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Ron exhaustedly shuffled home from a long shift at Smarty Mart. His manager made him clean all of the animal cages and count the inventory. He had to cover several co-workers' shifts and was refused a raise. His employer's words still rang in his ears,

"Sorry Ronald we just don't feel you've put in enough work here to deserve a raise." Ron received his measly paycheck and walked home feeling underappreciated and overworked. Even at his own home he felt like he was under the radar. His parents were often out on a date or on vacation together, leaving him alone with Hannah. His parents would often hire a baby sitter for Hannah while Ron was at work. Ron never approved of their choice because he would often come home and Hannah's diaper was still dirty, the sink filled with dishes, the fridge empty, and Hannah crying from hunger. However the baby sitter they chose was cheap so they never fired her.

Ron was feeling even more beaten down because of his school life. He had unsuccessfully asked out half of the girl populous at the school only to be shot down in a myriad of ways. Flat out rejections, fake telephone numbers, and laughter were his only answers whenever he asked out a girl. The simple truth was the only female companionship he received was from his best friend Kim Possible and even to her he was not a high priority, whenever someone asked her out she always broke her appointments with Ron. Now he was headed home to change a diaper, microwave a TV. dinner, and go to bed alone.

As Ron turned the corner he was suddenly confronted by an elderly woman wearing a dirty tattered dress and a bandana.

"You look like you need a change of luck young man!" the woman said. She took Ron by the arm and practically dragged him over to her stand. The sign on her stand read "Deus Ex Machina, trinkets galore". The woman showed Ron all of her trinkets trying to interest him in a sale. "This ring is one of a kind…" she exclaimed showing him a gaudy old ring, "It belonged to a king! He had many beautiful wives and vast riches!" Ron looked at the ring and asked,

"Why does it say 'made in China, one of three hundred'?"

"Oh? Let me read it…" the woman said. She suddenly tossed the ring onto the table and it mixed in with the rest of her items. "Oops. It slipped" she said picking up a few other items. "Here!" she exclaimed giving Ron a top hat and a large purple vase/gourd looking device. "These were both owned by a renowned gentleman who was a wall-street financial expert. He made millions!"

"Look…" Ron said putting down the ratty top hat on the table and examining the gourd. "I really do appreciate you showing me these things but I'm short on cash right now and I can't really be spending…"

"Sister!" a gruff sickly sounding voice called out. A pale sickly looking man came from around the corner and approached the woman. "I got back from the doctor… he said I might get better… in time" the man said wheezing and coughing.

"Oh, my poor brother…" the woman said hugging the man and patting his back. "One day you will be better…" Ron felt his heart break and said,

"Look I'll just take this vase looking thing."

"That'll be ten dollars then sir" the woman replied.

"Ten dollars for this?" he asked holding up the dirty purple gourd.

"Yes indeed sir!" the woman said. "That gourd was once filled with the finest wines to quench the thirst of a sultan."

"Alright then…" Ron said giving the woman the ten dollar bill.

"You have a wonderful day sir" the woman said smiling as Ron walked down the street with his gourd in hand. As soon as Ron was down the street the woman, with a big smirk on her face said, "Sucker". Her 'brother' wiped the pancake flour off his face and starting laughing.

"I bought that old jug at a yard sale for a nickel" he said. "Hahahaha.

At the Stoppable house

Ron was walking up the front steps of his house and already he could hear his adopted baby sister Hannah screaming her head off. He unlocked the door and stepped inside to see little Hannah crying in her crib and the babysitting teen eating potato chips, watching TV, and talking on the phone.

"So Nathan asked me out the other day and wants to take me out on Saturday, I was like "I'm not going anywhere in that car", she he is borrowing his dad's…" the babysitter said over the phone as Hannah bawled and cried. Ron looked at Hannah and back to the sitter, who still had not acknowledged him and continued to talk on the phone. Ron walked over and kicked the phone cord off of the wall while she was in mid sentence. "So he is borrowing his dad's car and then we were going to a mov…HEY!" she shouted.

"Why is Hannah crying?" Ron asked the sitter calmly.

"Who knows, that kid cries a lot, all babies do" the sitter said in a snarky tone. Ron picked up the crying infant.

"I can feel her stomach growling" Ron said to the babysitter. He tugged at Hannah's diaper and peeked inside. "And her diaper is full of poop."

