bellowed through the air.

"Hey Naruto, this is Ino." Ino trailed on. She turned to Hinata, gesturing for her to speak into the phone. Hinata instantly covered her mouth with her palm, shaking her head. "Hinata! Tell him!" Ino whispered excitedly.

"No!" Hinata whispered back; turned away from her opportunity by her nagging thoughts about...him.

"Fine, I'll do it." Ino groaned. "Well, Hinata told me that you asked her to twirp."

"Yeah, what did she say?" He asked seemingly quite nervous.

"Well, we talked about it and she wanted me to tell you that she would be delighted to go to twirp with you." she recited with great pleasure.

"No." Hinata hissed. "I said no."

"Well it's too late now!" Ino hissed back.

"Oh, that's great." Naruto chuckled. "I can't wait to talk to her...where is she anyway?"

"Um, she's home for dinner!" Ino responded with less wit than she felt it was worth.

Hinata just shook her head in shame and disappointment.

"Well, tell her to call me later...she has my number right?" he questioned, obviously wondering why she didn't call herself.

"I'll give it to her." Ino said. "Now I've got to go, I've got lots of planning to do." She sang to herself although she was talking to him.

"Well good luck." He responded indifferently.

"You too, bye." she said, hanging up and pressing her palms to her chest dreamily. Hinata simply seethed towards her. Ino turned, finally receiving Hinata's seethe. "What?"

"I said no." Hinata moaned.

"Hinata, trust me, this date with Naruto might just change everything. Don't act like you haven't wanted this." Ino poked her. "Unless...you wanted to go with someone else."

"No." Hinata answered instantly. Well, she did, in some figment of her mind, want to go with Mr. Uchiha but...that was just a dream. He was a teacher, he belonged there to chaperone and to maintain civility, not to dance the night away. She had no place with him and he had no place with her, she may as well have just given up.

"So, what's the problem?" Ino inquired.

"Never mind." Hinata shook her head, standing up. "You're right, I do really want to go with Naruto." She hated herself for just saying that, not because it revealed her so obvious vulnerability but because it wasn't true. "I'm so excited in fact, I'm gonna run home right now and tell Ramma." She smiled with a slight chuckle.

"Wait! You're leaving?" Ino frowned in the same disappointment a young girl feels before her father leaves for work. "But I never even got your opinion on the tiara." she whined.

"It looks nice, Ino. I swear." Hinata said. "Maybe you should get Shikamaru's opinion as well." she suggested just to deter Ino's mind from catching onto her white lie.

"You're right!" She exclaimed. "I still need to call Shikamaru!" Ino began to dial her phone and Hinata smiled, she did good or atleast she thought. She had no idea why she was so concentrated on Mr. Uchiha, she was a teenager and he was...old...too old for her. He had his time, now came hers. She was in the prime of her being and he was...stopping her from spending time with someone she really cared about.

Her last thoughts before she left the room, shutting the door silently as Ino held the phone to her face in her beautiful ignorance, was whether or not Mr. Uchiha really mattered to her as much as years of pure love and adoration for Naruto did. All that love, it still resided in her. As for Mr. Uchiha, there was no room for him.