"So?" scoffed the teenager. "I tried to feed her but she kept batting away the mashed peas."

"You gave her peas?" Ron said cocking an eyebrow as he placed the baby on the changing table. "They give her horrible indigestion."

"Well how was I supposed to know that?" the nonchalant teen asked.

"Because I told you the first and second time you came over" Ron said growing annoyed.

"Oh you did not." The teenager said, as she flipped open her cell phone and starting texting.

"Yes, I did" Ron said. "I think it's time you left."

"Fine, whatever" the sitter said. "Where's my pay?" she said sticking out her palm. Ron pulled out thirty dollars, the last of his paycheck and put it in the teen's palm.

"That's your last payment. You're fired" Ron said.

"Whatev's" the teen said as walked out of the house in a huff. Ron closed and locked the door behind him and finished changing his baby sister.

"You won't have to deal with her again Hannah" Ron promised the now calm child. After throwing out the old diaper, cleaning Hannah, putting on the new diaper, and washing his hands, Ron took Hannah to the kitchen and mixed some formula for Hannah.

After feeding, burping, and putting the sleeping child to bed Ron went back to the kitchen and read the note his parents left him. It read,

"Dear Ronald, your father and I went on a short cruise. We will be back within a week or so. We left you some food in the fridge and have paid the baby sitter to sit for us for the rest of the week. We would have asked you to come along, but we know how busy you are with your work. Take care of Hannah. Love Mom."

"Wait a minute…" Ron thought to himself. "Mom and Dad already paid the sitter for the week?" Ron groaned realizing he just tipped the sneaky ex-babysitter an extra thirty dollars. Ron didn't have the energy to cook himself a frozen dinner. He picked up the gourd that he had left by the door and took it to his room. Under the light he removed the cork and looked inside, seeing only a bone dry, age cracked bottom of the gourd. "What a day…" Ron said to himself as he changed into his shorts and t-shirt for bed. He lay on his bed fiddling with the gourd in his hands. He closed his eyes and said to himself,

"I wish…life was a little easier…that someone could help me…" after five minutes of sitting and thinking to himself Ron put the gourd on his nightstand and turned out his light. He had to go to sleep and wake up early in the morning to find a new babysitter.

Ron drifted off into a deep sleep and dreamt about all of the problems in his life. He thought about his job, how his bosses considered him insignificant despite his greatest efforts, the low customer appreciation, the long hours, and the minimum pay.

He drifted to his family life, his parents out of the picture for most of his life, and his baby sister who felt more like his daughter than his sibling.

Finally he thought about his school life and friendships. Every day at school is an endless humiliation right after the other. His teachers who call him up to the board when he has told them before class he didn't understand the homework, the cheerleading squad laughing at him as he fumbles with his books, the football team shoving him on the track field and peeing in his locker, and his best friend Kim who would ditch him in a second to hang out with Josh Mankey or Monique.

He hoped he would soon find a friend who would treat him with dignity, but with little hope left in his body Ron opted for escapism and slipped into some perverted dreams.

His vision blurred on his mind clouded and the silhouette of a woman appeared through the smoke. After the fog cleared, before Ron stood a beautiful fully naked woman. She had an angelic smile that warmed Ron's heart with the slight upward curve of her plump pink kissable lips. Her eyes were bright blue stars that lit up her face complimenting the silky soft skin surrounding it. Down her back to her hourglass figure flowed her long blonde hair. Her body was as flawlessly sculpted as her face. Down past her narrow shoulders Ron beheld what he imagined to be the most perfect breasts in the world; he imagined they were at least C cups. At each side of her slim waist were the softest looking hands he had ever seen, he would love to have felt the warmth of her hands sliding into his. Below the center of her, somehow incredibly sexy, navel Ron saw a tiny patch of small trimmed blond curls that seemed to point at her womanhood.

"Do you like what you see?" the blond asked in a silvery soft voice as she turned around showing off her bouncing plumb behind. "I'll take that as a yes" she giggled spying Ron's erection. Ron was amazed at his own imagination, being able to craft such a beautiful version of the opposite sex.

Without taking her eyes off of him the beautiful blond used her toned long legs to walk over to Ron as he was lying on his back. She reached out her soft, perfectly manicured hand and pulled down Ron's shorts to release the now throbbing erection that threatened to tear threw his pants.

She smiled as she wrapped her hand around the bulging appendage and began a tortuously slow pumping action. The woman kissed Ron as he gasped at the feeling of the warm velvet soft hand caressing his manhood. She expertly used her tongue to dance with Ron's inside of his mouth and her lips to completely control the kiss. Just as Ron was going to reach his climax the seductress released him from her grip. As he was about to break the kiss to protest, Ron felt the weight of her body straddling his hips and his diamond hard erection thrusting past her angel fine pubic hair into the burning moist confines of her love tunnel.

Both Ron and the beauty gasped as Ron's member was assaulted by the warm contracting wall's of his lover's body; likewise the woman thrived in the ecstasy of having Ron's steel hard burning tool buried inside her.

"Are you ready?" the seductress asked Ron in a gasping voice. Ron nodded and pressed his lips to the woman riding him. As Ron fought with the blond over control of the kiss, she started rocking her hips in a fluid wave motion. The slow tortuous rhythm was driving Ron to the brink of insanity. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, Ron felt the woman move her hips. It didn't take Ron long to reach his limit, he was going to explode at any moment, but inside of the blond Ron could feel the soft folds of the woman's insides quiver and shake and he knew she was close as well. Ron took his hands off of the smooth back of this imaginary woman and ran them down her spine to her hips.

"Now…" Ron gasped breaking the kiss. "Are you ready…?" he asked her. She looked at Ron for a moment with a look of puzzlement as Ron continued the same pace she had started. On his third thrust Ron suddenly thrusted as far as he could go making the woman gasp loudly in pleasure. Ron continued this newly invented pace and kept thrusting once…twice… and bring it on home with a savage upward third thrust. The woman moaned at the change of control and wrapped her arms around Ron's neck bring her chest close to his, intentionally grazing his lightly haired chest with her now diamond hard nipples. After ten minutes of Ron's powerful thrusts the woman reached her climax and screamed her release as her body clamped down and milked Ron's penis. As the blond rode the last of her orgasm Ron thrusted one last time and growled in the back of his throat as he sprayed his climax all over the beautiful woman's insides.

The woman exhaled a long breathless gasp as Ron finished inside of her. The woman trailed kisses down Ron's neck as she moaned in gratitude of her orgasm. She lifted her limp body off of Ron and slid down his waist until she was face to face with his still hard member. She parted her lips and his erect member slowly slid to the back of her mouth. The woman bobbed her head up and down licking the last of their juices off of Ron's erection. Ron felt her masterful tongue wrap up and down and around his shaft completely controlling it from within her mouth. Ron felt his second climax building and surging in his body. The skilled seductress lapped and licked Ron to the point of desperation. Ron was on the very edge, any moment the blond beauty would be merciful and allow him to reach his final rel-

"BRRIIIINNNNGGG!" rang his alarm clock. Ron shot up in bed, waking up from his dream. He laid his head back down on his pillow and sighed in disappointment. He turned his head and shut off his alarm. He looked up at the ceiling and sighed once again. His eyes opened wide as he just noticed something peculiar.

He turned his head back to his nightstand where his alarm clock and his new gourd sat. Where the old, nasty, cracked, purple, clay gourd sat the previously night, now sat a beautiful, jewel encrusted, shiny, purple, porcelain gourd.

Ron thought he might be imagining things, but when he reached out and held the gourd he saw the jewels and gold encrusted on the gourd was absolutely real. Suddenly he heard a beautiful silvery voice float out from the bathroom.

"If you wanna be with me, baby there's a price to pay. I'm a genie in a bottle; you gotta rub me the right way…"

Ron got up from his bed and walked to the bathroom to see who the intruder in his home was.

"If you wanna be with me, I can make your wish come true. You gotta make a big impression, I gotta like what you do…" the voice continued.

Ron peeked around the door frame and saw a blond woman with her back to him, with incredibly long hair drying off her body. Ron's jaw fell as he observed every inch of the strange woman's body and realized how familiar she looked. The woman swayed her hips back and forth seductively as she continued singing the Christina Aguilera song.

"I'm a genie in a bottle baby; you gotta rub me the right way honey. I'm a genie in a bottle baby, come, come, come on and let me o- oh!" she suddenly stopped singing when she turned and saw Ron. She looked at him with bright happy beaming eyes and said, "Master!"

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